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fool control

  • Control - Poe
    "Don't you mess With a little girl's dream Cause she's liable to grow up mean Suprise you to find that I'm laughing You thought that you would find me in tears You thought I would be crawling the walls"
  • Fool - Leona Lewis
    "owh, how did i get to feel this fool i use to be so smart head on my shoulders my logic falls apart as your loves goes colder {and im checking outta your dairies} dint wanna look in side your secret box going"
  • Fool - Victory
    "Passion still rules the world Victims fall everywhere Something just fools can feel Cause love is in the air Caught in the storm of emotion Blinded by wild desire Somebody help Somebody please control"
  • Radio Control - Mick Jagger
    "(Jagger) I'm a player in a game show And it's poisoning my mind I'm a string on someone's yo-yo I feel my life is trivialised I eat scandal for my breakfast I spit gossip late at night I'm not one for"
  • Pussy Control - Prince
    "Nuestra presentacion especial comenzara en breve {Our special presentation will start shortly} Pero antes un mensaje de nuestros auspiciadores {But first a message from our sponsors} Uh, yeah Uh"
  • P control - Prince
    "Nuestra presentacion especial comenzara en breve {Our special presentation will start shortly} Pero antes un mensaje de nuestros auspiciadores {But first a message from our sponsors} Uh, yeah Uh Good"
  • Master Control - Liege Lord
    "(Lyrics: Vinci) (Music: Truglio) When far futures calling and your needs at hand I'll be your creation, with you I'm hand in hand Since my automation I've learned to think for man Now you're not able"
  • Breath Control - Buckshot
    "(Buckshot) Feavin ass, creepin ass, my man's black path, ease up off the Av. You don't make me laugh, I'm dead serious to the core Brother, you better check the shit I got in store Cuz, what I got in store"
  • Outta Control - 50 Cent
    "Yeah Shady Aftermath I guess you didn't know I be back for more Everybody's on the floor Goin', goin' outta control Set it off from your left dawg Set it off from your right dawg Set it off nigga"
  • Somebody's Fool - Lari White
    "(Lari White/Tom Shapiro/Chris Waters) I've got a closet full of sensible shoes I keep my head never lose my cool I'm well known for my practical ways But ooh one of these days I wanna be somebody's fool I"
  • The Fool - Luna Halo
    "You say you're quite the actress but I don't really know for sure And it's hard to be rejected When you don't know what you're living for But talk is cheap when you're tongue is where your heart should"
  • Loss Of Control - Green Day
    "I'm taking down all my enemies 'cause they're all so fucking useless A bunch of shit talking drama queens and they're all filled with excuses I wanna find me a better scene where it's not the same opinion I'd"
  • Still (In control) - Kirk Franklin
    "Lately I've been thinkin'Thinking 'bout youAnd all the thingsI've seen you go throughYour mother the kids andThe problems at homeSorry I wish I could fix what's wrongI hurt when you hurt andI cry when"
  • Ballin' Outta Control - E-40
    "Pushed in the game at a young age Feel me touch me as I turn the page A little past ten, roughly about eleven years old TRAPPED IN A GHETTO CAGE My scratch is smellin sour and it's stinkin got a nigga"
  • Fool No More - Charlotte Church
    "You are guilty Of every sin I know You dont take care of me And Im feeling so low Now, I do love you But you make it so hard Now Ive tried to let go But I just cant say No Ive cried all my tears over"
  • Fool Like You - Ozzy Osbourne
    "(Daisley - Osbourne - Williams) I hear you breathing though you're so far away Can you just go where you're going to? I couldn't give a damn or two about a fool like you That's true Are you just too"
  • Fool For Love - Michael Bolton
    "(duet with Johnny Hallyday-English Version) ( Johnny's part ) I'm coming out with my angel, Put down your guns and I'll...confess. I loved her more than life itself, My angel in a pale blue dress. But"
  • Kiss Me Fool - Fefe Dobson
    "Tell me who should I be to make you love me? Tell me what does it mean to be alone? Can't you see me standing staring out from the distance, Hear my cry if you'd only listen... Out of focus, into me and"
  • I Can't Control Myself - The Pigeon Detectives
    "You tell me you want me Then we both get in to a fight You lay there complaining And I know I won't sleep tonight You told me that you've been here once before You said I made you walk in to a door But"
  • Control - Black
    "When I was seventeen I did what people told me I did what my father said And let my mother mould me But that was long ago Control, control, never gonna stop Control, control, to get what I want Control,"

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