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for in the morning

  • Morning - Melissa Etheridge
    "Morning creeps into the window Its golden fingers touch the sheets where we lay Morning wraps its arms around me And whispers in my ear it was all yesterday Morning you're lying here beside me But somehow"
  • Morning - Charlotte Lawrence
    "My body My body feels like winter And I stayed in bed until dinner I don't feel the way I look anymore, mm You gave your love away To someone else I know she knows my name So take responsibility For the"
  • Morning - Noa
    "Monday morning and you tell me: Waking up beside you is living in style I feel the sun caressing, softly through the shades, and For no particular reason, I think Im gonna smile! Wake up, sweety, wake"
  • Morning - Duct Tape
    "So girls have their beauty salons and guys have home depot, girls play with our hearts for fun cause they know that we won't they talk about their guys and how they screw around with their hearts,"
  • Morning - Lennon
    "The feeling of coming to on one there You rip off my clothes as you rip off my life Destroyed my world in a matter of words You left me waiting, you left me deciding. You left me waiting x2 I hear a knock"
  • In The Morning - Mary Mary
    "In the morning, you'll be alright In the morning, sun's gonna shine In the morning, no clouds in the sky When it's dark in your life, just wait for the daylight Someone tell me what's wrong Why my nights"
  • In the morning - Ken Hensley
    "I'm just wandering Through this day Thinking of you Father time rolls away Night comes nearer It's getting to me now In the morning I'll be better In the morning I'll be better I've been waiting So long"
  • In The Morning - Eden's Bridge
    "I remember the old days the miracles of long ago I reached my hands to you once more come and feel my thirsty soul let me hear your kindness lord in the morning let me see which way to go in the morning the"
  • In The Morning - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) In the morning It is raining And umbrellas block the pavement In the caf People waking With a cigarette and coffee And she sits there with her paper Half asleep into"
  • In The Morning  - Mary Mary
    "In the morning you'll be alright In the morning the sun's gonna shine In the morning no clouds in the sky When it's dark in your light just wait for the daylight Someone tell me what's wrong Why my nights"
  • In the morning - Jagged Edge
    "I cant get enough, sometimes its way to much [2x] Got a job, I got doe, what I need with a hoe, I wanna girlfriend, a real women who knows how to please me she makes it so easy, at the end of the day we"
  • In The Morning - Kelis
    "Hey baby what you doing? Your flight left yet? Pshh, I'm half way there I can't wait to see you So tell me have you left yet, damn I'm running late to the airport Every time we do this In my mind saying"
  • The Morning - The Call
    "I am standing at the edge of my mind If I look in, I might fall in - I sense danger I'm divided, but I've decided it's my nature But if I look back I might fall back to yesterday He was weeping as the"
  • Cry For The Morning - Omen
    "Steam is rising off the ground And the hot air is only cooled By the sound of rain drops falling And the night is so near She takes me in her arms And then far away the fire streaks Through the sky and I"
  • Back For The Morning - Neja
    "*chorus: If you wanna dance, Come on take this chance Cause I wanna thrill to make it real I'll be back to you, like you want me to But don't wait for me I'll be back for the morning * It's not a secret"
  • The Morning - Roger Creager
    "Roger Creager It's 7:30 in the morning. And I'm waking to face the new day You're lying next to me and you're waking too 'Cause you know I'll soon be on my way Oh to me you still look just as pretty"
  • Blue In The Morning - The Hollies
    "(Lynch / Hicks) I'm gonna be blue in the morning I'm gonna be blue in the morning Soon as I saw the look in her eyes should known it was over over I'm gonna be blue in the morning 'Cause I can't"
  • Alright In The Morning - The Paddingtons
    "(In my ear, in my ear) With a whisper in my ear And a shrug on my shoulder I couldn't talk I thought you were much older Why are we talking to ourselves? Can I take you by the hand? And I'll take you"
  • Sometime In The Morning - The Monkees
    "Words and Music by Gerry Goffin and Carole King Sometime in the morning A simple thought may occur to you, And you hold her, And tell her all the things you never told her. Your love has shown me things"
  • Four In The Morning - The Youngbloods
    "Four in the morning and the water is pouring down Stove don't work and my baby has just left town I'm lying on my back cause there just ain't nothing to drink Empty bottles on the floor dirty dishes in"

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