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for none blondes

  • Long Blondes - Giddy Stratospheres
    "you're pretty, oh so pretty why waste your time just sitting here a-listening to this dead-eye bitch? do nothing, eat your chocolate, drink your wine, she won't let you make your way across her empire"
  • Blondes - Rod Stewart
    "(rod stewart / jim cregan) Is it a matter of opinion Or just a contradiction But from where I come from All the blondes have more fun Well just awatch them sisters on a saturday night Peroxide causin'"
  • Blondes - Everclear
    "You are a loser just like I was You are a loser like the rest of your friends You're a loser in the worst way I think you're losing just to make up Yeah I've seen the light All around your face I"
  • All For None - Biohazard
    "I said I'd stand with you forever if you needed me Help, arm in arm, hand over fist and carrying you when necessary Like a fool I thought we'd walk tall forever all as one When the going got though you"
  • Adoration For None - Gojira
    "Everyone is doing their best to destroy it Simplicity's forgotten And we all drill the ground I stand free I refuse to be surrounded The stones and dust bite hostile devours flesh and bone The weakest"
  • All For None And None For All - Zebrahead
    "Sticky hands And a crooked hook in his stride Walking wonderland Are you taking me for a ride? I know it's on again I guess some friends are hard to eye I can't deny I can't see why Smell blood in the"
  • Get None - Tamar Braxton
    "Hook: You can go home run your phone bill up, run your cell phone up You don't get none You can page me all you want but I won't call right back Naw naw you won't get none You can buy me diamonds,"
  • Got None - Robert Post
    "When I was a little boy I used to wonder Just how old you'd have to be to feel good Now I've seen a thousand girls but I still wonder Cause they just don't make sense to me God knows I've tried I've tried"
  • Number None - Waltari
    "I see you naked at the door of my room longing hungrily for a slide but I just can't help it, I have to leave the guys are waiting there outside but you wouldn't let me go and pushed me aside when I was"
  • Get None - Tamar
    "(JD) Turn it up, uh, uh, uh-uh, naw, naw (Amil) Just cause you tricked a little dope tonight That don't mean you're taking me home tonight Just cause you tricked a little dope tonight That don't"
  • None Tonight - Lil' Zane
    "(Lil' Zane) A yo check this out I'm sayin We been on this dance floor all night Man a nigga sweatin I'm tired And I'm just sayin my next question is Are you comin home wit a nigga or what? A (chorus)"
  • None Tonight - LiL Zane
    "(Lil' Zane) A yo check this out I'm sayin We been on this dance floor all night Man a nigga sweatin I'm tired And I'm just sayin my next question is Are you comin home wit a nigga or what? A (chorus)"
  • Bye Bye Baby (From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) - Marilyn Monroe
    "(Jane Russell's Solo Part) Marilyn: I'll be in my room alone every post meridian and I'll be with my diary and that book by Mister Gideon. Bye, bye baby remember you're my baby when they give you the"
  • None so beautiful - Gino Vanelli
    "Well there's a cross on the hill where the ragweed has grownWhere a mother's young son sleeps all aloneAll for the land that he dreamed he could saveYeah, there's none so beautiful as the braveOh, there's"
  • Second To None - Electronic
    "What you need Love is satisfaction Is so unreal I like the feel But it goes away It comes too soon Life is satisfaction Me and you We could be in harmony Love is satisfaction There is a place If we must"
  • Second to none - Annihilator
    "Hello, are you looking for me? I'm the one to ease your pain Just call me 'The Doctor' and I prescribe cocaine I am your reason to live, I'm your church and I'm your pastor C'mon, you've got nothin to"
  • None The Wiser - The Script
    "Live today like there's no tomorrow, We sell our souls and our time is borrowed, We stole from heaven now there's hell to pay, So we better hope there's something higher, Were getting old and were none"
  • None of ya'll - 4Lyn
    "We keep things cookin from hamburg to brooklyn. none of yall is understanding this protocoll, so i guess we gotta spit it yall! listen up! i got somthing to say . i wont repeat it again for nobody. now,that"
  • Second To None - Paul Stanley
    "We both had stories, loves, and lifetimes before Left us wanting for more But it kept us on that journey With everyone we meet, we open the door There were others for sure, but they never got to know me It's"
  • None Shall Pass - Aesop Rock
    "Flash that buttery gold, jittery zeitgeist Wither by the watering hole, water patrol What are we, to heart huckabee, art fuckery suddenly? Not enough young in his lung for the water wing Colorfully vulgar"

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