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for you manfred mann

  • Manna - Tanya Donelly
    "Look inside this milky whiteness No power of the hand to dry I'm swimming in it i'm swimming out to you For reasons, my reasons So photograph it the milky way It spills into the hand and dries I am here"
  • Dope Mann - Master P
    "Don't try this at home if you ain't no real hustler I'm like Betty Crocker in the kitchen The Ice Cream Man back, you lil' boys been fuckin the game up But just watch and listen and you might get paid "
  • Mann - Angeli Di Pietra
    "Sailors! Heed my words The dark sea is unforgiving tonight Rising waves Will crash into the shore The second coming The howling wind caresses sails In the murky depths His throne stands strong Wielding"
  • For You - Manfred Mann
    "Princess cards she sends me with her regards, Oh, bar-room eyes shine vacancy To see her you gotta look hard Wounded deep in battle, I stand stuffed like some soldier undaunted To her cheshire smile I'll"
  • Mann mot mann - Kaizers Orchestra
    "Eg vett en plass du kan f alt du ber om I andre etasje p Fru Love Frisr Salong Sei du vil ha alt p en gong En dobbel time til klokka seie ding dong Her er det litt for en kver smak Du kan f lange bein,"
  • Waiting For The Rain - Manfred Mann
    "Waiting for the rain, Waiting for the rain, You told me you were gonna make it, You told me you were gonna win, And I believed it was true, Yes I believed, I believed in you. There you go running through"
  • If You Gotta Go Go Now - Manfred Mann
    "THE MIGHTY QUINN (QUINN THE ESKIMO) Manfred Mann - words and music by Bob Dylan - Manfred Mann's cover reached #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1968 - lyrics as recorded by Manfred Mann and included on"
  • You Angel You - Manfred Mann
    "You angel you, You got me under your wing, And the way you walk and the way you talk, Feel I could almost sing. You angel you, You're as fine as anything's fine, Though I just walk and I watch you talk, Your"
  • Mad Mann - Sean Price
    "(Chorus 2X: samples from "Knife Edge" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer) "Just a step, cried the sad man" "Take a look down at the madman" "Only fear breaks the silence" "Take a look down at the madman" (Sean"
  • What You Give Is What You Get (Start) - Manfred Mann
    "It's not important for you to know my name Nor I to know yours If we communicate for two minutes only It will be enough For knowin' that someone in this world Feels just as desperate as me What you give"
  • Do Anything You Wanna Do - Manfred Mann
    "I'm gonna break out of the city Leave the people here behind Searching for adventure It's the kind of life to find Tired of doing day jobs With no thanks for what I do I know I must be someone Now I'm"
  • Pretty Flamingo - Manfred Mann
    "RAGAMUFFIN MAN Manfred Mann Born & raised as a rich man's son You were always the restless one Living high only made you low So you packed up & hit the road CHORUS: Hey, it's the Ragamuffin Man Life was"
  • Hubble Bubble Toil And Trouble - Manfred Mann
    "IF YOU GOTTA GO, GO NOW Manfred Mann Listen to me, baby I'm trying to make you see That I want to be with you, girl If you want to be with me CHORUS: But if you gotta go Well, it's all right But if you"
  • Runner - Manfred Mann
    "SHA LA LA Manfred Mann REFRAIN Sha la la la la la la sha la la la la la la la Sha la la la la la la la la la I met you for the first time last night When I kissed you and I held you tight Baby you made"
  • Sha La La - Manfred Mann
    "SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT Manfred Mann Crazy Janey and her mission man Were back in the alley tradin hands Long came Wild Billy with his friend G-Man all duded up for Saturday night Well, Billy slammed on his"
  • Ms. Bird"(feat. Mannie Fresh - Baby Aka The #1 Stunna
    "BABY AKA THE #1 STUNNA Miscellaneous Ms. Bird"(feat. Mannie Fresh Uh huh uh huh Cut me up in my head, Cut me up nigga fuck Ay ay Fresh, its all gravy baby Its my turn nigga, I'm under the burn biotch If"
  • Neptune (Icebringer) - Manfred Mann
    "You don't have to be a legend to survive All you need now is a stronger plan If you're wondering why we're here We were waiting for your melt down Behind a wall You don't have to be a legend to survive All"
  • I Ain't Laughing - Manfred Mann
    "How are you doing, Miss Elizabeth, say Do you still fill up your nights and days? Are you still as hard to understand? Have you gone and found yourself another man? Well I ain't laughing I ain't laughing Well"
  • Demons And Dragons - Manfred Mann
    "Dragons rage outside your door But I'm on my way to save you Demons wage unholy war But I'm on my way to save you But the demons never need to know What the demons never got to see As we fall in and out"
  • On The Run - Manfred Mann
    "You're on the run from the Law You weren't happy, had to have much more Now the heat is on The heat is on Don't look back Hideaway You keep going, just another day 'Cause the heat is on The heat is on You"

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