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  • Ours Is The Kingdom - Forefather
    "Our hearts lie not in heaven Nor eastern desert sands With eyes closed to your saviour Our fate is in our hands Great glass eyes look down on me So lofty and so great In your world we are filth Toys of"
  • For These Shores - Forefather
    "Was a time when men they fought for kindred's cause, a struggle to survive But far beyond the native burghs I see they send our blood to death Is it to kill for greed, to find eternal peace or sow the"
  • Out of Darkness - Forefather
    "(Music Athelstan) (Lyrics Athelstan/Wulfstan) Into darkness, unwilling we fell Augustine came to preach heaven and hell All must worship the cross he did tell The heathen spirit condemned to his hell 1000"
  • The Fighting Man - Forefather
    "The flag held high, a call to the warrior's pride North they had won, weary in body not mind Standing alone, the few who would see him to live For their brother to stay, allegiance to him they must give Under"
  • The Last Battle - Forefather
    "The chaos has reigned, the battle has been won No time to rest, we must re-group and march The final hurdle lies upon the horizon One more push, our will shall see us through Weary we are but fight on"
  • The Paths of Yesterdays - Forefather
    "On the fields of yesterdays, where many battle's been lost and won Great domains of seasons passed, where many a deed was done Shining lands of yesterdays, deep down they will always be ours Mighty paths"
  • Together They Stood - Forefather
    "Heroes now forgotten from a time long ago Shadowy figures of battles fought Those who slew with passion and vigour Warriors that trod our path to glory Under erratic skies and pounded by pouring rain Together"
  • When Our England Died - Forefather
    "(Music Traditional) (Lyrics Wulfstan) Wearily to the last battle they strode Onward through day and through night To death they did go but they let them know the power of Angelisc might Together they"
  • Aris - Ancient Rites
    "Hear me, ancient forefather (Ambiorix) Honoured be Thy deeds Leading our tribes against the aggressor Outnumbered, a campaign that could not be won (But forever Thy blood in my veins) Gracious Spartan"
  • To Kingdom Come - The Band
    "Forefather pointed to kingdom come Sadly told his only son Just be careful what you do It all comes back on you. False witness spread the news Somebody's gonna lose Either she or me or you, Nothing we"
  • Prayer for my ancestors - Graveland
    "I am a warriorAnd I grasp the greatness of my peopleAnd trustful I fight strenuouslyFor a day I may have right uponThe splendorous heritage of my ancestorsI claim for thee!Ancient braves of my blood!Forefather"
  • Roots Of Heldrasill - Necrophobic
    "Driven by an iron will Driven by a ghostridden thrill I cast myself into the unknown to float away in the night O, mighty forefather Mystic Draugadrottin Show me the path down to Nifelhel Guide me to"
  • To Kingdom Come - Band, The
    "Band, The Music From Big Pink To Kingdom Come B Forefather pointed to kingdom come F# Sadly told his only son A Just be careful what you do "robbie lick" It all comes back on you. False witness spread"
  • Africa Unite - Bob Marley & The Wailers
    "Africa, Unite 'Cause we're moving right out of Babylon And we're going to our father's land How good and how pleasant it would be Before GOD and man, yeah To see the unification of all Africans, yeah As"
  • Africa, Unite - Bob Marley
    "Africa, Unite 'Cause we're moving right out of Babylon And we're going to our father's land How good and how pleasant it would be Before God and man, yeah To see the unification of all Africans, yeah"
  • Menocide - Otep
    "Killing me he's killing me we killing me me killing me killing me ...... infectious human waste forefather cancer hunter prostate gods killer KILLER a testosterone feeding drone multiplying, multiplying"
  • Slave driver - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Every time I hear the crack of a whip My blood runs cold I remember on the slave ship How they brutalized our very soul Today they say that we are free Only to be chained in poverty Good god I think it's"
  • Catch A Fire - Damian Marley "Jr. Gong"
    "Every time I ear di crack of di whip my blood runs cold, I remember on di slave ship how dey brutalise your very soul, Today dey say that we are free Only to be jailed in poverty, Good god I think its"
  • What The Fuck Is A Papoose - Papoose
    "(DJ Kay Slay) DJ Kay Slay, the Drama King I'm in the building wit' my nigga Papoose And all y'all rap niggaz know you can't fuck around (Talking) All you hear all day Papoose this, Papoose that Who is"
  • Canticles - Gods Tower
    "... And the world was young. And it was cruel and beautiful.And it was full of heroes and titans who were fighting and cognizing the world. In that time people souls were nalve and child-like happily."

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