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forget me thots

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forget me thots

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forget me thots
  • Otep Thots
    "Nothings changedthe senates still corrupt& the emporer remains insaneand everydayis a new strain of slaughtersupply lines are less protectedevil on all sideseye can smell the death on your flesh-- creeping"
  • Nina Simone Forget
    "Forget the love not chosen Forget the pain unspoken And please forget the dreams that were broken But remember me Forget this shade when night falls Forget the fear that droops? off And please forget"
  • Marina And The Diamonds FORGET
    "Sometimes I think I’m not that strong But there’s a force that carries me on Sick of my small heart, made of steel Sick of the wounds that never heal Cause I have lived my life in debt I’ve spent my days"
  • Typecast Forget
    "i remember, how could i forget unpredictable, but no regrets i'm drowning in endless waters, your hand is out there somewhere i guess its time to say goodbye, please no more lies i had enough, wasted time,"
  • Jill Paquette Forget
    "Why can't I grab the solutions for my problems As they float inside my head? And why is it when I wake up late to see the sun set I go back to bed disappointed? But wondering why Never got me anywhere"
  • Lianne La Havas Forget
    "Waste all your time writing love songs, but you don't love me. All too familiar when it feels wrong, I think you're just lonely. Do you mind? I found another new way to look at, Use your time to pack"
  • Caroline's Spine Forget
    "As I wander through this house Where my man became a mouse I can see how we started so innocently. As I agonize my way through another yesterday I still don't know how you could have sunk so low You wouldn't"
  • Split Shift Forget
    "And if you see me standing there Empty thoughts your mind so bare I turned my head as you looked at me It felt so bad but it had to be Shambled life my heart just swayed In the eyes of one that I have"
  • Pushover Forget
    "I see things eye for an eye and still forget you I can't think of the time when I thanked you For everything I have and I will get myself Foolish words that go hand in hand with no one else I see the difference"
  • Shania Twain Forget Me
    "Don't go around talkin' to your friends about me Bury the past, just let it rest in peace Leave well enough alone Treat me like someone you've never known Forget me Like you forgot to come home at night Forget"
  • Theatres des Vampires Forget me
    "own to decadenceFalling down from heavenMy first step to hellI fall apart from lifeI share my pain with mudThere's no dignityEveryday I dieI die for their desireAfraid to loose your self controlAfraid"
  • Eyedea Forget Me
    "(Eyedea) Would you believe there's only four more people in the world And when you're not looking they change masks Somewhere over the rainbow it's the same Instead of needle infested train tracks No matter"
  • Promise Ring Forget Me
    "All trees are oaks, All birds are blue. In the mountains of a magnet, Are the mountains of you I'm proud of my genius, just like a painter And dumb like a poet I think I can just say it from the throats"
  • Billy Crawford Forget To Forget
    "Oohhh.... I can't keep dreamin' With all the pain I'm feelin' All I know it that you're gone Why is it taking me so long ? How can I move on, without your love I'm long gone Turn back the hands of time Back"
  • Unbelievable Truth Forget About Me
    "There now, just fading in my mind, irrelevant echoes of mankind. I never met their demands. And they never gave me half a chance. And I dont know another thing to talk about. But I dont ask for"
  • Bad English Forget Me Not
    "You leave the light on at your door You cross your heart across the bedroom floor And through the window to your world You can feel me there and you know I'm waiting You taste the words of my forbidden"
  • BELLAMY BROTHERS Forget About Me
    "Every time I look into your eyes I want to say that, I apologize I can't change, I thought you knew I'm not the one to stay with you You don't need a crazy love like mine That comes and goes from time"
  • Bonnie Pink Forget Me Not
    "Listen to my plan to call him back 'cause I'm very bored Things seem so simple except love and what Heaven knows But I know the trick of finding him even in a beehive Hackneyed phrases can be used today as"
  • Al Stewart Don't Forget Me
    "The sun is going down across the great unknown Lights come on inside the towers made of stone A muffled drum plays out of sight and all alone Summer is over The city lies awake and breathes electric air The"
  • Eskobar You Forget Me
    "When it comes a time, a truth, a sign When they do declare it's all in mind I say don't you forget me Hanging from a tree I say don't you forget me (or) we'll set those people free It goes... When it"

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