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forgive is a word i am learning

  • Forgive - Rebecca Lynn Howard
    "I always said that'd be it that I wouldn't stick around if it ever came to this but here I am so confused how am I supposed to leave? when I can't even move In the time it would have took to say "honey"
  • Learning - Rebecca Martin
    "(R. Martin) On her way home she starts to cry This feeling, though fleeting Gets worse each time It can't be blamed For trying A gentle warning Pay no mind All her wanting Was met with silence. She can't"
  • Forgive - Dogstar
    "sometimes we fly away too soon sometimes we live our lives a little out of tune sometimes in fear we don't look back we find it so hard to forgive someone for being bad everything's OK I'm staring at a"
  • Forgive - Rj Helton
    "This pain goes on Deep inside my heart Changing all that I knew This feels so wrong I'm tired of being angry But tell me what do I do I feel betrayed and completely over come This is the hardest thing"
  • Forgive - Feeder
    "Shoot holes in me, then you watch as I bleed Sticks, sticks and stones Break my bones, as I speak Leave me to burn, as I melt in my pain Watch as I drown, in the tears we have made Cause we've got to"
  • Forgive - Carly Simon
    "Let me be before the world What I am when I'm alone And when my vision falls below Let there be forgiveness Let me answer when I'm called Let me know the voice is right And when it's deep inside my soul I'll"
  • Forgive - Meathook Seed
    "You radiate cold shafts of broken glass, Through my last bit of affection, my sentimental values crushed, I tried so hard, but you tighten the noose, there is no truth. there is no truth. there is no truth. there"
  • Forgive - NRG
    "Because of such lies Have you given me your tears as a gift? Was it because you trusted me I'll save the words of saying sorry Because I love you so much I only want to say you're the only one I need you"
  • The Learning - Nevermore
    "I think therefore I am I live and so I wonder programmed this empath me And I see no religion The circle never ends the purpose never changes face The circle never lies but still it hides my life To"
  • Learning Slowly - The Go Set
    "Seems not that long ago, I was just a boy High hopes and aspirations, were only a matter of time When you came into the world, I couldn't have known the change, That you would bring with you, every single"
  • Learning From Pain - When Came April
  • The Learning Tree - Saga
    "I'd better be careful with what I say One wrong word & all will change Dialing a number in a darkened room My heart is pounding, 'cause you might be coming soon What makes you think you know what's good"
  • Forgive Me - Missy Higgins
    "Oh my son look at what I've done But I am learning still Learning still Know that I am learning still And oh my wife you are my life And I am burning still Burning still Know that I am burning for you"
  • Forgive Me - Chloe x Halle
    "Moving to ofast Now you’re caugh in the middle Try so hard to keep up Now you single Betting you regret what you did Just a little Baby what you think this is Why uou wanna plead the fifth You ain’t"
  • Forgive Me - Asia
    "(Santis/Tancredi/Downes/Payne) Silent wave coming down on me Washing out the lie Living inside me Life's not hard Now I'm on TV This sudden twist of Fate I am direct salvation Just send in your donation I"
  • Forgive + Forget - Avalon
    "Avalon A Maze Of Grace Forgive + Forget Me and my shadow He goes wherever I go My darker side sometimes chases me home He makes me feel guilty For things I'm forgiven of Says I'm unworthy While You say"
  • Forgive Me - Dc Cooper
    "In my eyes I know I've failed her I'm not the person that everyone thinks (I am) Over my shoulder she will linger Witness my sins but she never blinks I know I don't deserve her But still she watches"
  • Forgive Forget - Avalon
    "Me and my shadow He goes wherever I go My darker side sometimes chases me home He makes me feel guilty For things I'm forgiven of Says I'm unworthy While You say I'm loved Lest I forget it You have said"
  • Forgive me - L'
    "All the dreams that I have had They lie shattered on the floor But I found what I was searching I have never wanted more I am forced to leave this life behind Your remain behind the door But our love stays"
  • Learning How To Love - Howard Jones
    "Creeping through your bedroom door Just after all the lights go out Feeling the warmth of your body And the sweetness of your mouth Set the alarm again for 5 am Uneasy sleep will soon be following Creeping"

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