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forgotten sorrow

  • Forgotten - Tower
    "Dragon told me about a war which he had seen long ago He told me about Death when the spirits roamed the Earth Now he's shedding tears Raking the rock with claws until bleeding to sharpen a stone"
  • Never Forgotten Place - Crematory
    "Glassy eyes - Empty remains Dead voices - Broken dreams Irresolute souls - Self destruction Narrow coffin - Beautiful Grave Black flowers - Bloody tears Hopeless minds - Senseless words Rest peaceful"
  • My faeryland forgotten - Dark Tranquillity
    "Labyrinth of time... Mine alone for now and ever more (I'm all alone...) ...and I flew above sepulchral monoliths, nebulously dancing beneath the dew (Of morning, in ye twilightland of old) Abiding teardrops"
  • Fields Of Sorrow - Orden Ogan
    "Grains of sand Weak and bloods stained We are We are Trying to find our way down through the bottomless hourglass The board is down, pieces set We are We are Pawns trying to reach the eighth rank Sacrificed"
  • Visions Of Sorrow - Zonata
    "In this hall of marbled walls in another Dimension where time heeds no calls It's neither day it's neither night, eternal Twilight away from the light Traveling through time and through space Blinded"
  • In Praying Sorrow - Ever Dark
    "I remember your words to go forth and be strong I forgotten their lies and the walls between you and them maybe the sky you'll ride or the ocean you'll drift but I know you will ride the winds this eve may"
  • Path To Sorrow - Crucified
    "sitting here thinking back on the better days, the days gone past before the change, the way things were when everything was new and pure when life was free and filled with hope when everything was explained"
  • Forgotten - Neil Diamond
    "Oh I try to right by you Yeah, yeah, yeah where did it get me? And I tried to do everything I knew Dont seem fair cos look where you left me Youve got me waiting out in the back Under a stack Stuck in"
  • Forgotten - Herjalf
    "Pages of old books Blew out forever Lost like their secrets... Forgotten God, Forgotten hero Forgotten song Of the greatest artist Like the dust All of them have disappeared From the remembrance... Nobody"
  • Forgotten - Persona
    "Everything you know Everything you've seen Everywhere you'll go and Everywhere you've been You are here to leave a trace You are here to make it all come true Brought into this world to be awake You"
  • Forgotten - Avril Lavigne
    "Ah ah ah ah Ah ah ah ah I'm giving up on everything Because you messed me up Don't know how much you Screwed it up You never listened That's just too bad Because I'm moving on I won't forget You were the"
  • Forgotten - Attacker
    "Time marches on, you are lft behind Nobody cares if you live or you die The powers that be they just can't find the time To care for thei own, now that's surely a crime What can you do When they turn their"
  • Forgotten - Diva Destruction
    "Forgotten & you stole the key, Forgotten & trapped here in time Buired in time, you stole the key, And left me here, you led me to This prison, and you stole the key, You forgot what we once were You rewrote"
  • Forgotten - Gothminister
    "Sun sets on the final day Waking up from a thousand plagues Light hurts in the orphant's eye Imprison faith in the newborn child We are forgotten, Our minds locked up in fear We are forgotten, But now"
  • Forgotten - And Then I Turned Seven
    "There was a time when all was perfect no worries, but now that's blurry We had something that no one had but it's all gone now, ain't that so sad He came along, took you away, he opened his arms wide,"
  • Forgotten - The Gathering
    "Have your forgotten All this beauty Around you All your worries Could easily fade Behind you Who Is pulling you back With such strenght? I hear you calling Your voice is bright You hear me calling back"
  • Forgotten - Thea Gilmore
    "I have been looking for loose change Down behind the armchair seat I've been propping up this coffee cup Looking down, down into the street And I hate what I've become, said I hate the insecurity"
  • Forgotten - Spineshank
    "You're the one who, you're the one who steals, the life from. I'm the one who feels, the fallen. I believe you're nothing but a problem. Everything is so vague. You're just a mother fuckin' sight to see"
  • Forgotten - Adamantium
    "Blood runs black As the demon engulfs time Brainwashed into your mind Try to fight your way to hell Try to find a soul to sell To appease this place of death Lose your mind with every breath Suffocate"
  • Forgotten - Acrostichon
    ""I am clean forgotten as a dead man out of mind I am become like a broken vessel for I have heard the blasphemy of the multitude ans fear is on every side while they conspire against me" drowning in"

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