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  • The Format - Az
    "I'm readyy You know the chronicles the shit that if momma knew the stress the drama dude the techs phenominal rapid fire, pecs thru the adominal you bastard liars, it's me whos the honorable bathed and"
  • format (ft. ruskiefajki) - pit
    "Każdy to wie, że co za dużo to niezdrowo Każdy to wie, a musi się przekonać mordo Tak to już jest Ze nie uda się wyhamować Jak się znajdziesz.. No to nie czekaj Format Zycie to nie bajka, chłopak Format I"
  • Follow The Format - Taking Back Sunday
    "Make a big scene Make this glass house my coffin (You miss the big picture) Well it's the words that you're coughin' out, (out on your sleeve) So forge my sins here in song (Well I'm telling you now"
  • Disappoint (Negative Format Remix) - Assemblage 23
    "Just one more time For the sake of sanity Tell me why Explain the gravity That drove you to this That brought you to this place That pushed you down Into the soil's embrace Give me the chance I was denied To"
  • Aliena Ferox (Format Race*.*) - T3chnophob1a
    "Their cruel invasion through the system Infection, reaction with human skin Sadistic carnage pleasure And we're welcoming them in Mental hackers came to hijack all Wormish races equal zero Many light years"
  • A Format For The Future - Stephen Covell
    "I believe it's been precisely planned The day the world will end We'll all be vacationing holding hands Lullabies sung by a steel drum band And by then I'll have figured out Why all I ever did was"
  • Denial (Inversion Mix by Negative Format) - God Module
    "Denial No warning signs Imagination transforms tonight Revelation dies No blinding light Or angels black descending from our minds We are our own demise Inbred disease Common amongst the faces we all"
  • Your New Name - Format
    "Stayed awake for 15 hours waiting on your reply So I came outside to kill my lungs And to kiss the night goodbye I thought about your favorite sweater Now I'm wishing it was at our feet If I could"
  • A Mess To Be Made - Format
    "In a dream that i cant seem to shake she is, she is standing alone by the fence i see tears in her eyes why she crys i just Dont know what a mess that i make of my days then theres you, youre a mess to"
  • A Save Situation - Format
    "It feels like youve been asleep for days the television is on, i cant stay awake ill fall down, again and when your friends Leave, oh they get gone its such a pet peeve when you prove me wrong ill fall"
  • At The Wake - Format
    "So far from me, he stands A man known as disease He's shaking all the hands of the people he meets And you now you just don't see me anymore Well, I've been losing everything You just don't see me anymore I'll"
  • Career Day - Format
    "today's been a career day, futures made and fortunes lost as I'm standing in the lobby, I'm waiting for the elevator to take me away up to nine or ten, maybe eleven the sound of sirens fading as she whispers"
  • Career Pay - Format
    "Todays been a career day, futures made and fortunes lost as im standing in the lobby, im waiting for the elevator to take Me away up to nine or ten, maybe eleven the sound of sirens fading as she whispers"
  • Dead End - Format
    "Hold on, there's a hole in my heart everyone can see right through me it goes all the way to the waves where my love she tried to wash it away see we break for the summers so she can find lovers"
  • Dear Boy - Format
    "You're not made For this, dear boy You're not made For this, dear boy We watch the stock drop They say we're just high in octane I want to exchange Hits for a testament And this will be My sacrifice Up"
  • Dog Problems - Format
    "Don't you dare Speak for someone you don't know They'll feel it in the back of their throat We know I cant construct a poem 'Cause words like girls get bored and run c'est la vie I say "I've got so many"
  • Even Better Yet - Format
    "It's just the nicotine that's coming over me Or is it anything more than a smoke screen Cause I feel like you've been living a lie You're looking better than Than you ever did And nothing's better than Than"
  • Give It Up - Format
    "Well i made my way back down to the valley, right on past 83rd street that's where we once belonged, but im gone i swear im Long gone So give it, throw your hats in the air and change just as they land"
  • I'm Actual - Format
    "Can we take the next hour and talk about me Talk about me, and we'll talk about me Talk about me, and we'll only talk about me Can we please take this hour and talk about me and my hatred for corporate"
  • I'm Ready, I Am - Format
    "I'm nicotine Im coming clean I fooled the crowd when I made it sound like I was more then ready Strike up the band, deprive my sleep 'Cause there's no love like apathy The bell that tolls rings loud enough"

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