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fort bs 1914 wojenka

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fort bs 1914 wojenka

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fort bs 1914 wojenka
  • Lao Che WOJENKA
    "Raz i dwa, raz i dwa, Dziewczynka Wojenka na imię ma Trzy i cztery, trzy i cztery Dziwne ona ma maniery Pięć i sześć, pięć i sześć, Wcale lodów nie chce jeść Siedem, osiem, siedem, osiem, Wciąż o kości"
  • Faun Fort
    "Es hat der Sturm geheult die Nacht, da meine Mutter mich zur Welt gebracht. Es hat gepfiffen, gejauchzet der Wind: "Mir gehrt das Kind". Die heimatlose Strae sprach: "Ich bin die Wiege drauf er lag. Und"
  • Alpha Fort
    "Here's only so much more The day is full To reach Understanding And all at once I knew I fan the truth over to you Excused Your flame Sold us I look away (?) There's only so much more There's only so"
  • Fort Minor Fort Minor
    "Celph: These hungry rappers battle for a buck and some changeThere really be kids starving give a fuck if it changeShok rap Not that You get signed you might blow upRealisa "Party In Iraq" You might blow"
  • BonSoul (Bonson x Soulpete) To znowu BS
    "Pete daje bit, co okrutnie wali w pizdę I na taki numer czekasz, jak na brudne na wigilię Klasyk w kur* za nim wyjdzie A Ty zamknij mordę, nie mów, że to już nie taki film jest Siema, co tam Piotrek, kto"
  • Swan Lake Petersburg, Liberty Theatre, 1914
    "If When you call she comes for you If when you call she comes for you Give your all boy we shot the holes in the portable well: and that's why your boyfriend tracked us in the wastes that the demons"
  • The Zombies Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914)
    "A butcher, yes that was my trade But the King's shilling is now my fee A butcher I may as well have stayed For the slaughter that I see And the preacher in his pulpit Sermoned "Go and fight, do what is"
  • Flaminio Maphia Fort Apache
    "un eternita l ha cerco qua la cerco l ma la casa non ce sta rimango qua a fort apache una priorit necessit dove abit ma la casa non ce sta rimango qua a fort apache non sto cercando un dramma tipo reporter ma"
  • Eddy Fort worth
    "You say your bags are packed You won't be coming back You'll hit I-35 and be in cowtown by tonight In Austin, here with me Ain't where you want to be But somewhere down the line, will the price be way"
  • La Gossa Sorda Colpeja Fort
    "Un vell puja una senda del poble a la muntanya i la senda dia a dia es fa ms curta i mes amarga respira fort i torna cap a casa. Ja no queden raboses ni llops ni esclata-sangs ni margallons ni figueres"
  • Looptroop Fort Europa
    "Once apon a time not long agoWhen people were still living in the northern zoneThey could, still breath and everybody wasn't deadSomebody recorded a songAnd this is what it said:After the first and the"
  • Naughty By Nature Holdin' Fort
    "Oh, oh hell yeah (Alright we don't want any problems here. Y'all just break it up) Five-0 (Just, just) Say what? (go on home) (We don't wanna take anybody in. We don't wanna give any citations I ain't"
  • Mike Doughty Fort Hood
    "I'd rather watch movie stars get fat I'd rather hang up the flag and be done with it I'd rather keep the fire and the frenzy out of my mind I'd rather take sides in an argument I'd rather crank up the"
  • Jean-Louis Murat Fort-Alamo
    "Qu'il est dur de dfaire... J'en reste K.O. ! Dans ta ville frontire Sise au bord de l'eau. Abrutit de lumire, Comme pris au lassot, Je me laisse dfaire De tout mes oripos. Tes gestes d'orfvre, ta vie"
  • Rod Stewart Rock Opera 'Tommy' (1914-1984): Pinball Wizard
    "Ever since I was a young boy I played the silver ball from Soho down to Brighton I must have played them all But I ain't seen anyone like him In any amusement hall that deaf dumb and blind kid sure pays"
  • George Strait Does fort worth
    "Cold fort worth beer just aint no good for jealousIve tried it night after nightYoure in someone elses arms in dallasDoes fort worth ever cross your mindDarlin while youre busy burnin bridgesBurn one for"
  • Marlene Dietrich Bitte Geh'nicht Fort
    "Bitte, geh' nicht fort! Was ich auch getan, Was ich auch gesagt, Glaube nicht ein Wort. Denk nicht mehr daran. Oft sagt man im Streit Worte, die man dann Spter tief bereut. Dabei wollt' mein Herz Ganz"
  • Adam & Eve Du Gehst Fort
    "Er: Du gehst fort ... Sie: Mein liebes herz das ist doch nichts nur Wochen die vorbergehen. Er: Du gehst fort ... Sie: Ich la' dir meine Trume hier solange bis wir uns wiedersehen. Er: Du gehst fort"
  • Echt Fort Von Mir
    "Ich bin nicht immer gut zu Dir genau genommen bin ich manchmal ganz schn schlecht aber ich meine nicht alles so wie ich es sage Es ist ein komisches Gefhl zu wissen Du bist nicht mehr bei mir knnen wir"
  • Ernest Tubb Fort Worth Jail
    "FORT WORTH JAIL (Dick Reinhardt) '46 Red River Songs, BMI Way down in Fort Worth jailhouse feeling kinda low Nobody cares about me cause I ain't got no dough No 5 so black and shiny took me off to"

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