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fortnite the end full event

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fortnite the end full event

  • THE SCOTTS (piosenka z gry FORTNITE ASTRONOMICAL EVENT) - THE SCOTTS, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi
    "we see the hype outside right from the house took it straight from outside straight to the couch we put the mic outside air that shit out you lettin’ Thh Scotts outside we runnin’ the scouts ain;t no controllin’"
  • The Great Event - Leonard Cohen
    "It's going to happen very soon The great event, which will end the horror Which will end the sorrow Next Tuesday when the sun goes down I will play the Moonlight Sonata backwards This will reverse the"
  • Traumatic Event - Funker Vogt
    "a long time ago you went off to seek your soul disappeared out of my life with a promise to return but you got lost on your way the girl I knew never came back you got trapped, lost inside yourself a"
  • Event Horizon - Peter Hammill
    "Flat on my back, I can feel myself falling into a singular state of mind; as if through a fog, I can hear someone calling. I know I'm cutting it fine, thinking that maybe it's time to cross the line. The"
  • Full As Full - Matt Pond PA
    "what do they always want they're shining in your sun but a thousand killers couldn't swallow your bitters come out of the front end of what i've begun full as full speaking too fast for the thoughts it's"
  • In The Event - Dogs Of Peace
    "Into the world my heart is set in motion Guided by a notion of faith Still there are days I'm drowning in the ocean I hit my knees and fold my hands Hoping that You'll understand And in the event You"
  • The Main Event - Rez Band
    "Step right, step left, (many's a checks?) Step right up for the main event Check your fantasy, hearts for sold Tell everybody you're paying on hold The power is on The power is on tonight The power is"
  • The Main Event - Barbra Streisand
    "Extra! extra! I'm in love I gotta thank my luck stars above Hurry, hurry don't be late I can't wait I gotta celebrate It's a fact We got a first rate act It's evident when we make love The main event You're"
  • The main event - Dilated Peoples
    "(Defari) Uh-hum (Ah yeah) (Killin niggas, what) Dilated, we rock, c'mon "Hurry hurry and step right up" "Hurry hurry and step right up" "And I'ma tear shit up" The greatest show on earth... You"
  • Full circle - The Brothers
    "We are riding on our rainbow it's nearly at an end it was given as a promise, to each and every man it's a long time, since we started and the days left now are few, it seems the words sent long ago were"
  • Extinction Level Event - Busta Rhymes
    "Uugh, yeah yeah here we go y'all Here we here we here we go y'all Busta Rhymes Flipmode y'all Yeah yeah y'all extinction level event shit Bomb threat to the whole world What what what is going on What"
  • He main event - Dilated Peoples
    "(Defari) Uh-hum (Ah yeah) (Killin niggas, what) Dilated, we rock, c'mon "Hurry hurry and step right up" "Hurry hurry and step right up" "And I'ma tear shit up" The greatest show on earth... You"
  • Full Circle - Die Krupps
    "your life will be the mirror that shows what you've become the stage is set for trial to show what you have done your choice was to be rotten so painful be the end law of existence - revolving doors comes"
  • Full Circle - Little River Band
    "FULL CIRCLE WRITER GRAHAM GOBLE We are riding on our rainbow, it's nearly at an end, it was given as a promise to each and every man, it's a long time since we started and the days left now are few,"
  • Full moon - Herbert Gr
    "Full moon, i'm drunk as a skunk so mad about her, you can see the depths to which i've sunk can't stand the days, at night i call her name prowl around the neighbourhood, the hunter captured by the game"
  • Full Circle - War of Words
    "now order is restored by the ones dissatisfied with the order from before civilization is such a chore so we saw the end of war but just the end for now if we've learned anything before it's such a bore who"
  • Full Contact - Swollen Members
    "(chorus) Its like that. No doubt we keep it live 24-7 365 and Swollen Members worldwide, this is full contact spit hard and never look back. Its like that. Thats right we keep it live, 24-7 365, this"
  • Full Sesh - Against Me!
    "Do you bite your tongue when you hear them say? Do you bite your tongue and wait for your chance? Do you bite your tongue and push thought from mind? Focus is locked, attention is fixed Do you want to"
  • Full Moon - Witchery
    "both man and beast infest the heavens with all profane forever held as the least by the circle of the lunar damn - all - who damned shall be you've all forsaken the ways of the unseen - of the unseen another"
  • Full Colours - Cats On Trees
    "There are some situations Sometimes you have to face yourself And focus on a new bay You have to draw some new lines And paint until the end A white page for a new day The colours are the rhymes You sing"

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