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  • Let's Make Love - Fourplay
    "Yes Ooh, yeah Everytime I see you I break down and cry, 'Cause anytime I see you You always are sublime I wanna be your man, be your world, be my friend, be my girl, be the one you're closest to. Oh,"
  • My Love's Leavin' - Fourplay
    "(Verse 1) I can't believe she's going I said please show me What selfish seeds I plant along the way Black harvest today The empty bed she left me, cold on one side I can't believe, only me Shadows in"
  • Trust - Fourplay
    "One wrong step is all I take to this mistake And now I won't trust this unruly heart No I won't trust this unruly heart And I've said too much I might be losing touch And now I won't trust this unruly"
  • Anuthatantrum - Da Brat
    "Anotha tantrum dealin rugged don't give a fuck i'm denied nothin' Gotta still get it spoiled rotten real wit it deal wit it Don't you feel me livin' in you When mothafuckas make promises and can't come"
  • Part Time Lover - 50 Cent
    "I just wanna tell you you're special.. You know i meet a lot of beautiful women.. But you.. You make me feel good.. So Good.. It's hard to describe you ya know.. It's everything about you i mean.. damn! You"
  • Dead Presidents - Master P
    "hahahahaha that nigga Master P back in the house for the 9-5 shot well take a step into this madness that we call the dope game Richmond, California where us youngstas slang that cocaine and we be hoppin"
  • The Turndown - People Under The Stairs
    "(Thes One) Yo, I think this time I've found a shorty for me We talk a lot, take walks a lot, she doesn't bore me In fact she won't ignore me when I'm speakin music matters She's intelligent, fly style"

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