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fragma I need a miracle

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fragma I need a miracle

  • I Need A Miracle - Fragma
    "Hey, hey Miracle, miracle If you're gonna save the day And you're hearin what I say I feel your touch, your kiss Is not enough And if you believe in me, Don't think my love's for free I won't take nothin"
  • Tocas miracle - Fragma
    "If you're gonna save the day, and you're hearin what I say I feel ur touch, ur kiss it's not enough and if u believe in me Don't think my loves not for real I won't take nothin less then a deeper love"
  • Toca's Miracle (2008) - Fragma
    "if your gonna save the day and your hearing what i say i feel your touch , your kiss is not enough and if you believe in me dont think my loves for free i wont take nothing less than a deeper love (chorus) let"
  • I Need A Miracle - The Grateful Dead
    "I need a woman 'bout twice my age A lady of nobility, gentility and rage Splendor in the dark, lightning on the draw We'll go right through the book and break each and every law. I got a feeling and it"
  • I need a miracle - Grateful Dead
    "I need a woman 'bout twice my ageA lady of nobility, gentility and rageSplendor in the dark, lightning on the drawWe'll go right through the book and break each and every law.I got a feeling and it won't"
  • I need a miracle - Cascada
    "Boy meets girlYou were my dream, my worldBut I was blindYou cheated on me from behindSo on my ownI feel so all aloneThough I know it's trueI'm still in love with you...I need a miracleI wanna be your girlGive"
  • I Need A Miracle - Aendiaena
    "i woke up from a middle of a dream of this dream i'd like to live it on now it's gone like you have never been here but my love for u is steadily growin' just call on my heart and we'll make a start i"
  • I need a miracle - Icarus
    "Tell Me What's It Gonna TakeI'm Running Out of Prayers LordCan't You See I'm HelplessDown Here On My KneesI'm Begging You PleaseThere's Nothing Left For Me to DoI Need a Miracle From YouI'm Tired of DaysThat"
  • I Need A Miracle - Plus One
    "Tell me what's it gonna take I'm running out of prayers Lord Can't you see I'm helpless Down here on my knees I'm begging you please There's nothing left for me to do I need a miracle from you I'm tired"
  • Miracle - Electrosy
    "I need a miracle to fall in love I need a miracle Well there she goes The whole world knows I want her But I know I need her cause she's a miracle Take a million girls and line them up against"
  • Miracle - Rick Astley
    "Many Roads I've TravelledAnd Faces I've SeenEach Tells A StoryOf What Might Have BeenA Missed Golden MomentBut Life Still RemainsA Search For The InnocenceSomehow We Lost On The WayAnd We All Need A Miracle,"
  • Miracle - Afterlife
    "Feat. Neve Take this moment, make it still Stay forever, by my side Make a promise, to your soul Leave me never, that I know It can be But I know, it can be Lost our way, you and me I'm still in love with"
  • Miracle - A1
    "Chorus Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All we need is a miracle baby Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All we need is a miracle Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All we need is a miracle baby Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na All"
  • Miracle - Cascada
    "Boy meets girl You were my dream my world But I was blind You cheated on me from behind So on my own I feel so all alone But I know it's true I'm still in love with you I need a miracle I wanna be your"
    "ask me no questions I will tell you no lies careful what you wish for we’re looking for angels in the darkest of skies saying that we wanted more I feel like I’m falling but I’m trying to fly where does"
  • Miracle - Jon Bon Jovi
    "A penny for your thoughts now baby Looks like the weight of the world's on your shoulders now I know you think you're going crazy Just when it seems everything's gonna work itself out They drive you"
  • Miracle - Rock Kills Kid
    "Nothing is right Everything's wrong now Where do I go this time What do I try No... I dont belong now Where do I go I need some kind of miracle Someone to let me know That they won't let go I'm dieing"
  • Miracle - Mark Lanegan
    "I promise you a miracle And it will be done Upon this one last disappearing Bells toll, new lands and I look up Sometimes To see this old black Mary Reach down for me I need someone for my plaything So"
  • Miracle - Gabrielle
    "All tender moments All my time with you Everyday we're much closer You respond to me I respond to you I always knew That you'd be good for me But without you I could never be Want you to know I'll never"
  • Miracle - Gamma Ray
    "I was walking through a misty day, the sky was cold andgreyAn old man came right up to me and said, "I know yourname."He said he'd like to talk to me only for awhileI had no plans, so I said OK, and he"

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