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  • Let It Out - Chris And Conrad
    "How long can you keep building Those walls around your heart? And how long can you keep running From who you really are? Don't you know that he knows you Sees everything you've done So tell why you keep"
  • Let It Out - A1
    "Mark: You said you need room this evening Told you I'm leaving Til you begged me to stay You got'cha high heels on to tease me Promised to please me Then you take it away Mark: The fire's fading"
  • Let It Out - Hoobastank
    "This is ours, we made it with our everything Something real, as real as it could ever be You gave me all of yourself, I gave you all of me Now set it free from yourself, for everyone to see I'm not afraid"
  • Let It Out - Starrfadu
    "Do you want to lay your head on my shoulder? I don't mind if you cry. Sometimes we all just need to let it out. Just let your tears run down my arm, so I can keep them in a blue jar. We'll drink them"
  • Let It Out - Daryl Hall
    "(Hall, Stewart) People don't read so easy Never wanna say what's on their mind Go from dreams to dollars Then they wonder why the truth seems so unkind They just hold on tighter and tighter Running down"
  • Let it out - Hall & Oates
    "People don't read so easyNever wanna say what's on their mindGo from dreams to dollarsThen they wonder why the truth seems so unkindThey just hold on tighter and tighterRunning down the road that they"
  • Let It Out - Pillar
    "I don't know if we'll ever really see the day When we look around and we don't know what to say How did we lose our way? I don't know if we'll ever really see a change If this is how we show our thanks,"
  • Let it out - Snoop Dogg
    "Well it's the super duper Snoopa once again I'm on the flySwoopin through I'm in my coupe and all the bitches want a rideIf it's trippin like I'm clippin I'm still grippin on my nineWe be Crip'n while"
  • Let It Out - Tha Alkaholiks
    "That's the Alkaholiks functions, conjunction junction The remix version for all the brothers out there that got shit on they chest and just wanna let it out Anything you could do I could do fresher WHen"
  • Let It Out - Staind
    "There's nothing left Nothing left to hold onto There is no reason for me to fight anymore I let it all go It'll be easier I know The weight on my shoulders tells me so So now I stand here To sing another"
  • Let It Out - Charlie Wilson
    "Those who are dead, Are not dead, They're just living in my head. And since I fell, For that spell, I am living there as well (Oh). Time is so short And I'm sure, There must be something more: Those who"
  • Let It All Out - Lovedrug
    "Got sick of the marching band and lost my head I am the straw that broke the camel's back Sometimes You gotta let it all out You gotta let it all out You gotta let it all out Sometimes you know, you gotta"
  • Go Let It Out - Oasis
    "Paint no illusion, try to click with what you got Taste every potion, and if you like yourself a lot Go let it out, go let it in, go let it out Life is precocious in the most peculiar way Sister psychosis,"
  • Let it all out - Ram Jam
    "Look at me, look at you Been around with nothing to do Can't you see I need you Gotta get crooken for the night is through Rock 'n' Roll in your soul Can't you feel it when the drums start to pow Let it"
  • Let It Ring Out - Elevation
    "I paint no illusion Tell you no lies A new day is breaking Underneath skies Say goodbye tonight cause In the morn we leave it all behind You gotta million reasons why Let em in and let em out Cause if"
  • Let It All Out - Relient K
    "Let it all out get it all out rip it out remove it don't be alarmed when the wound begins to bleed cause we're so scared to find out what this life's all about so scared we're going to lose it not knowing"
  • Let It Out, Davey - Adam Sandler
    "Davey: What the heck is happening right now? Footlocker guy: Something that should have happened 20 years ago. Radio: Time to cry, Davey, over. Davey: What? Get out of here, I'm leaving... GNC bottle: You"
  • Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) - John Mellencamp
    "No parking by the sewer sign Hotdog - my razor broke Water dripping up the spout But (hey) I don't care - Let it all Hang Out Hanging from a pine tree by my knees Sun shining through the shade Nobody"
  • Let It All Bleed Out - Rob Zombie
    "(One time I saw a Filipino Cab driver cut out a cancer with a rusty butter knife.) BLEED - BLEED - BLEED IT OUT - YEAH! A rat on the scraps, Jaws to the fossil, Turn into conventional man, yeah! (conventional"
  • Let It All Come Out - Newsboys
    "Who, who's touched you child? Now you can't feel a thing, not anything Who's been the one telling you lies? Now you'll believe anything OH YOU GOTTA LET, LET IT ALL COME OUT LET, LET IT ALL COME OUT RIGHT"

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