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  • Claude Dallas - Tom Russell
    "In a land the Spanish once had called the Northern Mystery Where rivers run and disappear And the Mustang still lives free By the Devil's wash and the coyote hole In the wild Owyhee Range Somewhere in"
  • Claude Dallas - Ian Tyson
    "In a land the Spanish once had called the Northern Mystery, Where rivers run and disappear the mustang still is free. By the Devil's wash and coyote hole in the wild Owyhee Range Somewhere in the sage"
  • Claude Monet - Thirsty Merc
    "If I had to give your love a name, I think I'd call it something close to a flame. Because it burns me when I talk to you, And you really like to cook me through. If I had to give your eyes a taste,"
  • Clownen Claude - Jumper
    "Jag har alltid passat in vart jag n r och jag har alltid varit din vem du n r Vilken tur att min mask r s glad, fr under klibbar allting fast Lngst fram och dr gr jag I hatt och bjllror Och det r tidernas"
  • Jean Claude - Bosski
    "ten kto krzyczy tu najgłośniej i ma parcie by na starcie mieć najprościej czuć się ważniej czuć się mocniej ponad innych wznosić się kończy okropnie czujesz zazdrość cudzy sukces wychodzi z ciebie z złośliwość już"
  • Call Me Francois - Sage Francis
    "<"Today, my mother killed me" If I'm alive by the time you find this, it's a miracle What else can be said, a vision quest with infrared I'm at a dead end, I bled slow From my chest, held my breath and did my mess and never let go I lived a good life, I never had half-compromise a thing And if I couldn't write, I'd think of other ways to optimize my living No wife, no kids, no anchors Hand over fist to withhold this info from the bankers Don't know my neighbors, didn't take a village to raise me Small-town mentality types thinkin I'm crazy I ain't as weird as they paint me Off color, I'm more gutter, punk, and ritzy More glitz and glamour than others Motherfuckers left me lonely in this designated corner Had a couple walls that build upon, they made me a performer Now shade me from the warmer weather Save me from the slaughterhouse That creeps between the pages where I try to hide my awful mouth Speak discretely to the sheets that seem to be hollow Punched a ladder full of holes, just for my swollen feet to follow Support me all you want, don't let me drop a field of land I'm not going to stop until God is my ceilin fan Spare the lamb, save me from my former-self That creeps between the pages as the line across and locks my self Now this is my box, these are my walls This is when time stops and I'm all that there ever was And I'm all there ever is and I'm all that there ever will be A freeze frame pine box soliloquy Call me FRANCOIS Call Me Francois (call call call me francois) (Call call call me francois) Take what you can; leave what you must Because y'all comin with us, (motherfucker you comin with us) Fill your bags with the rags that you wear and their necessities Along with the dog-tags and family recipes Rest in peace, if you arrest the pace, movin haste God-speed you black empress, get dressed, we're late She painted my head orange, carved my face with her tongue Emptied out my insides and lit the candle behind my eyes Had the strike of twelve to midnight, winter queen Left with my life rival in a white limousine When he made her dress twirl, it looked like a mushroom cloud Everybody ducked down except for me, that's my destiny He used a broken condom as a corsage I watched him push the rusty pin through her prom dress into her heart Kill me already; fill me with confetti Crush me up and sprinkle me over their wedding and her pregnant belly I wasn't ready to suppress these memories, undress the mam', O' Reese Forget the family, streamline the enemy, design the penalty Cruel and unusual, commit the felony, unfit for prison duty No man's an Island, except for Island man; he's a ROCK STAR! No man's an Island, except for Island man; he's a ROCK! "
  • Modlitwa Francois Villon - Anatol Borowik
    "Dopóki ziemia kreci się, Dopóki jest tak czy siak Panie ofiaruj każdemu z nas Czego mu w życiu brak. Mędrcowi darować głowę racz Tchórzowi dać konia chciej, Sypnij grosza szczęściarzom"
  • Francois Villon (Dop - Bu
    "Dopóki nam ziemia kręci się, dopóki jest tak czy siak, Panie ofiaruj każdemu z nas, czego mu w życiu brak - mędrcowi darować głowę racz, tchórzowi dać konia chciej, sypnij grosz szczęściarzom... I mnie"
  • Da Vinci Claude - Mc Solaar
    "(Claude M'Barali/ Eric K-Roz - Alain J) Derrire les portes du Louvre se trouve le Saint Groove A quarante pas de la Joconde il y a une flche au stylo rouge Il faut s'y faufiler de nuit et si possible"
  • Talk (Francois K Dub) - Coldplay
    "Then I Take A Picture Of Something You See You See You See You See You See In The Future In The Future In The Future In The Future In The Future Where Will I Be? Oh, Please Talk To Me Can You Fill The"
  • Regrets (Francois Kevorian Remix) - Eurythmics
    "I've got a delicate mind I've got a dangerous nature And my fist collides With your furniture I've got a delicate mind I've got a dangerous nature And my fist collides With your furniture I'm an electric"
  • Jean - Claude Van Damme - Adi Smolar
    "Adi Smolar Miscellaneous Jean - Claude Van Damme Svojo deklco v kino sm peljal, ta zadn dnar sm za karte dal. Mi ni do filma blo, a ona rekla mi je, da bi rada vidla ga, nato pa k men prila. S plakatov"
  • Jean Claude Trans Am - Fenix TX
    "And if I ever hurt you I swear I never meant to so please don't hold it against me but in the heat of passion I forget to sympathize with your virginity how can I sit still every time you're near me and"
    "Drift away on a puffy cloud Go away on a puffy cloud My brain is dead from too much pot 'Cause (Gene) (Dean) and I smoke too much pot Cloudy cloudy cloudy cloud Cloudy cloud cloudy cloud Cloudy cloudy"
  • Don't Rush (Feat Di & Kat Francois) - Shy FX
    "He is so fine; every time I view him I cant help but fantasize as I almost turn blind So muscular I imagine him lifting me effortlessly, a voice so deep and resonating He could say anything and I would"
  • Il faut du temps - Sandrine Francois
    "Il faut du temps Pour apprendre sourire Pour apprendre grandir Au milieu d'un combat Il faut du temps Pour apprendre aimer Pour prter ses jouets Mais on en est pas l Il faut du temps On nous"
  • Ce soir la - Francois Deguelt
    "Ce soir-l tu n'avais que tes vingt ans m'offrir comme un bouquet de printemps l'amour qui m'avait souvent du Je ne croyais plus, mais quand je t'ai vue... Ce soir-l j'aurais voulu inventer Des mots qui"
  • Dis rien ( Eurovision 2962 ) - Francois Deguelt
    "Dis rien, dis rien, on s'aime C'est a le vrai pome Et je me sens si bien Mon corps noy au tien Je suis comme dans une vague O mon bonheur divague C'est si profond, profond Je me sens couler au fond"
  • Dansez Sur Moi - Nougaro Claude
    "Bobby Troup/Neal Hefti. Adaptation Claude Nougaro, arrangement Jean-Claude Vannier. Dansez sur moi Dansez sur moi Le soir de vos fianailles Dansez dessus mes vers luisants Comme un parquet de versailles Embrassez-vous,"
  • La Pluie Fait Des Claquettes - Nougaro Claude
    "Claude Nougaro/Claude Nougaro-Maurice Vander avec Maurice Vander piano, = Eddy Louis orgue, Luigi Trussardi basse, Daniel Humair batterie La pluie fait des claquettes Sur le trottoir minuit, Parfois,"

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