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free me up

  • Free Me Up - Downhere
    "I'm giving up my electro TV things 'Cuz I don't ever need, no... anything like that again I'm livin' on the move and I wanna drop these chains Well you'd be surprised what you can leave behind It keeps"
  • Free - Andi Deris
    "Should I break like my father? Should I cry like my mother? Had I stayed with the others I had not found my brothers Free Yeah we are free Had I followed my teachers Like the christian the preachers I"
  • Free - Plumb
    "You thought you had me all tied up in a little knot You thought I'd go on living just like you like you until you asked me nicely to stop but supprise I'm free, I'm free, I'm Free to be the girl you"
  • Free - Zac Brown Band
    "so we live in our old van Travel all across this land Me and you We'll end up hand in hand Somewhere down on the sand Me and you Just as free Free as we'll ever be Just as free Free as we'll ever be Drive"
  • Free - Midge Ure
    "As I walked the buisy emty street With the weight of the world on my shoulder An ancient voice screamed in my head saying run boy run I waited for the inspiration Waited forever, or so it seemed I made"
  • Free - Paula Cole
    "I keep walking down the same city streets The same city lines, to the same lonely beat People say hello but I don't know what to say I don't know how I feel, I just can't act that way I wanna hide form"
  • Free - Boys Like Girls
    "Carry on, you won't miss me when I'm gone Won't hear the phone ring You won't hear me sing Yeah I'm guilty, guilty of everything I'll run away Cause I've gotta find a place where you won't know me I wanna"
  • Free - Faith Hill
    "i had it tough when i was just a little kid it didn't matter what i thought it didn't matter what i did i felt the doubt for what i lacked right from the start it did a number on my head but it could"
  • Free - Manafest
    "Free to live free to love, free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on, Im Free to live free to love free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on From all the pain, all the times, I"
  • Free - Rachael Lampa
    "What would you say if i told you about A love too good to be real would you reply that you've heard it a million times You throw up your hands-never understand Turn and walk away,cry another tear I know"
  • Free - Alisha's Attic
    "Take a breather angel Gather up your thoughts and fears As you sit there in that room Be sure that justice will be done But only if you believe Every second, every minute Just gets harder to hold on to"
  • Free - Common Children
    "Old man skinny got a little frustrated Raised his glass and said to me Sometimes my days seem like they're wasted But tonight I know - I'm free I'm free Come on flap your wings Come on flap your wings Old"
  • Free - Simon Webbe
    "What a way to wake up Just to find you there and Touch you in the morning You turn your head and look up There's no need to catch me Baby, I'm not falling Could have guessed after all that Id be"
  • Free - Geto Boys
    "Geto Boys (G.B.)'98 We gonna set this shit straight, belive that Don't you wish sometimes you can be free Free from incarceration Free from paying them bills Free to come and go when ya feel Most of all,"
  • Free - Emm Gryner
    "There are times you hold the deed to my insides And steal the sparkle from my eyes But this could be the last time baby This could be the last time And back then dressed up as some kind of true friend You"
  • Free - Pink (P!nk)
    "Everything's broken But nothing really needs to be fixed Everything I always say I always contradict Don't keep pushing me Don't keep aching me I know you love me, baby But I don't want to know how 'Cause"
  • Free - Joan Armatrading
    "Everything I try to give you Everything I try to do There's no pleasing you You want the stars in the morning And the sun dead of night You place immovable objects In my plain sight Well I'm giving you"
  • Free - Destiny's Child
    "Wait a minute, wait a minute I think I got to take some time and clear my mind cause if I don't I might (scream) Scream out loud in a little bit I'm a tell you what I'm talking about Ladies (Ladies, ladies) If"
  • Free - Diana Ross
    "Chill in the bones, chill in the air Do you think that I haven't been around? Boy I wasn't born yesterday, yesterday Coming home late at night, flowers on the doorstep Trying to make it right Boy you"
  • Free - Freeway
    "Okay, I see where y'all goin Okay, aight dude, you want me to fuck with that Free shit? Okay.. Yeah, I got you blazed...holla! Uh! Yeah! Nigga, the name is strong, it can mean ten things in one This dedicated"

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