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free rap

  • Free - Manafest
    "Free to live free to love, free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on, Im Free to live free to love free to get up Free to get out and get up and move on From all the pain, all the times, I"
  • Free - Shinhwa
    "One day i wake up, i was with u, the next day you were gone 1. uh ddun mal ro nuh eh geh da ga gaya haneun jee nhl eerah geh bo nael su baggeh uhbsneun nae mahm eum yong suh hae cheo oh, my love gi da"
  • Rap Life - Tash
    "(feat. Raekwon the Chef) Uh, expensive things, diamond rings and things You know, rap life, rap life, say what, ah, uh Rap niggaz, we dippin individuals Some of us be frontin, some of us is really"
  • Zidler's rap - Moulin Rouge
    "ZIDLER If life's an awful bore, And living's just a chore That you do 'cause death's not much fun I've just the antedote, And though I mustn't gloat, And the Moulin Rouge you'll have fun! So scratch that"
  • Military rap - Blondie
    "Alright you maggots get up Do you love me I can't hear you Pick em' up and put em' down You're in the army now Well make a man of you Another solider too Shoulders back and stomach in We'll teach you discipline"
  • Rap party - Saosin
    "Where's my dick at?My snare, my snare, my dick?My snare, where's my snare at?Word.All ya'll niggas try to play meBut all ya'lls bitches wanna have my babies (Daddy)Ain't none of ya'll that can try to hate"
  • The Rap - Andrew Lloyd Webber
    "Rockies: Lead to the left and box to the right The Rockies in the house were here tonight R.O.C.K.I.E.S. Put your hands together, you know we're the best! Motivatin' (acceleratin'!) Devastatin' (galvinatin'!) Boys: Diesel,"
  • Rap Ass Nigga - JT Money
    "Most rappers ain't nothing but niggas who talk a good one Talking bout' they thugs, G's, and hustlas Or they'll kill a nigga quick bout' some dumb shit Get your mind right, I can tell you'se a young kid Still"
  • Rap City Freestyles - Chamillionaire
    "I neva take a high atis Debate it The kid the greatest My album anticipated I made it Now haters hate it Problems I can create it My pistol is nickel plated All of my friends can get a F U friendship is"
  • Gangsta rap 2 - Star Wars
    "Admiral: This is Admiral Biatch to base camp, it seems the stormtroopers have gone on strike and I have no experience with this type of shit. Who should I call for help? Vader: It's the V to the A to the"
  • Consumer's Rap-Sody - Thumb
    "when was the last time you made your own decision, free from whatever distracts you from your vision, free from the pressure of society's rule book, free from how you act, free from how you look. now really"
  • Free shot - KowalPP (EnklaWWA)
    "Witam was po przerwie Życie – spacer nad przepaścią Kiedy ci się lina zerwie Tam na dole gapie patrzą Rap jest moja pasją Lecz życie to nie sam rap Ryzko i hajs znikąd Powałka – bliskich dramat Ze sobą"
  • Sucka Free - Keith Murray
    "Meet the villain with a thousand faces I'll stab you up in a thousand places I might catch you with a blade or a rap Cause it's always more than one way to skin a rat Them young boys fucking up hip hop We've"
  • Feel Free - Kano
    "So the stories told in London Town, From the east and the west we come, And we'll all feel better tomorrow, When the lord does come. It could a Cartier or a Rolex, Presidential threat to magary, hi-tech"
  • Free Mumia - KRS-One
    "(feat. Channel Live) Knowledge, where the people at? Free Mumia! Channel Live! (KRS-One, come and represent) (The wisdom) Hah hah hah hah hah hahaha! Free Mumia! Everywhere I look there's another house"
  • Sucka Free - Afu-Ra
    "Rap stack, spectacular with the vernacular Stealth from a killing spree, they call be Blackula Step back, get your neck fractured by the rapture Get choked out to the beat by the manufacturer And I ain't"
  • Mój rap, mój interes - Kuban
    "Mój rap, mój interes A ja w tym biznesmenem I nie wszytko ma cenę, tak? Za mną młode pokolenie A ja w nim wodzirejem Bo to wszystko ma cenę Ja widzę kolegów po fachu Taki młody szczyl mimo to już żyje"
  • All Rise (With Rap) - Blue
    "Your honour please Gotta believe what I say (say) What I will tell (tell) Happened just the other day (day) I must confess (confess) 'Cos I've had about enough (enough) I need your help (help) Got to make"
  • The Beta Band Rap - The Beta Band
    "We're the Beta Band and we're nice and clean We're always polite and hardly ever mean Times have changed, we used to be smelly, We lived in a squat 'til a punk nicked our telly Since we've been signed"
  • Super Mario Brothers Rap - Mc Chris
    "Its 1986 I'm in the 1st grade, I'm workin really hard to get Mario laid. I got to save the princess so he could get the pussy, believe me Mario will get that ass, so fuck Luigi. Mario really wants to get"

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