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friend zone friend zone

    "AC-DC Blow Up Your Video GO ZONE Blow Up Your Video (1988) SINGLE: Heatseeker/Go Zone-Snake Eye (1988) (Young, Young, Johnson) Once I need relaxation Need to get some r 'n' r (That's rest and recreation) Don't"
  • Go Zone - AC/DC
    "Once I need relaxation Need to get some r 'n' r (That's rest and recreation) Don't need no vacation I don't have to go that far (I've got better things to do with my money) Don't need no private eye Forget"
  • Killing Zone - Animal Planet
    "Animal Planet Miscellaneous Killing Zone I need a drink of water I think I'm dying of thirst The court's been called to order The judge is gonna do the worst Lend me an ear I got a story to tell I been"
  • Twilight Zone - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Blue Sky Black Death presents The Holocaust Song: Twilight Zone Typed by: Cno Evil (Chorus 2X: Holocaust) Rod Serling wrote every 'Twilight Zone' Doom, you're trapped in a"
  • Zone - Sebadoh
    "Zone doubt, born to be alone Save the sermonette, there's no one home I ascend to make amends I think I know I was beggin' the police to let you go But I can't stop the clock Passed out to take in, let"
  • FAMILY ZONE - Aero
  • Boredom Zone - Mr. T Experience
    "I live in the boredom zone I'm never goin' home everything is sterilized everything is twice my size and I wish it was and it's all because I live in the boredom zone, boredom zone I live in the boredom"
  • Scary Zone - Almah
    "Stand back and take your time to rely on You again, feel the beat of the heart See the signs and be the stray for the first time Face to face with the evil eyes you just fade away and die You knew the"
  • Mad Zone - Dub War
    "I am a patient An you are a doctor Then I am a disease An you are a cure But you are as Ice And i am like fire You say your the truth But I know you're a liar You see I'm a saint An you are a sinner If"
  • Danger Zone - Rainbow
    "Shaking off the tresholds of a long forgotten dream And you just can't make it last Coaching paradise on a personal line But you get fired to fast And you lie, memories drifting by Love don't make it"
  • Killing zone - Rancid
    "Drop bombs, Youre gonna be warnedYoure gonna be scorned, Youre gonna be tornThere's a storm hittin' your home, not a false alarm but a real oneCan't trick it, let's wake up, can't stick it, pick it lines"
  • Extraction Zone - Dragonforce
    ""Uh, we got a killstreak coming up if anyone's interested." It’s getting late at night by a freezing moon The time is running out and the end is soon An army in despair – don’t know what to do Impure"
  • Purple Zone - Soft Cell & Pet Shop Boys
    "Let's get out of this life I'm afraid and alone Paralyzed in the purple zone My time goes so slow And I don't know how the show will end I'm losing all my feeling Emotion I pretend So let's get out of"
  • Danger Zone - Black Sabbath
    "Midnight, something don't feel right It's been too much, too far away from home Hard life, living the hard life I can't resist, I'm falling To the danger zone All day long I'm pushed and shoved I just"
  • Danger zone - The Kinks
    "Ooh, I wrote you a letter, And you never sent a reply. It's a shame, always money or power, And it doesn't really matter what you think. Oh, I'd give you all I had to give, Over and over again. While the"
  • Danger Zone - Virgin Steele
    "[1st verse:] Oh people, your darkness hath come. Oh no, they've blackened the sun. The night was cold, but now it burns hot. You may cry till tomorrow, but I'd rather not. [1st chorus:] Oh come with me"
  • Danger Zone - Ramones
    "New York city is a real cool town Society really brings me down Our playground is a pharmacy Kids find trouble so easily Other countries are just as bad The soviets really make me mad On the boulevard"
  • Danger Zone - The Ramones
    "New York is a real cool town Sociey really Brings me down Our playground is a pharmacy Kids find trouble so easily Other countries are just so bad The soviets really Make me mad on the boulevard where"
  • Danger zone - Kenny Loggins
    "Revvin' up your engine Listen to her howlin' roar Metal under tension Beggin' you to touch and go Highway to the Danger Zone Ride into the Danger Zone Headin' into twillight Spreadin' out her wings tonight"
  • Love zone - Judas Priest
    "Been awake all night, can't get no sleep I need a steel blue heart walkin' down the street With your razor nails, and your painted smile You're gonna get richer, I gotta get wild Any time you want to Any"

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