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from empty now

  • Empty Now - Brent White
    "I lost everything that's good, When I walked away from you Did I go and do the wrong thing this time, Tryin' hard just to bite my tongue, So I'm gonna turn and run, I'm Gonna go out the door, won't"
  • Empty - Terri Clark
    "Maybe it's been a little too long Holding it in, trying to be strong Funny the things we bottle up Come streaming out when you feel enough There is a trust the cautious will lack Now that we've touched,"
  • Empty - Anathema
    "Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dust From my face another morning black sunday Coming down again,coming down again empty vessel empty veins, Empty bottle wish for rain that pain again Wash the blood"
  • Empty - Jessica Mauboy
    "You're just walking through the door and you're home late again, There you're acting strange and you won't tell me where you've been, You can look me in the eye, imagine every alibi, Think you gotta"
  • Empty - Enter Shikari
    "A blank sheet of paper just begging to be filled But tonight I cannot pour my heart out Because you escaped with it in your back pocket Television remote controls cannot save me From destroying myself"
  • Empty - Focused
    "I will accept this, these different ways, this change thats taking place, and the knowledge that I know now, and I am a part of this, and I will do all that I can, the free gift that is given to me, for"
  • Empty - Pulley
    "Like a fuse I'm ready for fire Spark me up and I mean Simple seems to just a few I trust what I am saying Every day I can't believe what's going on around me Down the halls I see it everywhere I have to"
  • Empty - Letdown
    "You dont know the hell ive been through you dont know the price ive paid you cant see the walls im bracing time im facing all my days every bit of man i once was every bit of love that i could have living"
  • Empty - Chief Keef
    "I'm so motherfuckin' true like I'm 2 Chainz Ridin' in that Mayweather with your boo thing Every summer I pop up with some new chains In these Balmains feel with them blue things And these hoes on my back"
  • Empty - Letdown.
    "You don't know the hell I've been through You don't know the price I've paid You can't see the walls I'm bracing, time I'm facing, all my days Every bit of man I once was Every bit of love that I could"
  • Empty Chairs, Empty Tables - Michael Ball
    "(Claude-Michel Schonberg/Alain Boubil/Herbert Kretzmer) There's a grief that can't be spoken There's a pain goes on and on Empty chairs at empty tables Now my friends are dead and gone. Here"
  • Empty Pockets, Empty Fridge - Fiddler's Green
    "The Day was Crap, i hing around and was feeling lonely Empty Pockets,Empty Fridge, didn't know just what to do My breath smelled like a Cigarette Butt,unshaved,my hair was greasy Headache from the Night"
  • Empty Room - Crowbar
    "I've tried to hide Hide from so many things At times I've lied to myself I've built a room I can't see anything An empty room I'm breaking out There is no door No sunlight coming in Just concrete walls"
  • Empty City - Thunder
    "Empty city, it's calling your name Wheel of fortune, sucking you into the game It's a fatal attraction, that pulls you like a moth to the flame Empty city, sitting waiting in the hills Babylonian, promising"
  • Empty Room - Wall Of Voodoo
    "it's the human thing to do On this life-like stage, we act a play, well that's so human too Why don't you drink from my ruby red glass? Why don't you drink from my ruby glass? An unlit corner in the"
  • Empty Pockets - Tom Waits
    "As I slow down on purple avenues To march around in April's shoes The weathervanes remind Of summertimes that I've left behind All the money's gone for Auld Lang Syne I spent on Eastern Standard Time What"
  • Empty Apartment - Yellowcard
    "You called me out You stayed inside One you love Is where you hide Shot me down as I flew by Crash and burn I think sometimes you forget where the heart is Answer no to these questions Let her go, learn"
  • Empty Space - The Story So Far
    "All that I know Is your space is empty It’s buried below The stress and the envy All the places I go It still hasn’t left me I hated it then And now it consumed me I dwell on it nightly Tread swiftly"
  • Empty Road - Natalie Walker
    "I hear the sound of distant cars Headlights flicker in the dark I've been waiting, waiting for you Waiting for you One of a thousand promises I'm alone and I am stoned from The silence of our empty road Empty"
  • Empty Man - New Eden
    "Broken one now here lays broken since he began Lost to his vanity victim of his mind Son of a fallen age bound and distorted man Bound by the modern ways hopeless empty man A modern man of highest learning Evolved"

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