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from first to last make war

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from first to last make war

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from first to last make war
  • Mark Schultz Letters From War
    "She run to the mailbox On that bright summer's day Found a letter from her son In a war far away He spoke of the weather And good friends that he'd made Said I'd been thinking 'bout dad And the life"
  • JT Money War
    "Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh (that right) Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh (Yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh) JT Money, God dammit Bout time, spin this bitch (Niggaz waitin on yo muh'fuckin ass, let's ride) (Hook) x4 Heychayaya, heychayaya,"
  • Blue Make rock not war
    "Moments of pleasure, in a world of pain.Working together, only to fight again.If we wait for the world leaders to decide, who will die first? So dont wait no more!Tell me, make rock not war! what are we"
  • Grasshopper Takeover Make Love Not War
    "The world is round, and we all suffer. The saddest sound, there is no buffer. From naked guns, to naked truths. But I will never stop livin' out my youth. We can work it out, we can make it right."
  • From First To Last World War Me
    "Let's starve down to the bone, we're looking better boney Who needs figure anyway? Stay with me, stay with me, So I can dig my nails deep in your cave It feels better now without control, oh girl,"
  • Royce Da 5'9" War
    "This, means, WAR! Wanna bring it to, bring it to me? (uhh) Wanna bring it to me, we in the D (uhh) You, we got you Spot him before he spots you WAR! Wanna bring it to, bring it to me (uhh) Wanna bring"
  • Royce Da 5'9 War
    "(Chorus) This, means, WAR! Wanna bring it to, bring it to me? (uhh) Wanna bring it to me, we in the D (uhh) You, we got you Spot him before he spots you WAR! Wanna bring it to, bring it to me (uhh) Wanna"
  • The Morning Of Let's Make My First Accident My Last
    "Hang yourself like I've hung On to every word you've ever said. Take those times in your car When you'd be dressed to kill On the way to see the stars held In your palm but never let out for me To"
  • Bright Eyes Make War
    "Our love is dead but without limit, like the surface of the moon or the land between here and the mountains. Well, it is not these hiding places that have kept us innocent but the way you taught me"
  • From First To Last Secrets Don't Make Friends
    "This place is a bloodbath And won't be taken alive We stand alone Under fictitious skies You were always my enemy and carefully crafted my demise *2x* Our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies You"
  • Nas War
    "There's a war in the streets tonight And nobody's really feelin' alright I got a blunt for a chronic, a juice for my tonic I know now that I'm feelin' right if it goes down 'Cause my third eye sees the"
  • Bone Thugs n Harmony War
    "Absolutely... Nothin'... -Refrain- War...What is it good for? Absolutely Nothin'... Layzie We be the mighty mighty warriors (warriors) (E-A-Ski Are You Ready)On the rise (on the rise) Thug niggaz to my"
  • Mos Def War
    "War is a global economic phenomenon Ain't a batch of guns on where, hellfire Spittin', run up everything they hittin' Some do they job to dodge the barrage As sleek projectiles never stay bound Fire bite"
  • Farewell War
    "Well, you said you wanted war But nobody wants to fail the future If you say it's too late It's not too late, it's not too late, whoa I wanna wake up on the day I found you I wanna wrap these shaky arms"
  • Papoose Go To War
    "INTRO BY PAPOOSE: You wanna go to war? lets get it then, If war bring peace im wit it then, I don't start beef, I finish it, Ghetto soldiers, we militent. AKON: I dont like to fuss or fight, just tryin"
  • Yoko Ono Make Love, Not War
    "Make love, not war, I know you've heard it before. Make love, not war, I know you've heard it before. Love is the answer, And you know that it's true, oh yeah, oh yeah. Make love, not war, I know you've"
  • T.Love Make War Not Love
    "Samotnie w plastikowym worku przyleciał tu Podziurawiona głowa milczy, co na to Bóg? Nie pytaj mnie Co to za czas Nie pytaj mnie Make war not love ref: Kolorowe pisma śmiercią częstują nas Zapach prochu"
  • Villains To The Masses Heroes To The Holy First Casualty Of The War
    "The first time I died, it was only a matter of time Before I would do it again Suffice to say, we blew it all away The tear gas chamber and the crucifix heart Your model, adapted Softly re-enacted Make"
  • Pro-Pain Make War (not love)
    "I'm an open wound I can feel it in my gut I lie face down in my excrement And try to belly up Unlike a fish I can't swim against the tide So I keep my head above water And try to thumb a ride {Chorus}: Yet"
  • Skeeter Davis Let's Make Love Not War
    "[ Both ] Come on baby let's make love not war come on baby what're we fighting for Don't let a silly fight keep us apart tonight come on baby let's make love not war [ Skeeter ] Now everytime we fight"

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