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from nine to five

  • Nine To Five - The Kinks
    "The Star is in Norman's office. His day of sweat and toil has begun. Nine To Five Answering phones and dictating letters Making decisions that affect no one. Stuck in the office from nine until"
  • Nine To Five - Millencolin
    "Tumble outta bed And I stumble to the kitchen Pour myself a cup of ambition Yawning, stretching And try to come to life Jump in the shower And the blood starts pumpin Out on the streets The traffic starts"
  • Nine To Five - Turin Brakes
    "Two lights just blanket One north and the other one south You can see them from the stratosphere I swear they are In the city someones Dad just died In another one someone looks up to find me smiling"
  • Stranger Nine To Five - Jean Shepard
    "Well there she goes again and the hurt begins But I must pretend I don't know she's alive There he stands so close we can touch almost But we must act like strangers nine to five The ones who work here"
  • Mr. Nine to five - Skrewdriver
    "It's 8 a.m. and your day has nearly started You must be at the office dead on nine Hey Mr. 9-to-5 it's just another day And you must have done the same so many times Reach the office, you sit down and"
  • Nine To Five - Swingin' Utters
    "why must i work, 9 to 5 I'm always tired but, how I strive to pay my bills, to pay my rent a new life, would be a godsend Life is a production line things come at you one at a time ya better beware, better"
  • Nine - The Ordinary Boys
    "I wake up late every morning Managers calling i'm still yawning Get up Wake up hair and make up waiting for you don't be stalling This performance is important I don't think i can put my all in oh my"
  • Nine - La 5ta Estacion
    "I recall once on the church steps, When I moved to kiss your chest, How we paid such close attention To each sweet and stuttered breath, I should’ve stopped to paint our picture, Captured honest pure affection, Just"
  • Mr. Nine Till Five - Skrewdriver
    "It's 8 AM and your day has nearly started you must be at the office dead on Nine hey Mr. Nine Till Five it's just another day and you must have done the same so many times. Reach the office you sit down"
  • Five - Ram Jam
    "Five give me five six seven eight nine Give me more time Five give me five six seven eight nine Give me more time It's good to be alive City jam, people fly by Crazy at the wheel Anger in their eyes Sense"
  • Nine Lives - The Time
    "Nine lives. This is the '90s and I need a lover with nine lives. With my bad self. If I really had nine lives. Ouh, ouh. If I really... Sing Stella (chorus) If I really had nine lives. I'd want a lover"
  • Five - Machine Head
    "I remember, it was the month October In a garage, i was standing scared and sober I could smell your breathing, and the pain your leaving So ashamed, i feel it And now i am left to fate For all the times"
  • Nine Days Of Rain - Nine Days
    "Does it rain like it rains here on 5th street? Nine days long the rain drops finding what's wrong with This roof I've raised over my head Does time fly like it does here on the 2nd floor? Five ways to"
  • Five megamix - Five
    "Five bad boys with the power to rock you Blowin' your mind So ya gotta get into Five what you waitin' four If you wanna three two one Let's do it With the power to rock you Everybody get up singing 1,"
  • Nine To Yo Dome - Three 6 Mafia
    "Nine to your Nine to your Nine to your Nine to your Nine to your dome hoe Nine to your dome hoe Nine to your Nine to your Nine to your Nine to your Nine to your Nine to your (Chorus) Nine to your dome"
  • Paradise From Nine To One - Sammy Kershaw
    "(Josh Leo/Rick Bowles/Pat Bunch) (Track 7 - Time 3:41) Screeching to a halt in front of your house The front door opened and your momma peeked out I saw your silhouette brushing your long hair Any minute"
  • Nina - Comedy of life
    "Her name is Nina Shes sexy like a prima ballerina I dream of her every day My life is not the same without those wonder blue eyes Oh baby, baby Tell me Which is the song you like and I will sing it Tonite"
  • One-Nine-99 - Daz Dillinger
    "(feat. Lil' C-Style) Ooo Weee, it's going down Long Beach connect gang Me an my nigga daz doing thangs Yea, can't stop this shit, Im tired of all this bull shit Nigga independent over here, now what"
  • Nine Dead Bodies - Esham
    "Kill the radio, he killed the radio... Today in new dealer's stock.. Truck over turned, what they call it was a roll over accident, It was a dump truck, Debris in the roadway, east bound, and west"
  • Ninety Nine Years - Guy Mitchell
    "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Guy Mitchell Written by Bob Merrill Peaked at # 4 in 1952 (There's a pawnshop on a corner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) And I walk up and down 'neath the clock (By the pawnshop"

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