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from the hero

  • Hero - The Verve Pipe
    "i can't believe that it was good for anyone, to be worth the wait i tried to send you with your money's worth but attention sure felt great with all eyes upon me, some filled with tears, the most couldn't"
  • From Here - Gypsy Kyss
    "The shimmering on the water leaves the outline of a stranger A silhouette of anger and disgust His words are cold as ice with syllables of isolation Defining his own hatred and disgust You can see the"
  • From Here - Jenny Owen Youngs
    "Scrape you off the pavement just like I said I would But I can't stand and watch the way you break yourself against the ground The things you are The way you do Shouldn't have a thing to do with anyone"
  • Hero - Family of the Year
    "Let me go I don't wanna be your hero I don't wanna be a big man Just wanna fight like everyone else Your masquerade I don't wanna be a part of your parade Everyone deserves a chance to Walk with everyone"
  • Hero - Steps
    "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd do anything to be your hero. Maybe I'm never gonna change the world, Or split the atom in two, I know one man can't save the universe, But girl if I could I'd do it for you. I'd"
  • Hero - Jupiter Rising
    "Feels like I'm dead to myself Don't believe in me no more I have broken my heart again It is my destiny I swear to give up as well And float along until this river ends So who's gonna save the world"
  • Hero - Lil' Sammie
    "Many people have their own Definition for a hero Mine just happen to be The ones that brought me Into this world So this song is dedicated to you Dear Mom Gave to me life, heard my cries Curiously looked"
  • Hero - Ashe Watson
    "Baby I see you crying again and I know it ain't your fault You got that look in your eyes like you wanna talk Tell me what he's don't too you damn I can't believe it's true How could he hurt someone like"
  • Hero - Warrior Soul
    "hey, hey boys wont you hold the line wewe been down here a long, long time big wheels turning and I dont know why I stand here to defy hey, hey boys bravery on my mind my heads been splittin from this"
  • Hero - Jack Starr's Burning Starr
    "You feel the winds blow toward west now Hero From a distant shore And in the ivory tower where you live It’s not secure Once upon a time your fate Was all you had to fear But if the axe comes down the"
  • Hero - Archer Tasmin
    "Archer Tasmin Great Expectations Hero there's nothing you can do to take the pain away you may find broken dreams are the price of the games we play closing the door, you hope the world will disapear then"
  • Hero - Chemia
    "tomorrow, i won't let you down so come over, and hold me tight tomorrow, if you can wait tomorrow i can lie, like i can be right cause right now, i'm the one to fight tomorrow, if you can wait tomorrow before"
  • Hero - Tasmin Archer
    "There's nothing you can do to take the pain away you may find broken dreams are the price of the games we play closing the door, you hope the world will disapear then you can open your eyes and you find"
  • Hero - Skillet
    "I'm just a step away I'm a just a breath away Losin my faith today JEN: Fallin off the edge today I am just a man Not superhuman JEN: I'm not superhuman Someone save me from the hate It's just another"
  • Hero - All Wound Up
    "Everybody Wants To Be The Hero You Can See It In The Eyes Of Everyone But You Always Like To Play The Zero I Am Sick Of Watching Time To Chord Cause Ive Seen You Start To Crack We Can See This Isnt What"
  • Hero - Her Nightmare
    "You've taken from us a chance to see. Punishing others for your crime, another taken before their time, death of a hero. Gunned down for what, and your perception of feeling. What we loved now dead in"
  • Hero - Salamandra
    "No more Talk of decay I’ve heard Your mournful prayer If the nation rose Got rid off the weak We might conquer back What was our realm Where‘s your faith gone Where is the will Face the future Without"
  • Hero - Kirk Franklin
    "The heavens were silent The earth weeped in pain Nations were trembling and hope never came A Terror filled the air And it wouldn't go away We needed a hero to come and save the day............ Famine"
  • Hero - Nixons
    "I caught a glimpse, a silhouette, across the way No circumstance or unseen glance, could make them stay The big black cars with cherry stars They congregate contemplate most complain of common pain But"
  • Hero - Ploma Drive
    "It's 10'o'clock on a Wednesday night. I'm feeling kinda stressed out from the job and flight. I never knew I was down that road. Thinking about it makes my heart explode. I could've been your hero."

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