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from the last

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from the last

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from the last
  • The Ataris From the last, last call
    "Here's a long evasive storyOf failed hopes and gloriesOld chandeliers and scratched out 45'sSome hands for my processionAnd a couple drunk confessionsI'm soaked in rapture tonightNo lie, no lie, no lie...Believe"
  • Ataris From The Last, Last Call
    "Ataris Welcome the Night From The Last, Last Call Here's a long evasive story of failed hopes and glories old chandeliers and scratched out 45's some hands for my procession and a couple drunk confessions I'm"
  • The Ataris Far From The Last, Last Call
    "Here's a long evasive story Of failed hopes and glories Old chandeliers and scratched out 45's Some hands for my procession And a couple drunk confessions I'm soaked in rapture tonight No lie, no lie,"
  • Stiff Little Fingers Last Train From The Wasteland
    "Arise! You've listened to too many liars too long And too many were your masters You've got the chance here to right all the wrong Don't squander it on disaster You're standing in a bright new dawn Got"
  • Veni Domine Last Letter From Earth
    "Days of fear He was rising in the deepest of crisis So unexpected as a bringer of order He puts his name up in the highest of places A new emperor took over I saw the time - the mirror of the prophecies I"
  • Dr. Dog From
    "Oh oh my love Don't you leave me Cuz I don't wanna learn how to die Oh oh my love And oh my my You know I can't get over Cuz I can't even seem to get by Oh oh my my And oh my land No it ain't beneath"
  • Gravity Kills Last
    "I'd tear my heart out for you Cross a mountain for you I'd give myself up for your sin Open up I'm falling in What I feel, what I give Take from me what I am It's the last day of you I watch the last"
  • Kills Gravity Last
    "I'd tear my heart out for you Cross a mountain for you I'd give myself up for your sin Open up, I'm falling in Chorus: What I feel What I give Take from me What I am It's the last day of you I watched"
  • High On Fire Last
    "And you crawled in the room with the serpent And they sucked from your body the poison Then the Cyclops arrived there to warn you And the Whore entered in to adore you Seems like life has dawned to fade"
  • Nine Inch Nails Last
    "gave up trying to figure out my head got lost along the way worn out from giving it up my soul i pissed it all away still stings these shattered nerves pigs we get what pigs deserve i'm going all the way"
  • Liam Lynch Still Wasted From The Party Last Night
    "I was on my way to work, when I realised i'm wasted, still wasted from the party last night, So I kicked back my seat and I loosened my tie, i'm wasted (he's wasted), Still wasted from the party last"
  • Michael Crawford Not Too Far From Here
    "Somebody's down to their last dime Somebody's running out of time Not too far from here Somebody's got nowhere else to go Somebody needs a little hope Not too far from here And I may not know their name But"
  • Breaking Pangaea The Last
    "There is something greater, there is something worse and it is so real. I woke up from a dream. I know I'm in the right place. Why are you not here? Why? All my life, I wondered where you were. Still hold"
  • Funker Vogt The Last
    "see it emerge from the ocean depths its dull black eyes staring into yours without fear it confronts you as it did before the dawn of man overpopulation is a threat to mankind they always depended on"
  • Underoath The last
    "These fingers so frail paint in my mind.Scars down the back of my eyes.Death walks with me alone, tonight.The coldness whispers; "It's almost near"REST, FOR SOON IT WILL BE OVER!Years flash before me,"
  • Sondre Lerche I'm Not From Here
    "I'm not from here please help me out, I didn't grow up round here Is it my eyes that give me away? Or is it just the tears? I shouldn't be so lost But i know not what these things cause So please let"
  • Lara Fabian You're Not From Here
    "I dont know what is going on you turn around and touch my heart a silent moment speaks the truth something has happened all at once it should have scared me in advance but I was falling in those eyes"
  • Point Of Grace Not That Far From Bethlehem
    "Underneath the stars Just a simple man and wife somewhere in the dark his words cut the silent night Take my hand For the child That you carry is God's own And though it seems the road is long We're"
  • Mudvayne Not Falling(From Cd Booklet)
    "Always, known in all my life time A little left of center now Reflect, as I realize That all I, need is to find The middle pillar path to sit like the sun by a star in the sky and just be, Sinners, casting"
  • Wedding Present Not From Where I'm Standing
    "Oh well of course I shouldn't be here watching people row But it's just so scary knowing each word before it comes out of her mouth And now that the moment's here, when she tells him to go And I pulled"

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