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from time totime

  • From Time To Time - Ride
    "When the morning comes You won't be mine I know that angels come from time to time There's nothing much to see Just sensuality I know that angels come from time to time On a perfect day Come my way"
  • From time to time - Rascal Flatts
    "From time to time I have regretsFor all the tings I didnt sayThat were on my listFrom time to time my memory slipsBut youre the one thing in my lifeI wont forgetTherell never be minute of the dayI wont"
  • From time to time - Ken Hensley
    "Once I loved a pretty woman 'Till one day she up and ran Supposed I should have Felt it coming But it's hard to think of her With another man Oh my lady, I need you Though from time to time I don't seem"
  • From Time To Time - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
    "(GUITAR & KEYBOARD INTRO) sometimes I know how good it feels to be as free as a rolling wheel cause then you just appear to me within the shapes of things I see when I leave I watched an eagle"
  • Hide From Time - Queen Adreena
    "Inside her tower she is free from harm I'll lock her up inside, safe and warm She'll sleep for winter, she'll sleep for years The garden's overgrown over her tears Hide from time, hide from time Hide"
  • Run Away From Time - Ray Davies
    "(Ray Davies) Hey, my friend You can't run away from time They say you can't fight fate Time won't wait You can't run away from time And time is the avenger But why should we just surrender to it? Why"
  • From Far Beyond Time - Iron Savior
    "Thunderous Like a fire drake in the night I am returning Ready to fight Furious I'II be riding again on the wind To bring deliverance And repent Lost in oblivion I stood the test of time I am the prophecy This"
  • Wasted Time(From Bitter) - Meshell Ndegeocello
    "You rarely notice but I I hang on your every word,everything you say You're much to busy to notice me,you turn and walk away Into another's arms,hopeless and shamed Wish i could hold you that way Broken"
  • Time Bomb - All Time Low
    "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh From the get-go, I knew this was hard to hold Like a crash, the whole thing spun out of control Oh, on a wire, we were dancing Two kids, no consequences Pull the trigger"
  • Time Off From Good Behavior - Doug Supernaw
    "Writers: Roger Springer/Tony Martin/Reese Wilson We've been working real hard and the bills are caught up For three weeks at church we've been sitting up front Even had your Mamma over for lunch We've"
  • Time out from the world - Goldfrapp
    "Breathing in your sip of goldI follow all your little linesI like to watch a thousand timesI want to feel you hereI like to watch a thousands timesI make a shrine for youTime out from the worldLeaving"
  • Time Of Day - From Zero
    "This is how you'll bleed so you better like 'Cause I stuck you to the ground No matter what you say it's another lie Changing me, playing me, taunting me every day I can't take any more of your fucking"
  • Heartbeat From Hell - Scenes From A Movie
    "Well keep our eyes so close to the sun that we cannot see all the damage we've done to not just ourselves. There is no way well make it. I know were going under as well. And well keep our ears so close"
  • Time - Culture Club
    "Don't put your head on my shoulder Sink me in a river of tears This could be the best place yet But you must overcome your fears Ooh, in time It could have been so much more The time is precious I know"
  • Time - Tom Waits
    "Well, the smart money's on Harlow and the moon is in the street the shadow boys are breaking all the laws and you're east of East St. Louis and the wind is making speeches and the rain sounds like a round"
  • Time - Cadaverous Condition
    "and now our time comes and now our time comes there will come a time we said but time only goes the fading of the rainbow the closing of a rose well make the time we vowed but times already made impatient"
  • Time - Crossfade
    "Sound of gunfire comes through the night Killing and hatred, it's a terrible sight Reports come in of the heavy attack Message is seen, we're moving back Preparations are made for the journey back It's"
  • Time - De/Vision
    "Time... time changes everything time heals all your wounds a broken heart will heal Time... time changes every thought time changes every point of view you will see things in a different light Fears..."
  • Time - De Vision
    "Time - time changes everything Time heals all your wounds A broken heart will heal Time - time changes every thought Time changes every point of view You will see things in a different light Fears - will"
  • Time - David Guetta
    "IntroI spy a girl with a book in handPlaying games with her body to forget about a manI spy a man with a book in handHe's abusin everybody would agree that he canIs it working?Is it working for you?Is"

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