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front 242
  • Fifteen Front
    "Hey friend you always had a smile for me Hey friend you always had a smile for me Hey friend you went and OD'ed and left me After a life of abuse I could hardly blame you Can we have a world where girls"
  • Pete Townshend Eminence Front
    "Sun shines People forget The spray flies, speedboat glides People forget Girls smile... people forget The snow packs, the skier tracks People forget They forget they're hiding. On an eminence front Eminence"
  • Honor White Front
    "Rośnie w siłę Biały Front duma całej Europy Zbliża się ostatni sąd Białej Rasy wielki triumf Ziemia drży donośnym tonem,w oczach nienawiści błysk To zły czas dla komunizmu do zwycięstwa tylko dni Biały"
  • T.I. Front Back
    "(feat. U.G.K.) "Back, front back, fr-front back, fr-front back, side to side" - Ladies and gentlemen.. Fre-fre-fre-fresh! T.I.P., aye! I know a lot of y'all niggaz out there, man who ain't up"
  • Webb Wilder Cold Front
    "'''Cold Front''' New York woman Got the rich girl blues She can do anything she wants Can't find nothin' to do She goes through boys Like a princess through toys Yes she do New York woman She got the"
  • Diana Ross Up Front
    "(R. Parker, Jr.) I wanna get it straight up front Let's tell each other what we want So we can both decide up front If we like it or we don't Just as long as I'm single I'm gonna do what the heck I please And"
  • The Who Eminence Front
    "The 1 shines And people forget The spray flies as the speedboat glides And people forget Forget they're hiding The girls smile And people forget The snow packs as the skier tracks And people forget Forget"
  • Metric Front Row
    "I'm in the front row with a bottle Don't know what I can't decide I'm in the front row, I'm a model Don't know what I can't describe Burned out stars they shine so bright All of us, burned out stars they"
  • Dropkick Murphys Front Seat
    "Some times I get so fired up I never feel like coming down. But your attitude you have is tearing us apart. You constantly whine and moan, waxing passively. I've got a solution for you today. chorus:"
  • Siekiera Krwawy front
    "Krwawy front Trupi swąd Nie ma nic Pali trąd Ślepy mord Tyfus niszcz Dajcie krwi Dajcie krwi Dajcie krwi Wojsko idź Wojsko idź Wojsko idź Trupie sny Z bromu łzy Kiły, wszy Idziesz ty Idziesz ty Idziesz"
  • Alanis Morissette Front Row
    "do you go to the dungeon to find out how to make peace with your days in the dungeon writing a letter to you didn't make me feel any more peaceful then how I felt when we weren't speaking because I didn't"
  • Maria Sadowska Front line
    "Be who you are Make so sense To fall the stars Deliver to other people’s lives Find your own way Only you have your serene will You can turn and laugh alright Up and down High and low Left and right you"
  • Swollen Members Front Street
    "The induction of Paris green leaves What you see with no seams or so it seems And as it stands it seems that I never land I sight by laser beam float inches above the sand Birds prey exit larger than"
  • Stevie Wonder Front line
    "I am a veteran of the war I up and joined the army back in 1964 At sixteen I just had to be a man at any cost I volunteered for Vietnam where I got my leg shot off I recall a quote from a movie that said"
  • Umphrey's McGee Front Porch
    "I pack my bags and make my way to the station I payed my dues and I'm finally going to make my way Unpack my bags when I finally get to my new house But the friends I left behind were already there I sign"
  • And One Second Front
    "Standing on a battlefield And watching the slaughter I hear a shot of a gun And the crying of a dying soldier The air is smells like blood Dust on the ground Thousand dead bodys lying everywhere And god"
  • Willard Grant Conspiracy Front Porch
    "Paint a tiny portrait In your memory Take it out and dust it off When you remember me Sitting on the front porch Whispers in the dark The leaves of fall Are breaking up And heavy in the yard I guess"
  • Fabolous Holla Front
    "i only spit what i know cause im sick with the flow i might let my hair grow and start pickin my fro this is for the thugs on the dance floor sippin on mo tryin to fight the bouncer before you get in his"
  • Billy Joel Storm front
    "Safe at harbor, everything is easy Off to starboard, daylight comes up fast Now I'm restless for the open water Red flags are flying from the Coast Guard mast They told me to stay, I heard all the"
  • Twista Front Porch
    "(feat. The Speedknot Mobstaz) On the porch, on the porch Smokin reefa Hmmm yeah I woke up early Saturday morning sick off Rhemy and brews Wit a hang over from blues Hurl on my clothes and shoes stomach"

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