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ful we

  • Peace ful revolution - 311
    "Its good to be alive in the peaceful revolutionAn honor to observe the beautiful solutionI tip my hat to we the people in order to form a more perfect worldThis shall come to passThe beginning of the endOf"
  • Any Fule Kno That - Deep Purple
    "If you're in the right city at the right time What's the last thing going through your mind Not talking 'bout your Ask no questions, you know it's a lie You could have been the victim of a corporate crime All"
  • Ful Hund - Pages
    "Varje gng jag r hos dig D kan jag se han st dr och se snett p mig Och nr jag tror jag har mitt p det torra Ja d brjar det frbannade djuret att morra Jag r trtt p dig Jag r s trtt p dig Ge dig ivg kom tillbaka"
  • Ful Stop - Radiohead
    "You really messed up everything You really messed up everything But you can take it all back again Strike up what's in the box Why should I be good if you're not? This is a foul tasting medicine A foul"
  • Adeus, Maria Ful - Os Mutantes
    "Adeus, vou me embora meu bem Chorar no ajuda ningum Enxugue seu pranto de dor Que a seca mal comeou Adeus, vou me embora Maria Ful do meu corao Eu voltarei qualquer dia E só chover no serto E os dias"
  • Fule - Absolute Beginner
    "Die Beginner, kommen heude, und haben alles, nur keine Fule Ey Leude, ey Leude Ey yo wir bringen die Sachen die Wirbel machen wie ne Turbine Und nich so ne Fule, so ne Fule Ne man, alles chef, alles"
  • Fula Gubbar - Magnus Uggla
    "Stackars medellders Disco-Kaj, som jmt ska g p alla kndis partaj. en i skinnslakts lnnfet modesprtt, som tror han tjuett. Han reklam A-redaktr en jippoarrangr. Som stter smflickors gunst i svaj, tnk"
  • We - Joy Williams
    "She's independent and beautiful Wish I could be like her She's got the girls and the boys So wrapped around her finger Rumor is she's some kind of dream Nobody knows she cries herself to sleep We are not"
  • We - Sum 41
    "Take everything left from meAll!To!Blame!How can we still succeed, taking what we don't need?Telling lies, alibis, selling all the hate that we breed.Supersize our tragedy! (You can't define me or justify"
  • We - Jan Howard
    "We walked the warm streets of Florida with sand in our pockets lots of times Walked the cold streets of New York with two guitars and a tin cup just for dimes We spent one winter in Winnipeg a summer in"
  • We - Neil Diamond
    "Love is all about chemistry Isn't something you go off to school to learn It isn't math or ancient history It's the kind of thing that comes down to simple terms It's not about you It's not about me Love"
  • We - Home Video
    "You've come so far, weary child We can feel the ache in your bones You've been dragging so long They never spoke your tongue We will shelter you There will be no more ridicule We will love you"
  • We - Sanctus Real
    "There's a familiar progression to similar lives that we all lead We're trying hard to become someone we can't be You won't find grace without honesty Everyone wants reality, so here it is; I believe that"
  • We - Silence 4
    "She doesn't know how much she helped me to grow And the words are lost in my mouth She taught me to look inside myself and she Doesn't know how much I hurt myself She and Me Me and She We aren't we Anymore She"
  • We - Bill Anderson
    "(Don Reid) We walked the warm streets of Florida With sand in our pockets lots of times Walked the cold streets of New York With two guitars and a tin cup just for dimes. We spent one winter in Winnipeg A"
  • We - Noa
    "were born were crying we fall were trying were little were laughing were lonely sometimes we grow were open were lost were hoping were careful were calling were leaving behind you say we need to"
  • We - Dougie MacLean
    "We're held in the motion as it moves us along Never knowing quite where it might lead And from mountain to ocean we try to be strong Oh we bend to the ultimate need Of the hopes and fears of the yet"
  • We - Curtis Mayfield
    "We've only just begun to live White lace and promises A kiss for luck and we're on our way Before the rising sun we fly So many roads to choose We start our walking and learn to run Sharing horizons that"
  • We - Georgina
    "We śnie jestem inna, robię co chceAle sny odchodzą kiedy wstaje dzieńKiedy wiem kiedy sen lubi mnieJestem jak motylek w grubym szkleWtedy jest tak cicho wokół mnieAle świata stron jest więcej wciążI wciąż"
  • We - The RZA
    "(Hook: woman) We pop, we brawl, gettin' money til the day we fall We pop, we brawl, gettin' money til the day we fall (RZA) Double barrel shotgun, pop son I told nigga, just not run I saw him on 205th"

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