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full of sky coldplay

  • Coldplay - Lizzo
    "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you And everything you do, and everything you do In Tulum, we pretend we're married And that little tiny house was a home It was so freeing, to know that we"
  • A Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay
    "Cause you're a sky, cause you're a sky full of stars I'm going to give you my heart Cause you're a sky, cause you're a sky full of stars Cause you light up the path I don't care, go on and tear me apart I"
  • Sky Full Of Clover - Beth Hart
    "Why do you carry a pocket of stone? Body and mind are tired of the load Still searching for shelter in your own restless thoughts Believing in anything still you are lost I will be there just look"
  • Sky Full of Angels - Reba McEntire
    "Preacher man talking about the end of time Well, Lord knows I'm ready, it don't worry my mind You see, I ain't afraid of nothing because I believe I've got a sky full of angels watching over me You can"
  • Sky Full Of Song - Florence & The Machine
    "21 kwietnia 2018 roku, z okazji corocznego muzycznego święta Record Store Day - impreza mająca na celu popularyzację kultury niezależnej i promocję małych, "autorskich" sklepów muzycznych, Florence Welch"
  • Sky Full Of Dreams - Osada Vida
    "He was just like poster heroes smiling from his walls Trying to be one, who can save, whole the world In his mind there was story that he could have tell But one really try to understand He was all alone He"
  • Trouble (Coldplay cover) - Natalia Nykiel
    "Oh no, I see A spider web is tangled up with me And I lost my head And thought of all the stupid things I'd said Oh no, what's this? A spider web and I'm caught in the middle So I turned to run The thought"
  • A Head Full Of Dreams - Coldplay
    "I think I landed In a world I hadn't seen When I'm feeling ordinary When I don't know what I mean I think I landed Where are miracles at work For the thirst and for the hunger Come the conference of birds Saying"
  • Full Of Stars - Turin Brakes
    "I'm gonna get me a bone today Under the big blue sky Under the tree where my last love laid, Now where beneath the leaves she lies I'm gonna dig a deep hole, Crack open this bone, See where all the wonder"
  • Full On - Oasis
    "I hear my heart beatin faster I feel it in my bones I want it now 'cos I have ta But why, no-one knows I'm like the angel on the a train I'm like the angel of the A train My eyes are diamond white From"
  • Full Moon - Rage
    "The sun is going down on a blood red sky And I feel it coming from real deep inside Now I gotta hide Darkness blacker than black is creeping Down from all of the trees around Nothing moves, everything"
  • Full Moon - Sandy Denny
    "Everybody else has gone, But you're still here with me. All the world is sleeping by and by. Through the windowpane The frosted light is streaming in, Full moon sailing high across the sky. Tonight is"
  • Full moon - Sonata Arctica
    "Sitting in a corner all alone, staring from the bottom of his soul, watching the night come in from the window, window It'll all collapse tonight, the fullmoon is here again In sickness and in health,"
  • Full Moon - Stratovarius
    "Shining there in the sky light our way across the land Black clouds in fromt of you face fading into the haze In this prison of mine my soul lies in despair My mind wanders through time tell me what is"
  • Full Moon - Witchery
    "both man and beast infest the heavens with all profane forever held as the least by the circle of the lunar damn - all - who damned shall be you've all forsaken the ways of the unseen - of the unseen another"
  • Full - Namelessnumberheadman
    "Full stop where you let go - count a moment for your return. One drop, stuttered and slow. Then you're back to approaching. In the pictures year away, the explosions were deafening. In the dark we all"
  • Malevolent Sky - Temple Of Metal
    "Feeling alone tonight The candle lights the way Incense brings the spirits Troubled heart will wave the calm Fighting for position Unseen to you Just talking to the sky Does anybody hear you? It's going"
  • Heart full of love - Ferlin Husky
    "I got a sky full of sunshine a pocket full of roses a hand full of I love yous I ain't got no rooms for no sad song singin' I got a heart full of love for you (A heart full of love for you) Well I used"
  • Hat Full Of Rain - Ty Herndon
    "(Kim Morrison/Ronnie Godfrey) I've Been Ridin' Through The Storm, Feelin' Weary And Forlorn Outside The Shelter Of Your Tender Arms It'd Been Forty Days And Nights Since We Said Our Last Goodbye And There"
  • Box Full Of Treasure - Sandy Denny
    "A box full of treasure and a golden comb I was surely give to you when the moon is And christmas is in june. I will paint an evening of which there will be few, When the sky is water and the sun is"

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