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future islands seasons

  • Seasons (Waiting On You) - Future Islands
    "Seasons change And I've tried hard just to soften you Seasons change But I've grown tired trying to change for you Cuz I've been waiting on you I've been waiting on you Cuz I've been waiting on you I've"
  • Seasons Change - Susie Suh
    "Seasons change They change when you don't seem to notice All of a sudden wind grows cold and then the snowflakes start to fall It's kinda like when fell in love with you, I I didn't even notice when"
  • Seasons Change - Kyprios
    "(Kyprios) Could time... Slow it's movement I don't think I'll ever find a better way to do this Life seeming foolish Feelin' like Jesus gettin' played by Judas I knew this would pass when I carved this"
  • Islands - Mike Oldfield
    "Islands, From The First Time We Saw We Could Wait For This Moment, Like Rocks On The Shore We Can Never Be Closer, Somehow For The Moment That Lasts, Is This Moment Now When The Night's On Fire, Oh! Will"
  • Islands - Suicide Machines
    "You tell me that you've found another way And I tell you that it isn't fuckin' sane Everything that I wanted has broke down They all think that I'm just a fuckin' clown But Everybody's tellin' me I gotta'"
  • Islands - Bonnie Tyler
    "Islands from the first time we saw we could wait for this moment, like rocks on the shore we can never be closer somehow for the moments that lasts, is this moment now (CHORUS) When the nights's on"
  • Islands - Oingo Boingo
    "Island in the sea Are so much like me They don't ever change--no emotion, no emotion Islands on the land Dry like desert sand Island in the city All alone it's such a pity CHORUS It's just a masquerade"
  • Islands - Cat Power
    "I want to rule the islands And I want to rule the sea But if you're not coming back I will sleep eternally And I want no heavy diamonds And pearls crush my teeth I just want my sailor To sail back to me"
  • Islands - King Crimson
    "Earth, stream and tree encircled by sea Waves sweep the sand from my island. My sunsets fade. Field and glade wait only for rain Grain after grain love erodes my High weathered walls which fend off the"
  • Islands - Kajagoogoo
    "(Off shore) Either sink or swim (I saw) What kind of boat I'm in (Much more) Although I can't forget you The light is growing dim Feet are falling on foreign ground Luck in short supply I feel like Crusoe"
  • Islands - Arab Strap
    "We were lying in bed, staring at the moon, and I was wondering if I was supposed to be in love. But we couldn't quite decide if the moon was full, but I thought, well, tonight it's full enough. And this"
  • Islands - BEMY
    "where are we going i tell you my love i tell you later I haven’t decided yet! it’s cold outside let’s stay inside that’s forget the others I still want to lost the far away so if you don’t go, go they"
  • Seasons Of Destruction - Sanctuary
    "Feel my pain, live my sorrow Do you know me, I am destruction Conflicts brings, eternal devastation Kill the war pigs, who deceive the nations Here this message across the sea of the dead Will we ever"
  • Seasons of life - Insania
    "Fighting through fire and fighting through hell. Walking on clouds and walking on air. I know I can manage without you, I know that my dreams will come true. Cause I am the one who will stay strong."
  • The Thesis's Seasons - Vintersorg
    "(Experiencing order:) Through sonorous lands my senses float Mesmerized by an harmonious note Which are leaping from a string within I'm holding the tuner; I'm controlling the pin The cycle of symmetry,"
  • Future Times - Yes
    "(Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, White) In the fountains of the Universe : Set time in accord Sits the boychild Solomon : Ever turning round and round In the cities of the Southern"
  • Changing Of The Seasons - Shel Silverstein
    "Oh the changing of the seasons it's a pretty thing to see And though I find this balmy weather pleasin' There's the wind come from tomorrow and I hear it callin' me And I'm bound for the changing of the"
  • Seasons - Crossbreed
    "When desire becomes alive When it fades it becomes inactive When attached seperates cause You will not let your destination break Get up! Get up! Give up your mind! Get up! Get up! Give up your mind! Get"
  • Seasons - The Veer Union
    "Back and forth you wonder through your mind winters passing over but it wont find you Take what you can change the seasons Isolate yourself and you will find theres no rhyme or reason that it wont find"
  • Seasons - Hank Snow
    "The seasons come and go but in my heart I know Weather it's rain or snow our dreams hold back The seasons drift on by like clouds across the sky But we both realize that shadows pass I would never change"

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