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future throw away

  • Future - Khalil x Kehlani x Justin Bieber
    "(It's too easy) Future, such a great future Oh, baby, we'll see what the future holds for us When it's raining, it's pouring, Hw do I always end up the enemy? How do I wake up in the morning? You're"
  • Throw away - Napalm Death
    "I've slipped the noose, the shackles are off. My maturity fixation outshines. It's go for broke and fuck it all, with head held higher (than thou) I am the man that used to care. Who was I then? So quizzical"
  • Throw - Stabbing Westward
    "The night is cold as I roam these streets The air is thick with hints of coming rain Your face flashes through my head I swallow pain So this is how it feels to be betrayed This is what it looks like"
  • Throw her away - Sparks
    "Just like everything else in this world Time wreaks havoc on every girl What do you do, what do you do, what do you do? Throw her away and get a new one If you've got a girl with elegant taste It's only"
  • Throw It Away - Joe Jackson
    "Wake up this mornin' and the paper's on the mat Poor getting poorer and the rich are getting fat again Up in the towers all the bosses sitting sneezing A half asleep and the rest all start to squeezing"
  • Throw It Away - Germs
    "I've been looking, looking so far You've been this thing, listening so hard I've been talking, stalking all night You've been thinking, thinking I'm right- I've been missing, listing some parts I've been"
  • Throw You Away - Die So Fluid
    "Child of convention, Have you been let down? Been dragging your cross all over this town. Your crucifixion has been so drawn out, But you accept it by drowning out the doubt. Theyll throw you away. Pick"
  • Throw It Away - Delta Goodrem
    "Fly by frankie thinks he's superman Like a child at the wheel of a rocket He comes round here with a license to love But I don't know where he got it I trusted you offered everything But I'm not sure you"
  • Throw It Away - Dontae
    "Baby don't talk just listen Cause I can't continue to be stupid I gave you my heart I gave you my trust No mather what I did for you It never was enough Why you wanna throoooow our love away Forgett"
  • Throw Me Away - Korn
    "Flesh wound, flesh wound With medication it will fade Should I assume That someone hears me when I pray? Love, full of hate Don't you love how I break? Don't let them throw me away Keep me and I'll"
  • Throw Me Away - Charlie Landsborough
    "Candle Lights, Snow white winter is clear as crystal Stands like a dream thats frozen forever in time Fly fires warms me as the sun retires for another day Wrap me up in a dream of you and throw me away"
  • Throw It Away - Jakalope
    "I'm where I didn't want to be A crowded room hiding from you Pulling shadows off the floor Hoping that you find me You can't even find yourself And I can't even find the key To get in and out of this"
  • Throw Yourself Away - Nickelback
    "Baby's born on a bathroom floor Her mother prays that it'll never cry But nothing's wrong you've got your prom dress on When they ask you'll say "it isn't mine" You know there gonna know you lied Why"
  • Throw It Away - Abbey Lincoln
    "I think about the life I live A figure made of clay And think about the things I lost The things I gave away And when I'm in a certain mood I search the house and look One night I found these magic words In"
  • Throw It Away - Stan Ridgway
    "Bobby had a background He'd done some prison time He borrowed a police car Drove it over the state line His partner wore a red dress She looked like Stubby Kaye And when they finally caught 'em Oh, she"
  • Throw It Away - Ian Eskelin
    "I tried to fill the hole with Baywatch beauties I tried to fill it up with Juji Fruit I tried to fill it with a happy ending I tried to fill it with a business suit I'm with stupid most of the time I"
  • Throw Away Children - Dio
    "Oh-oh, the sun's gone down Her day begins And the rhythm of the darkness Wakes the dead Don't answer eyes that smile Don't let them in They see the lonely child She feels their sin But it's getting so"
  • Throw It Away - Fiction Family
    "I think about the life I live A figure made of clay And think about the things I lost The things I gave away And when I'm in a certain mood I search the house and look One night I found these magic words In"
  • Throw It Away - Juke Kartel
    "I see the monsters causing trouble In my headache again (wa oh ah oh ah oh) Hallucinations of a nature making me wanna scream aloud Wake up girl your sleepy eyes Are dripping morning sex (wa oh ah oh"
  • Throw Away Gats - South Park
    "(south park mexican) Personly, I feel my people is cursed to be Ridas till eternity My enemies tryna murder Hot as an enfernity But I clocked my doe verbaly Curently I push a benz out of germany Tryna"

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