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gal anonim piesn tysiąclecia''

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gal anonim piesn tysiąclecia''

  • Anonim - UL/KR
    "W przelotnym ściśnięciu dłoni Płyciźnie szklanki gazowanej toni Gdy pot ścieka w górę Na pulsującej skroni Uciec byle dalej, choć nie bardzo ktoś goni I być jak w kieszeni, i nie jak na dłoni Gdy słowa"
  • Anonim - The Black Radio
    "Długa ulica, świateł zero, ludzi tłum Ja też ucieknę tam nikt mnie nie pozna już I nie obchodzi mnie, że nic nie zmieni się Bo teraźniejszość to psychodeliczny blef Nigdy! Nie wiedziałem gdzie jestem Nigdy!"
  • Gal - DeLillos
    "Det hender at jeg fler meg gal Og da blir jeg glad for da vet jeg det At jeg er ikke gal for hvis jeg var gal S ville jeg vrt helt normal Bare nr jeg klarte fle meg gal S jeg er ikke gal nr jeg fler"
  • Gal - El Cruce
    "S que me viste, s que te gust Es muy normal, ya me acostumbr Siempre las chicas, nuevas como t Compran muy fcil mi falsa actitud Soy zorro viejo, me gusta engrupir Me tomo un trago y me pongo a mentir. No"
  • Gal Dem - Alborosie
    "(intro) are the queen of my life Rastafari love you so You ready fi dis right ya now (chorus) no badda come with argument no badda with that that that just gimme di gal gimme di gal gimme"
  • Sally Gal - Bob Dylan
    "Well, I'm gonna get you a Sally gal, I'm gonna get you a Sally Gal, I'm gonna get you a Sally gal, I'm gonna get you a Sally gal. Well, I'm just one of them ramblin' men, Ramblin' since I don't know know"
  • Nuff Gal - Beenie Man
    "CHORUS: So Man fi have nuff gal, an gal inna bundle Gal From Rema, gal from Jungle Nuff Gal an none a dem musn't grumble All ghetto youth unno fi tek mi example The one burner business naw work again Cause"
  • Iowan Gal - Les Claypool
    "I got me an Iowan gal You should see my Iowan Gal. I got me an Iowan gal. You may try to win her, but you never will pal, my purebred, cornfed Iowan gal. I got me an Iowan gal. She's pretty as a picture,"
  • My Gal - John Travolta
    "The rich gal she ride in an automobile Poor gal do quite the same My gal she rides an old ugly hay wagon But she's getting round just the same (Chorus:) Well I'll be there in the morning if I live (If"
  • Jook Gal - Elephant Man
    "Intro: Elephant Man (Lil' Jon) Elephant (Hey!) Lil' Jon (Hey!) Bone Crusher wid anotha hit song New York girls (Hey!) carribean (Hey!) Brukout and wine to di song oonu wine now (This is for all the sexy"
  • Hot Gal - Shaggy
    "Now this here goes out to all the player haters Now if you could relate to this, keep it real man Anyhow mi have a hot gal inna mi bed An wen mi have a hot gal it haffi dead An wen mi have a hot"
  • Mississippi Gal - Ernest Tubb
    "I can tell you're from the south but it picks out on your mouth Mississippi gal I love you And when I hear you call come on and hear you all Mississippi gal I love you Now a picture of cottage built for"
  • Buffalo Gal - Thin Lizzy
    "Buffalo {repeat 16 times} Buffalo Gal, you've had your fun Your button's undone and the time's right for slaughter Buffalo Gal You're thirsty and there's no more water Like the lamb on the altar And it's"
  • My Gal - The Lovin' Spoonful
    "My Gal VERSE: Well, a rich gal will drink good pineapple juice And a poor gal will do quite the same. Yeah, but my gal she drinkin' old shoe polish You know she'd get drunk just the same CHORUS:"
  • Sexy Gal - Shaggy
    "Ya ya ha ha Let them know, let them know Sexy body girls worldwide Let them know, let them know Shaggy pon dem case oh yes Well Sexy body gal from NY hear me now Sexy body gal from Jarmone hear me now Sexy"
  • Gal Sunja - Atif Aslam
    "Gal sun ja oo meri tu jaan waalya tainu Rab da he r...ta oo jan waalya chuqiyaan wich main lab di phiraan paniyaan de main sair karaan tairay baajoun na lagda a gee way hunjh hun meray sokday nahi way jab"
  • Say Gal - Boogie Down Productions
    "This one hyah, is a must Let top selector crush y'all with skill Cause ya know it's so skillful long time for reggae music no hip-hop music could take it with said speed So come.. BUST! (KRS-One) All"
  • My Gal - J.J. Cale
    "(J.J. Cale) Now my gal don't like them red red roses She don't like perfume Now my gal ain't got no fancy notions She just likes to make love all night And sleep all afternoon Now my gal don't drive no"
  • Birthday Gal - The Replacements
    "Wax is dripping from the frosting on the cake Come on girl, buckle up, and don't hesitate Take a deep breath and blow 'em all away We sang off-key and all the dishes china-blue Remember, don't tell a"
  • Golden Gal - Animal Collective
    "Golden Gal on her screen Some kind of tube she never seen A gift to the girl ready to dream Hoping new phones the …. Spirit is burning to hear it for the girls again So complex and brave A power allure"

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