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game feat t.i - playin with my heart

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game feat t.i - playin with my heart

  • Game Playin - Diamond
    "Game Playin' verse: now i saw you with her; to me what i call flirtin; and u with the audacity; to come over and talk to me; as if nothin had happend; mean while i saw you touchin her; huggin on her;"
  • Playin' The Game - Lil' Bow Wow
    "(JD) Just Blaze (Bow WoW) Ladies if ur walkin through the mall and u here somebody say(whistle) You gotta turn back at em' and you know what I gotta do the samethang(whistle) (hahaha) Its that new 2003"
  • Playin The Game - Grand Puba
    "(Puba) I Self Lord and Master Chorus: repeat 4X "You're playin a game.. it's all plain.." (Puba) Uhh Here go the style to make the young girls smile They go wild when Grand Puba's on they radio dial Alamo"
  • Stop Playin' - Scarface
    "(feat. Roy Jones Jr.) That nigga Roy Jones slapped the shit outta some ho last night Ho was all off in the nigga face man, talkin' bout That ho was talkin' bout, talkin' bout, talkin' bout Ha, ha what"
  • Playin' With Fire - Lita Ford
    "I could see a strange fire burning up in you The first time I looked in your eyes I could feel sparks fly dangerous and true Straight through this heart of mine Now, I ain't afraid to take the things"
  • Playin' With Fire - Natasha Thomas
    "(feat. Andy Love) It's like Like I'm playin' with fire Real hot take you higher It's like I'm playin' with fire As he moves across the floor As he grooves I'm lost for words See his hair is the"
  • Playin with fire - Lil Wayne
    "Intro:So you got so many diamondsYou wear all the finest clothesAnd your grill is shiningAs you're driving down the street of goldBUT YOU CANT BLAME IF I SET DIS STAGE ON FIREVerse 1:Mama always told me"
  • Playin' - Madeleine Peyroux
    "(Galison/Peyroux) Playin' Stuck on the corner of the afternoon I hear the sound Some heart-aching Oh just the same old tune Playin' Playin' Autumn falling in my old chapel I've got a mind to get the whole"
  • Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart) - Backstreet Boys
    "Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys Quit Playin' Games (With My Heart) Brian: Baby, oh. Even in my heart I see You're not being true to me. Deep within my soul I feel Nothin's like it used to be Sometimes"
  • Niggas Ain't Playin' - Pooh-Man
    "As a youngster, I slanged cain, gangbanged Not a worry in the world, I'm all about money, man Getting my grind on was all my mind was on Making a grip, nigga, my money was on Double back pulling nothing"
  • Stop Playin - Anthony David
    "She was in love with you You knew it from the first day Thought it was cute the way you played Your little pimp game And now it's different 'Cause she just won't leave you alone, yeah You've got to understand That"
  • Playin Games - Soopafly
    "(Soopafly) Check it out it's like 1, 2, 3, 4 to 5 Soopafly, ready got's to give it to you live With an ounce to smoke, we choke the bomb choke Pass off the locs, in the back where they slap on crack of"
  • I Love Playin' With Fire - Joan Jett
    "(Jett) My one and only shining star said stick with me and I'll take you far Your eyes are sparklin with teenage fire I'll satisfy your mad desire I love playin' with fire I don't wanna get burned I love"
  • Playin' The Game (Soundtrack Like Mike) - Lil' Bow Wow
    "(Jermaine Dupri) Just blaze...make it knock (Bow Wow) Ladies when you walking through the mall and you hear somebody say (whistle) (Weezy) You gotta turn back at em' and you know what, I gotta do the"
  • Ya Playin' Yaself - Jeru The Damaja
    ""Yo, are you a pimp, a hustler?" "No I'm not." "Are you a man, and can you stand alone like a man has to sometimes?" "Yes I can." "Are you willing, to go out there and save the lives of our children, even"
  • We Ain't Playin - Lil' Flip
    "(feat. Pastor Troy, Baby D & Killer Mike) (Pastor Troy) We-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya) we-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya) we-we ain't playin (ain't playin wit ya) (Verse 1:Lil' Flip) Uh,"
  • Boy Stop Playin' - Shanell
    "Doesn't mean that much That your rather lose us Am I asking for too much When I say I need your trust Baby can't you see What were doing isn't healthy If we suppose to be what we need Don't let your pride"
  • Quit Playin' Games - Backstreet Boys
    "Baby, oh Even in my heart I see You're not bein' true to me Deep within my soul I feel Nothing's like it used to be Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time Impossible as it may seem But I wish I could"
  • Why U Playin' - Geto Boys
    "Ain't no sense in you bullshittin What the fuck is you sayin? You know the way that we do niggas So what the fuck is you playin? Get yo hands up, you see this nigga on a come-up Walk into this bitch"
  • Ain't Nobody Playin' - Jaguar Wright
    "Two months prior you said you had a dire emergency It's 1:30 my face was all dirty trying to get some sleep Head still whirling, throw on my shearling leave my man home Two dots yes I'm coming yes my car"

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