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  • Ganges - Cemetery Of Scream
    "In the holy river Ganges In the river of karma and souls Shiva speaks to the Goddes Kali Gentle breezes carry his voice In the holy river Ganges Pilgrims wash away their sins And the water kisses their"
    "Przez ludzi których nie widzimy dziś Przez słowa których nie powinno być Przez grzechy których nie możemy zmyć Płynę z tym ścierwem ulicami jak przez Ganges! Oni myśleli ze to przerwę Prędzej padnę Mam"
  • Moonlight On The Ganges - Frank Sinatra
    "(Montague Erving, Chester Wallace) Moonlight on the Ganges, my little Hindu, When I whisper love's sweet melody, All our dreams and our schemes came true. Someday on the Ganges, I'll need you once"
  • Kalkutta Liegt Am Ganges - Vico Torriani
    "Leidei leidei leideidei Leidei leideidei! Leidei leidei leideidei! Jey jey jey jey jey! Im Orient gibt's ein Lokal das Cafe Oriental jeder Scheich war schon einmal im Cafe Oriental. Dies Lokal ist ein"
  • Ganges Ni Akai Bara (wersja ang.) - The GazettE
    "When speaking figuratively you seem to be A crow that wanted to dive on the water's surface with spread wings What are the eyes seeing that pretend to be innocent? Please give ease to the girl who's thin"
  • Santa Lucia - Vico Torriani
    "LaLaLa Kalkutta liegt am Ganges Paris liegt an der Seine doch dass ich so verliebt bin das liegt an Madeleine. Am schnen Rhein liegt Basel und Kairo liegt am Nil. doch ich trum' von Madeleine; an der liegt"
  • Rojo - J. Balvin
    "J Balvin man Leggo, leggo A quien le mientes en tu soladad wuieres verme otra vez por ti respond lo que tu me das lo que nadie sabe me decido por ti te decides por me a la misma hora me dan ganges de"
  • Na zielonej Ukrainie - Biesiadne
    "Na zielonej Ukrainie,Gdzie hiszpański żyje lud,Tam gdzie rzeka Ganges płynieI Japończyk zbiera miód.Fajduli, fajduli, fajduli, fajduli, fajduli, fajduli,Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha,Fajduli, fajduli,"
  • Vicarious atonement - The Mars Volta
    "Don't you pretendThat I'm not aliveMy bones never acheUnless she's nearbyWhere is your face?In a safe of dead tonguesI can see your reflectionIn your totem first bornI suspectYou've been carry a pack of"
  • Metro - Karwan
    "ten rozpied* ciężko getto buja tu w WWA jadę podziemną ścieżką tu w chu* lat nie widzą nas przez noktowizor nienawidzą nas, bo bo nie braliśmy dróg na skróty, jak nawinął As patrz: bloki to azyl ale"
  • 78 Hardshell - M.T.void
    "Tyle pytań ile dróg Tyle gwiazd na niebie ile sił w sercu Ile takich chwile? Kiedy oddajesz wszystko za jedne błysk Za pokój i za [?] I za ten sen Kiedy oddajesz wszystko za ten błysk, Który zniszczy"
  • Opio - Heroes Del Silencio
    "Es el opio la flor de la pereza hasta que llegó a ser sólo existencia el humo de leche muge lento extendiendo el sabor del universo el que nada hace nada teme y de terrenal sabrs lo celeste un oscuro derecho"
  • For You Only For You - Julia Fordham
    "I cried the Solent, the Tyne, the Severn and the Rhine The Thames and the Seine over again But I won't be crying anymore, a lake of tears like I shed before For you, only for you The Ganges, the Clyde,"
  • How The East Was Won - Idle Eyes
    "Mystic Temple, Eastern Warrior Tell me tales of ancient glory I fill my head with your story Tell Me How The East Was Won We got the over population Living in this world We got the whole United Nations Living"
  • Lake Fever - The Tragically Hip
    "Everything is bleak. It's the middle of the night. You're all alone and the dummies might be right. You feel like a jerk. My music at work. My music at work. Avoid trends and cliches. Don't"
  • On Your Own - Blur
    "Holy man tiptoed his way across the Ganges The sound of magic music in his ears Videoded by a bus load of touristis Shinny shellsuits and drinking lemonade Now I got a funny feeling Which I bought mailorder From"
  • Old World New World - INXS
    "Natives wearing turquoise and silver Dirty dogs barking in the distance Ooooh people of a thousand tongues I'm learning the primitive rights I'm doing as the Roman's do Mt Kalais to Mt Everest Then down"
  • Southeastern Moon - Midnite
    "Hm hm mm oh oh - yeah oh yeah mm Hm hm mm oh oh - yeah oh yeah mm The sun bust out the day And then the ocean is the breeze highway Roots keep the trees firm in the firmament And then the leaves don't"
  • Feel The Quiet River Rage - Live
    "always fighting the storm afraid to suffer the wound all praise to that conscious one who always suffers the wound, child suffers the wound, child hey! suffers the wound! never turns from love give it"
  • Taj Mahal - Sam Roberts
    "I'm Shah Jahan you're Taj Mahal Do you remember that night at the Minah Bazaar You were meant to be mine You were meant to be mine I saw fourteen children In your lovely brown eyes To be King and"

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