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  • Gangster - Los Tetas
    "My language is german spanish is english spanglish if you don't believe me werde ich was auf english sagen ich hab' so viel rhymes das du dich drin baden kannst so here it comes the big fat slam ! esto"
  • Gangster - Electronic
    "It's not the way that you would listen Or the way you comb your hair It's the fact that you are missing How I feel when you're not there I went through all the months of January Locked up in this cell I'd"
  • Duchowy Gangster - Bosski
    "Duchowy Gangster, wow! Duchowy Gangster, wow, wow! Duchowy Gangster Płaczą za starą Firmą, za niskim grubym głosem Chcą Bosskiego w melanżu, by nazwać nuty sztosem Ja lecę wciąż do przodu, jak chcesz"
  • Gangster Glam - Prince
    "{b-side of gett off} Boy, we gettin� ready to get funkier than a sack �o grandaddies 1,2,1,2,3 Roll it ((gett off)) Gangster ((gett off)) (gangster) ((gett off)) Yeah, summertime Gangster"
  • Gangster Blues - Mattafix
    "I, I know its only time. Only time until, You pull the job that kills. You say you'll never do it again but you know you will. Call your boys who know the drill. It pains me to see how you get your thrill. Now"
  • Gangster Girl - Barenaked Ladies
    "Gangster girl, your love has got my guns firin' In the line up you're the one I'm admirin' Listen, can you hear the sirens? Well, none of your crimes have been violent What do you say? I love you. You"
  • Gangster Funk - Crime
    "James Brown, Iggy Pop, Jesus Christ and Red Foxx I slide uptown to the broadway sound Like King Kong, I wanna mess around Gangster funk came right on time Girl in the sharkskin looks real fine Gangster"
  • Gangster Tripping - Fatboy Slim
    "We got to We got to We got to We got to Kick that gangster shit Come on, we got to kick that gangster shit Come on, we got to kick that gangster shit Come on, we got to kick that, kick that gangster"
  • Gangster Walk - David Banner
    "Its Your Boy David Banner Im Gonna See If I Can Bring The Gangster Walk Back Memphis Mississippi Everybody From The South Lets Ride Go Gangster Walk Go On Do It Muthafucker Go Gangster Walk Go On Do"
  • Gata gangster - Don Omar
    "(Los Homerunners...)(Los Homerunners...)Pegala,Mi gata gangster, sin miedoLa que conmigo es afuegoLoca con el rebuleoY campea' por lo de ellaPorque sabe que la velo(Daddy Yankee, yo!)Pegala,Mi gata gangster,"
  • Paper Gangster - Blood For Blood
    "Bullshit Who the fuck do you think you are You've taken this a bit too far Believing you're king shit In your fake fantasy A clown dress to impress Soft core, Mickey Mouse and nothing less Exposing you"
  • Gangster Love - Blue System
    "Voulez-vous Oh, she said voulez-vous She's a lady too A broken heart babe, it's late Voulez-vous I said oh mon amour A midnight rendez-vous Out of side Out of mind Out of dreams Oh, you're killing me with"
  • Real Gangster - South Park
    "intro: yo yo this ones called um.. the real gangster huh chorus: she don't know why but all she knows is that her youngest child is a real gangster now you see verse 1: he was a good kid all through"
  • Gangster Girl - Gadjits
    ""This tastes just like chicken!" It was little Italy when I met you A mafia-owned pizzeria We were so happy then Danced to the accordion and then we had to go our separate ways (chorus) Gangster Girl"
  • Studio Gangster - Pooh-Man
    ""I've seen you on the street" "Where you from?" "From Oakland" "Nah, you're not from Oakland, I know Oakland" Let's take a ride with the boy from the Eastside Where nothing's a crime no roots to a bye-bye Tired"
  • Blue Gangster - Michael Jackson
    "What you're gonna do You ain't no friend of mine Look what you've put me through Now that I'm the blue gangsta What you're gonna do You ain't no friend of mine The blue gangsta What you're gonna do,"
  • Gangster Poem - Mack 10
    "Squeak Ru: You know sometimes life is a trip it can make you do mysterious thangs. And sometimes life is a bitch how do you deal with the pain? Niggas rather smile in my face stick a knife in my mothafuckin'"
  • American Gangster - Jay-Z
    "I'm from the 80's, home of the heroine Error of the hustlers uh The world's my custy New Rich Porter, the way I flip quaters Front of all these rap artists but me Momma was mink wearer,papa ran numbers So"
  • Roving gangster - Kid Rock
    "Everything's tight from my loot to my friendsI ain't got time to tighten up loose ends HUHI've been that route...too many timesIf I ain't stabbed in the back I ain't writen' no rhymeI wish for that which"
  • Gangster Theme - Popa Wu
    "(Intro: Freemurder) Gangsta niggas, what Gangsta bitches, what Gangsta killas, what Gangsta niggas, what Straight gangsta bitches Gangsta bitches, what Gangsta killas, what (Hook) Uh, Brooklyn is where"

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