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gangsters paradias

  • Gangsters - No Doubt
    "(originally recorded by the Specials) performed live by No Doubt Why must you record my phone calls Are you planning a bootleg LP You said you've been threatened by gangsters Now it's you that's threatening"
  • Gangsters - The Specials
    "Bernie Rhodes knows Don't Argue Why must you record my phone calls? Are you planning a bootleg LP? Said you've been threatened by gangsters Now it's you, that's threatening me Can't fight corruption"
  • Gangsters - Longpigs
    "To lick your wounds and crack through the morphine's sweet darkness, bloodies your eyes and fouls your kiss it's you I can't forget, I ain't cost you yet.I ain't lost you yet. Jumped away from the lens,"
  • Gangsters - Mr. Shadow
    "Ha Ha Slush "The Villain" Shadow all up in this mothaf**ka Hella High, off that sticky gram weed Livin the thug life, sellin drug life Packin snubs, smokin weed all day bud life Can't f**k wit it baby "
  • Gangsters & Thugs - Transplants
    "Gangsters and thugs Criminals and hoods Some of my friends sell records, some of my friends sell drugs Gangsters and thugs Criminals and hoods Some of my friends sell records, some of my friends sell"
  • Among Gangsters - Killah Priest
    "From apartments to porches, from park bench to corners From lobbies to alley's, there's warrants a warring Warning for flags and dress codes Death holds everyone for ransom, a fresh note Hit up Escobar's"
  • Real gangsters - Sean Kingston
    "(Chorus)I'm a rude boy by myself,Mmmm...And my brother got dem shuttaz,and if dem pussy wanna contest,Mmmm...hollow tips gottem flashin dem letters,ALL MY GANGSTAS!! put em up! x5(Verse 1)yeah...SEE..me"
  • Gangsters And Thugs - The Transplants
    ""Gangsters And Thugs" Album : Hounted Cities Gangsters and thugs Criminals and hoods Some of my friends sell records, some of my friends sell drugs You stand by me I stand by you If there is a fight"
  • Gangsters Need Love - Master P
    "Yo Boo er i know i never told u this before but it might be time for me to get my hussle on but i need you there for me cause gangstas need love too Since you've been away I've been down and lonely ah,"
  • Gangsters et documentaires - Charles Trenet
    "En cinmatographe, M'sieur et Madam'Durand Avaient tous deux des gots trs diffrents. Madam', foll' de terreur, prfrait les gangsters Et lui des films documentaires. Aussi, tous les jeudis, lorsque tombait"
  • Fakin' Like Gangsters - Luke
    "(feat. JT Money) Yo this is a record about stars fakin like gangstas Gangstas trying to be stars Stars wanting to be ganstas but they really pranksters So I had to get my man JT cause we the only true"
  • Gangsters For Life - Dyablo
    "up in the club we hittin --- driking jin gangster for life hustlers!,its a must that we... keepin it real walk in the club flashin,splashin bacardi at rub for those who were asking whos this shot mother"
  • Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood - Volbeat
    "There's a Cadillac out in the dark There's a guitar gangster lighting a smoke And he feels the night, and he feels the fire Driving into the city unknown 10 small houses is what he face in the cold And"
  • While The Gangsters Sleep - Self
    "Dr. Dre, Wacky D and Sunshine, Ice cube and Easy E Those are heroes of mine I think it's time I took a closer look at Compton Blaze the weed and ride over the hill Pull the Thomas Guide Put my hands on"
  • Where Do Gangsters Go - Lordz oh Brooklyn
    "Where do gangstas go when they die They don't go to heaven where the angels fly Where do gangstas go when they die They don't go to heaven where the angels fly Where do gangstas go when they"
  • How the Gangsters Do It - Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog
    "(First Verse - Rappin' Ron) You say you got bitches, but we got more hoes Now it's time to dig it to the gangstafied wardrobe 'Bout to get fitted, you know that I'm a mack right? Reached up on the shelf,"
  • Endless Saturday Night - Guitar Gangsters
    "Tonight the world will spin forever, baby, hold on tight. With motor bike, grease, lace and leather, it's an endless Saturday night. Superman's gone to save the world, he saves it every night. Maybe he'll"
  • Everybody Wants To Be My Friend - Guitar Gangsters
    "Everybody wants to be my friend. Taking money I'll never lend. Everybody keeps on comin' 'round. My new friends springin' right outta the ground. Everybody wants to wear my clothes. Do what I do and know"
  • It's So Sad - Guitar Gangsters
    "Hey, Little girl, you're growing up too soon. You should be back in school this afternoon. I've seen your Daddy, Daddy's awful mad. He says you've let him down, bad, you're so bad. Hey, Little girl, you're"
  • Nothing To Shout About - Guitar Gangsters
    "No more fighting. No more war. So, what the hell are you marching for? No more copy of Vietcong. But still you wanna sing your protest song. No, no, no, no, you've nothing to shout about. No, no, no,"

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