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  • Garage - Donatella Rettore
    "Io lavoro gi al garage Non ho certo un bel mnage Con il grasso e con la tuta Sono una donna unta. Io lavoro qui al garage Con le mani scorticate Qui con me son tutti buoni, Ma sono pi teneri i bulloni. Qui"
  • Chemical Garage - Chemical Garage
    "1. Its a one of many on the street which, Includes half of the town. I had never fought in my dreams It will be my only crown. Its a place where everything can happen I feel goose bumps, swat and buzz And"
  • Garage Girls - Lonyo
    "(Garage girls, garage girls, garage girls) (Garage girls, garage girls, garage girls) (Garage girls, garage girls, garage girls) (Garage girls, garage girls, garage girls) (Garage girls, garage girls,"
  • Le Garage - Futureheads
    "Everything was ready but he had to run away Shot for the money on the very same day Le garage, le garage-rage Le garage, le garage-rage Everything was ready but he had to run away Shot for the money"
  • The garage - Alphaville
    "Down in the garage, drifting in her embrace he's on an island of serenity outside the gateway they're comin' closer rain settles gently on their uniforms comme vingt mille lieues sous les mers comme vingt"
  • Joe's Garage - Frank Zappa
    "Act I SCENE TWO JOE'S GARAGE A boring old garage in a residential area with a teenage band rehearsing in it. JOE (the main character in the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER'S Special Presentation) sings to us of"
  • Williamson's Garage - Spirit Of The West
    "There's something there in Williamson's Garage I think it's me trying to start a fire With autumn leaves and gasoline The flames leapt up to bite my sleeves It's only a painting But not too pretty a picture Into"
  • Paradise Garage - Tim Curry
    "I went down to Paradise Garage And took my place in line The cashier said "Are you alright?" I said "I'm feelin' fine" I'm a stranger to Nirvana, I don't box outside my weight But when I stepped out of"
  • In The Garage - Weezer
    "I've got a Dungeon Master's Guide I've got a 12-sided die I've got Kitty Pryde And Nightcrawler too Waiting there for me Yes I do, I do I've got posters on the wall My favorite rock group KISS I've got"
  • In The Garage - Deftones
    "I've got the dungeon master's guide I've got a 12-sided die I've got kitty pryde And nightcrawler too Waiting there for me Yes I do, I do I've got my favorite rock group kiss I've got ace frehley I've"
  • Garage Band '69 - Stan Ridgway
    "In an old garage Rain is comin' down Half a block away You can hear that sound Powered up by love And electricity Makin' lots of noise And feelin' free Got a brand new amp A speaker with a tear Shock"
  • Back To The Garage - Groovie Ghoulies
    "Came home last night - was raining hard I found my stuff in her front yard She's thrown me out - this time for good C'est la vie - that's Hollywood Back to the Garage I guess I'll have to find my way Through"
  • A Garage Dayz Nite - Beatallica
    "It's a garage dayz nite And I've been working like a dog It's a garage dayz nite Don't you be sleeping like a log Cuz when I'm playing for you You'll find the things that I do Will make you feel alright You"
  • Ala porte du garage - Charles Trenet
    "1 . Aux environs des belles annes mille neuf cent dix Lorsque le monde dcouvrait l'automobile Une pauvre femme abandonne avec ses fils Par son mari qui s'tait enfui la ville Dans une superbe Panhard et"
  • El Ritmo Del Garage - Loquillo Y Trogloditas
    "Tu madre no lo dice, pero me mira mal. Quin es el chico tan raro con el que vas? Cuando yo estoy delante me trata muy normal, y a solas te imagina un novio ms formal. Cualquier noche los gatos de tu"
  • Nei Garage A Milano Nord - Le Luci Della Centrale Elettrica
    "I semafori cominciavano a lampeggiare centimetri tra le nostre bocche con un contratto andato a male le istruzioni per abbracciarsi e per ballare negli scompartimenti delle metropolitane sar l'effetto"
  • Two Car Garage-84/3 - B. J. Thomas
    "I used to be Mr. Free, tall, dark and cool I did a solo act, made up my own rules Then you came along and changed my point of view Oh baby, what am I gonna do? Just look at me, looking at you I can't believe"
  • Man From Milwaukee (Garage Mix) - Hanson
    "It started at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere Sitting beside me was a man with no hair From the look on his face to the size of his toes He'd come from a place that nobody knows Oh, maybe I'm hallucinating Hyperventilating Letting"
  • Garage Palace (ft. Little Simz) - Gorillaz
    "Palace flows rain falls from the heavens to my place rooftop when the light shines through it I feel more exposed will it ever change here? we’ll just never know stimulation, I’m in need of see the time"
  • Christmas Morning: Busza's in the Garage - Lor
    "he walks alone with legs tied and shall his fickle soul forget about Christmas Morning Busz’s in the garage? he walks alone with tongue dried whose tears are meant to moist it? and shall his fickle"

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