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  • Some Lessons - Melody Gardot
    "Well I'm buckled up inside It's a miracle that I'm alive I do not think I can survive On bread and wine alone To think that I could have fallen A centimeter to the left Would not be here to see the"
  • Wicked Ride - Melody Gardot
    "Mmm..yeah There comes a time in every little girl's life When her momma says, Girl, do your best Cause one day you may come to find That all of your life has been a wicked ride There comes a time"
  • Baby I'm a Fool - Melody Gardot
    "i don't know what you're looking for but it's a waste of time i can't take it anymore not a second time girl you've got to stand up and tell me what i'm doing wrong i say you've got to stand up"
  • If the stars were mine - Melody Gardot
    "If the stars were mine I'd give them all to you I'd pluck them down right from the sky And leave it only blue I would never let the sun forget to shine upon your face So when others would have rain clouds"
  • Mira - Melody Gardot
    "Mira, mmmmmm Mira, if you never come to me my darling I'll burn in boiling eternity The felicidad that I hold in my heart Is a pretty good start for us 2 And if in the world there were only ... days I"
  • Preacherman - Melody Gardot
    "… stole my prey And I’m singing alone Preacherman go tell me Where is body lay Should I down by the river … Left in there to die One by one we're stumble One by one we've found If I had a solution I"
  • C'est Magnifique (feat. António Zambujo) - Melody Gardot
    "Lyric Video"
  • Little Something - Melody Gardot & Sting
    "we could be a Little Something i'll be everything you wanted i could bring you real comfort give you a break from lovin' i am trying more then just a little i want to meet you in the middle reading you"
  • This Foolish Heart Could Love You - Melody Gardot & Philippe Powell
    "This foolish heart could love you This foolish heart could oh so easily fall For in the instant that our eyes should ever happen t'intertwine Or should your hand fall ever sweetly Into the precipice of"
  • Joanna Dark - Hyper Son
    "ubrana w mrok Jesteś dziewczyną co chodzi pod prąd Melody Gardot i będę ci śpiewać bo lubisz mój głos Joanna Dark ciemny makijaż na twarzy lekko Linkin Park słuchałaś jako dziecko ubrana w mrok Jesteś"

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