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  • L'adieu - Garou
    "Adieu, Aux arbres mouills de septembre leur soleil de souvenir ces mots doux, ces mots tendres Que je tai entendu me dire la faveur dun chemin creux Ou dune bougie allume Adieu ce qui fut nous deux "
  • La chanson de l'adieu - Nana Mouskouri
    "Les lumires s'teignent Je reste sur la scne Un got de cendre au coeur Les flots de la musique Dans ma tte s'agitent En gerbes de couleurs Adieu amis courage On peut vaincre l'orage Et terrasser la peur"
  • Belle Garou, Daniel Lavoie, Patrick Fi - Notre-Dame De Paris
    "Bella La parola bella e nata insieme lei Col suo corpo e con i piedi nudi lei E' un volo che afferrerei e stringerei Ma sale su l'inferno a stringere me Ho visto sotto la sua gonna da gitana Con quale"
  • Sous Le Vent - Garou
    "Garou: Et si tu crois que j'ai eu peur C'est faux Je donne des vacances mon cur Un peu de repos Et si tu crois que j'ai eu tort Attends Respire un peu le souffle d'or Qui me pousse en avant Et Fais"
  • Mon coeur est pris - Garou et Victoria Doyon
    "Garou: Mon cur est pris Mais tu ty fais une place Victoria: Ton corps sennuie Dj tes yeux membrassent Garou: Il y a une femme dans ma vie Jlui ferais pas perdre la face Victoria: Je srai la femme dans"
  • Sous Le Vent - Celine Dion & Garou
    "Garou: Et si tu crois que j'ai eu peur C'est faux Je donne des vacances mon cur Un peu de repos Et si tu crois que j'ai eu tort Attends Respire un peu le souffle d'or Qui me pousse en avant Et Fais comme"
  • Belle Medley - Garou
    "Belle C'est un mot qu'on dirait invent pour elle Quand elle danse et qu'elle met son corps jour, tel Un oiseau qui tend ses ailes pour s'envoler Alors je sens l'enfer s'ouvrir sous mes pieds J'ai pos"
  • You Can Leave Your Hat On - Garou
    "Baby take off your coat Real slow Take off your shoes I'll take off your shoes Baby take off your dress Yes, yes, yes You can leave your hat on You can leave your hat on You can leave your hat on Go"
  • Stand Up - Garou
    "Dream yourself awake Can't make it through the night Wicked dreams will haunt you When the morning light shines You try to find your way outside Just another day Try to let them shine But people disappoint"
  • Accidental - Garou
    "We're all angels that fall from grace So you don't have to hide your face from me It's the burden you won't lay down It's the guilt that you carry around You can see it coming But somehow you can't seem"
  • Burning - Garou
    "I don't think I know you Don't think I ever will Am I in love with you? Well I don't know still It may sound strange but I'm warning you I may not be that nice Maybe, baby I'm a heartbreaker heartbreaker Heart"
  • Heaven's Table - Garou
    "From the guy who stopped for the child on the street To put a dollar in her hand for something to eat To the mother who works every hour God made To put the kids ­through school and get the loans repaid She's"
  • All The Way - Garou
    "I wish I'd know you better Then it wouldn't be so hard Face to face we're heads up Our future's written in the cards I bet it's gonna cost For me to buy your trust I wanna go all the way But something"
  • First Day Of My Life - Garou
    "So I found a reason To stay alive To try a little harder See the other side Talking to myself Too many sleepless nights Trying to find a reason To this stupid life Don't want your sympathy Sometimes I"
  • Nothing Else Matters - Garou
    "I was in the bedroom packing for a trip You were in the kitchen a smile on your lips What's it gonna matter when this moment's gone? The world's spinning faster but we're just holding on A sudden disaster"
  • Back For More - Garou
    "It feels like this thing had just begun We caught then sun on the rise Tasted a sweetness yet to come I saw my life in your eyes And I can't let it go Tried to close down the show If I said that I've moved"
  • Beautiful Regret - Garou
    "Even when she sleeps She dreams a smile You'll wonder where She's gone to now Every word she speaks She'll catch your breath She'll start to weep But laugh instead Even when it rains She's dancing there She"
  • Coming Home - Garou
    "I hopped aboard a southbound train That took me back in time To a place that I once knew A place where you where mine And I know that I've made up my mind I'm coming home to you I'm coming home to you,"
  • Trahison - Garou
    "Lyrics: Luc Plamondon Music: Aldo Nova, Johan Bobck, Joachim Nilsson Quand Ton meilleur ami te trahit Cest pire quune femme qui te trompe Pire quun pre qui te renie Ou quun frre qui toublie Quand"
  • Milliers De Pixels - Garou
    "Lyrics: Diane Cadieux Music: Tino Izzo Lamour ctait pour moi quun autre gage De temps, de chagrin et danxit Lamour ctait pour moi juste un peu trop sage Jusquau jour o je lai vue marcher Yeah yeah yeah Yeah"

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