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  • Principle Of Causality - Intestine Baalism
    "beget the deviation of causality, alter the form of process it is a law that depends only on mutation and evolves itself rapidly the density of material and life increases and the current of time flows"
  • Self Mastery - Afu-Ra
    "(Afu-Ra) The key is self mastery, mentally and physically Escapin dramas, plaguin the world, it's never easy, G Society is straight up, set up to hurt you Indirectly, with God logic, it's diabolic Let"
    "Utwór 'THICKER THAN BLOOD 8. SAVE ME' z albumu 'SIX' od Extreme (premiera 9 czerwca 2023r.) Transcending space and time Boundary or borderline No nationality Tribe or ethnicity No link or lineage Bloodline"
  • Fat Children - Tim Minchin
    "Do not feed doughnuts to your obese children You will regret it when they're in their teens 'Maccas' might shut them up now that they're seven But they won't forgive you when they're getting picked last"
  • Atoms To Adam - Killah Priest
    ""You are the Prodigal Son, you are the Iron Sheik You are the people of our homes that are speaking and..." Ooh ma, ma, ma, my Lord, Lord I see chariots in the sky (skies) Men and Earth look surprised As"
  • That funky musicology - Olsen Twins
    "Panthelogy? What's that? Sismology? Beats me.Rheumatology? Radiology? Musicology? Musicology!Chorus:Play the funky, funky, musicology!Play it on your radi-adi-adiology.How I love it, love it, love it!Gosh"

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