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general elektriks

  • General - Ini Kamoze
    "When we go fe chant, we drop it crucial We reggae general ehheh We no victimize we don't partial do you love that Gather Africans we reasoning a thing Tribal love weh we want Since you can't blow breath"
  • General - Dispatch
    "there was a decorated general with a heart of gold, that likened him to all the stories he told of past battles, won and lost, and legends of old a seasoned veteran in his own time on the battlefield,"
  • General Public - General Public
    "Come and join the federation We could have communication You can have your application Be inside the battle station Could this be your fascination Look out for hallucinations Stick right to the regulations Must"
  • Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General
    "I'm coming to find you I'm coming to get you I'm coming to take you away You witches are evil You worship the devil So listen to what I say Come peacefully from out of your huts Or I'll have you witches"
  • General crossing - Jethro Tull
    "It's an old profession of subtle artillery. Rough wheels meshing --- button out, button in. The tall General will mine a few bridges tonight, stroking soft machinery. Fanfare at dawn courting green steel"
  • General penitentiary - Black Uhuru
    "Chorus: General, general, general penitentiary, general penitentiary Down in the dump cell, where I can't take no smell It's like a oven baking for 2 thousand years When the morning comes, I & I would"
  • General Information - The Dingees
    "Everybody knows the general information But that don't mean a thing in any situation Gotta look at it turned around, inside out and upsidedown Sleepwalking though a waterfall, thinking backward till you"
  • General smuts - Libertines
    "Well life is shortWe spend all our timeJust fucking fighting my friendWell a soul can't be boughtNot with a cheap rhymeAnd I know that when I dieI'm gonna go down with the generalUp with the general smutsWell"
  • Witchfinder General - Saxon
    "Send for the General, there's witches to burn The day of your judgment draws nigh In torment and torture, the bringer of pain Disciples of Satan will die And tell me your secrets, bring them to me Give"
  • General Taylor - Great Big Sea
    "Well General Taylor gained the day Walk him along, John, Carry him along Well General Taylor he gained the day Carry him to his bury'n ground Chorus: Tell me where you're stormy Walk him along, John,"
  • General Joy - Tori Amos
    "General joy I know I know You'll take me there - Where your boys were left behind General joy it seems you need A soldier girl - Now "they" have liberty gagged By boat by tram by motorbus Could it be"
  • General Strike - D.O.A.
    "shut it down! we're tired, yeah, tired of workin'. yeah, workin' for nothin'. we all want, what we got comin'. all we need is a break, come on take a break. everything is not all right and there's no end"
  • The General - Unleashed
    "Up he rose & forth they went Into the battleground, fortress, tent Mountains, wilderness, fielsd & farm The soldier & the general arm in arm Off they ride Side by side "Through the travail of ages Midst"
  • General Dome - Buke and Gase
    "I carry a crest of weight Chest dense with general dome I awoke to find This as my vital state Takes one to no one I chose so a man Line not the last one Remember I am a force to be ... Open more that"
  • General January - Hawksley Workman
    "The snow came late but who am I to say? You're tough as nails General January With your lovely calvaries so many beauties to behold Let the enemy trudge on through My nearly everything belongs to you You're"
  • Bus-General - Hellbillies
    "Han Syver va anleggsarbeidar i heile sitt syndige liv. Han reiste fr anlegg til anlegg og brdfdde ungar og viv. Han hadde eit raudbarka andlet og augestein lynande bl, som leten p Syver sin snusask, og"
  • General Hospital - Alcatrazz
    "Alcatrazz-General Hospital I awoke in a room that was occupied by those about to die For my sleep was disturbed by the sound of old men's cries for help What's this place?What the hell am i doing here,Whats"
  • General Winter - Hail Of Bullets
    "Scourched earth lies behind them On schedule they are Accompanied by victory They came from very far Drunken of the lootings Ares on their side Guides them to disaster About to turn the tide Autumn at"
  • A General - 28 Days
    "tonight i saw your true face vendictice a language of your reaction and thank-you for returning my faith in what i believed in it nearly went in vain while you took aim so when you wake tomorrow with"
  • General Store - Don McLean
    "Mornin', Mrs. Campbell Lovely day today I heard about the fire I wonder what the papers say Let's see now: Give me fifty shotgun shells And a hundred feet of rope Just add that to my bill Says here there"

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