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  • Geronimo - Sheppard
    "Can you feel it? Now it's coming back We can steal it If we bridge this gap I can see you Through the curtains of the waterfall When I lost it Yeah you held my hand But I tossed it Didn't understand You"
  • Geronimo - Zonata
    "I'm feeling kind of wild I have burned down a house The pleasure is mine it may be sick and may be wrong That's why I did it all on my own Pain in my mind is for no one to find Geronimo, Geronimo I'm"
  • Geronimo - Bergfeuer
    "Rot war der Stein, den die Sonne verbrannt in dieser Glut hast du Zeichen erkannt, Geronimo Du hast gehrt, was der Wind erzhlt, hast dich mit Mut vor die Feinde gestellt, Geronimo Du warst wie ein starker"
  • Geronimo - Aura Dione
    "Ge-ge-e jo jo uh lala hmm lets go, geronimo I'll get you out of here There's too much talking in this athmosphere Cause I just wanna get you out of here My baby gonna get a lot of me uhhh She goes: Ge-ge-e"
  • Geronimo - Unwritten Law
    "Don't wanna think about it anymore Lying curled and naked on the floor And I don't wanna hear those words you say What were they anyway Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh So here I go (so here I go) Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh Geronimo Don't"
  • Geronimo - Phantom Planet
    "Just one touch that's enough And it's like pushing comes to shove I think you like this way too much I think you're way fucked up Four hands fight, two hands tight One wrong never felt so right You don't"
  • Geronimo - The Divine Comedy
    "While they have been eating The rain has started falling, Gradually gathering in strength; What began a drizzle Has now become torrential, And doesn't look like coming to an end. The two bedraggled figures That"
  • Geronimo - Billy Ray Cyrus
    "Oh what you feel! It was a wildcat of a hot night The stars were rippin' holes in the sky The crickets in the thicket clicked quicker every minute Poppin' like a fourth of July On a tall point pony in"
  • Geronimo - Dżem
    "A kiedy przyjdą zabrać duszę mą Za to życie poplątane Spojrzę w niebo prosto w słońce Może już ostatni raz Pozostawię gdzieś za sobą Świat cierpienia pełen zła Kiedyś chciałem być szczęśliwy Czy już zawsze"
  • San Geronimo - Red House Painters
    "somewhere up fifteen miles sifting through crackling vinyl lost memories of my youth are coming into view between lost hills divide quietly we sleep inside lost summers of my youth i spent them all with"
  • Sad Ole' Geronimo - Deadman
    "sad old geronimo riding slowly along alone on a road he's ridden before singing a warrior's song bending in his saddle defeat on his breath his people again have been wronged blood and tears stain the"
  • Just Believe - Sarah Geronimo
    "Here you go again ready to give up, Feeling so pressure again. enough is enough, believe it or not you're not alone Everyone's hope is running thin but it's never as bad as it seems Chorus: Just believe,"
  • Fair Play - Van Morrison
    "Fair play to you Killarney's lakes are so blue And the architecture I'm taking in with my mind So fine... Tell me of Poe Oscar Wilde and Thoreau Let your midnight and your daytime turn into love of life It's"
  • Geronimo's Cadillac - Cher
    "Put Geronimo in jail down south Where he couldn't look A gift horse in the mouth Took old Geronimo by storm Ripped off the feathers from his uniform Oh boys take me back I wanna ride in Geronimo's cadillac Oh"
  • Guantanamo - State Radio
    "Hear you sold your friend, Got a good price at the local store. You know he could've turned you in, Could have been you on the concrete floor. Jefferson roll over and tell ol' Stalin the news, They got"
  • Geronimo's Cadillac - Bill Miller
    "Well they put Geronimo in jail down south Where he couldn't look the gift horse in the mouth Sargent, sargent, don't you fear There's something wrong with that automobile Governer, governer, isn't"
  • Geronimo's Cadillac - Manfred Mann
    "They put Geronimo in jail down South Where he couldn't look a gift horse in a mouth Sergeant, Sergeant don't you feel There's something wrong with your automobile Warden, Warden, listen to me Be brave"
  • Geronimo's Cadillac - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
    "They put Geronimo in jail down South Where he couldn't look a gift horse in a mouth Sergeant, Sergeant don't you feel There's something wrong with your automobile Warden, Warden, listen to me Be brave"
  • Favorite Dog - Seven Mary Three
    "that's my other hand, open and empty it wants one too I guess that's my other jaw, swollen and shameless it talks too much I know and another singer is born, with every sip I take drain away my words,"
  • Geronimo's Cadillac - Modern Talking
    "I wanna share my dreams Wanna share with you On the wings of love Like dreamers do Touch your heart - You're the queen of broken hearts Oh we are daytime friends - And nighttime fools Wanna play this game"

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