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get back in line

  • Get Back In Line - The Kinks
    "Facing the world ain't easy When there isn't anything going Standing at the corner waiting Watching time go by Will I go into work today Or shall I bide my time? 'Cause when I see that union man walking"
  • Get in line - Vandals
    "First you get in line. And then you're in the line. And then you wait in line. And then it's almost time. To get on to the ride Up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, weee! Get back in the line. And then you're"
  • Get in line - Dave Matthews Band
    "Hey Mama took everything See you change and leaving Come on, come on, baby, yeah Telling go with you Man, he don't call back I'm worried, worried Take him, take my time to go And I wonder and I'm happy"
  • Get In Line - B.G. F/ Juvenile
    "B.G. F/ Juvenile Miscellaneous Get In Line ("One! Two! Three! Kick it!") Nigga know I hate his guts, so he don't cross my path 'Cause he know I've been survivin' all of the wars I had Bitch-nigga called"
  • Get In Line - B.G.
    "One, two, three, kick it Nigga know I hate his guts, so he don't cross my path 'Cause he know I've been survivin' all of the wars I had Bitch-nigga called hisself killin' my dog But he didn't, though,"
  • Back On Line - INXS
    "Maybe there's something in me Trying to hitch another ride Have you ever felt this moment When you're looking out of control All the ways I could have taken Just add up to indecision I'm gonna get this"
  • Back on line - Ice
    "Maybe there's something in meTrying to hitch another rideHave you ever felt this momentWhen you're looking out of controlAll the ways I could have takenJust add up to indecisionI'm gonna get this back"
  • In Line - Cam Hodges
    "So get a way from me Only for once in a while So just don't speak to me Why won't this just fall in line All the lights rolling by going out of my mind I can't take it With the time flying fast Watching"
  • Get Back - Britney Spears
    "The one and only Britney Yeah, yeah You ready, B? Huh. I think you ready, yeah 1, 2, 3, 4 Uh Oh no, here we go Catch me if you can, don't move too slow I'm on another level, can you feel my flow? See"
  • Get Back - Pillar
    "It's one way Cheap ticket Wrong lane Head on collision And it's getting late Time's tickin' Don't wait for your position At the red light There's no stoppin' Just drop the pedal Let the speed"
  • Get Back - 504 Boyz
    "Hey hoe (Trick get off me), Better watch them elbows, (Bitch get off me) Niggas get the fuck back (Move), Hoes get the fuck back, (Move) Whoadie you ain't bout that (Move), Better get the fuck back, (Move) Hey"
  • Get In Line - Barenaked Ladies
    "Everywhere I go someone's tryin' to by my girlfriend's best friend. I try to pretend I'm relaxed, but I'm playing castanets with my knees. I try to be cool and give her space, but a guy's always there"
  • Get In Line - Air Traffic
    "We've waited hours in the dark and cold Why don't you call, has he done a runner You said you've been here once before But I've got my doubts, have you got the money Some dodgey bloke in a blacked-out"
  • Blaze Line - Back-On
    "1. U maku tobi dase nai sonna toki wa, kanji ru mama ni hanne wo hiro ge, togi resou na, omoi woko no sora ni utsu shi te. Clash & dash! x2 kyou teki wo geki ha! I lock the next target like the guerilla! ma"
  • Can't Get A Line - Old 97's
    "can't get a line to telephone you why you holing your company? I been moaning Oh! Lonesome Me you made a pigeon of my heart and I'd go anywhere to know you take a long way coming back be your yellow bedroom"
  • Stand In Line - Gun
    "You make me wanna rise, you make me wonder why No-one can hold your hand We've lost our self control, we've got no way to go You'll never take our pride Ohh Ohh Ohh I won't stand in line I said Ohh"
  • Get it back - Ian Matthews
    "Ooh you glide like a cat, You're a diplomat You've got nothing to prove you've been Living like a little girl. Ooh you're so discreet. You've got dancer's feet You've got lines in your face You've been"
  • Line Up - Elastica
    "Drivel head wears her glad rags She's got her keys money and fags I know that her mind is made up To get rocked Drivel head needs a new man As only a drivel head can He's a hormonal nightmare So beware Another"
  • Fine Line - Paul McCartney
    "(Paul McCartney) There is a fine line, between recklessness and courage It's about time, you understood which road to take It's a fine line, your decision makes a difference Get it wrong, you'll be making"
  • Get a line - Ken Hensley
    "Get a line, on the Lord On his way and on his word Get a line, ?cause when you do You know his love and peace will fall upon you Take a little time every morning Such a perfect way to start your day Hold"

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