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get back my tomorrow

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get back my tomorrow

  • Tomorrow - Joe Walsh
    "Tomorrow, makin' a list of things to do And when I wake up, uh uh uh oh Gonna cross off a few There must be millions of reasons To try and explain, you're never through When they give you twenty-four"
  • Tomorrow - Ice Cube
    "All hail to the West coast, I am the grand wizard The West coast warlord, and the future is today Cause tomorrow - that shit never come I worry 'bout today and this urban decay I worry 'bout hip-hop,"
  • Tomorrow - Akon
    "ooh yeah oohhh yeah, ooh oh walking through a naked house going through our life, my mind tries to find the point and time my love walked out bcoz we became a lie, gave you all my time who knew my"
  • Tomorrow - Hazen Street
    "As I lay blood soaked on this bed I recite these prayers that have helped me out Through many hard nights Will I die by knife or will I be alright? Lisa, tell my mom I love her, just in case I lose the"
  • Tomorrow - Paul McCartney
    "Oh, baby, don't you let me down tomorrow, holding hands we both abandon sorrow, oh, for a chance to get away tomorrow. Hey, baby's got a lazy day on Sunday, here's a pound, we hang around till Monday."
  • Tomorrow - Wings
    "Oh, baby, don't let me down tomorrow, Holding hands we both abandon sorrow, Oh, for a chance to get away tomorrow. Hey, baby's got a lazy dday on sunday, Here's a pound, we hang around'til monday,"
  • Tomorrow - Gorky Park
    "Wake up in a cold sweat Nithmares buzzing at my brain No one beside me Got to be a better way Slip into the dark of night Lokking for the mornong light Walking down the cold streets Bad wind whipping in"
  • Tomorrow - Emily Harder
    "Vs 1 Tell me something , tell me the truth I need to hear it, need to hear it from you How could you say that, how could you doubt Being together's what we were all about You were right there in all my"
  • Tomorrow - Stratovarius
    "I'm staring out the window wondering will I soon know. The answer to the questions within where should I begin. I'm delusioned by a clear winter night, while trying to find some insight. The solution is"
  • Tomorrow - Duffy
    "I, I Get this creepin feelin' That you, you might N start believin' That we We aren't meant to be So tell me Will you always love me Chorus: Tomorrow Will bring me sorrow Say you Say you love me But will"
  • Tomorrow - Kemopetrol
    "It's time for the time to decide To walk through the door and get on with your life Or to play the role of a know-it-all It's strange how we have to supply Answers to questions that've lived past their"
  • Tomorrow, Tomorrow - Marty Robbins
    "If I could hold back tomorrow I wouldn't be greivin' You wouldn't be leavin' me with this sorrow But you're leavin' tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow If I could hold back the nightfall Keep the sun in the"
  • Tomorrow - Niki & The Dove
    "Oh, Far away on these ground but they are no longer mine I have to find a way home Hey you! You are all that i got You keep on hanging oni have to make it on yam own now Oh, all the night i miss you and"
  • Tomorrow - Blue October
    "Tomorrow I'm gonna find a way to die I'm living only for a lover And the death of you and I But if you find a way to break my back With needles, thread, and guilt Will you cover me in kerosene And burn"
  • Tomorrow - Limp
    "Except for tomorrow every day is yesterday it's just the same as always and it's eating up my time can't blame the stars on everything that's in my way it's just the same as always and it's eating me alive I'll"
  • Tomorrow - Beverley Knight
    "Somethin' deep is going onMother Nature set it offI feel that we that we can carry onTomorrow, tomorrowSomethin' deep is going onMother Nature set it offI feel that we that we can carry onTomorrow, tomorrow,"
  • Tomorrow - Lillix
    "Tomorrow's just another day, another way to spend my day All by myself Staring at the tv screen, flipping through my magazine Everything is unclear I need you here And I wake up, put on my makeup"
  • Tomorrow - Lilix
    "tomorrows just another day another way to spend my day all by myself starin at the t.v screen flippin through my magazine everything is unclear i need you here doooooo do and i wake up put on my make"
  • Tomorrow - Shania Twain
    "ITS MESSED UP B/C 1/2 THESE SONGS ARENT ON THE ALBUM the songs that are... Up Im Gonna Get You Shes not just a pretty face Juanita Forever and For Always Aint no Particular way It only hurts when im breathing Nah! Wanna"
  • Tomorrow - Cam'ron
    "Uhh, Killa, yo .. You got to wonder man, what is all this shit really worth, y'knahmean? Uhh, uhh, you ain't got ya man here to share it wit, yo, fucked up man, yo .. I been on both sides of burglries,"

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