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giani morandi

  • Gol - Morandi
    "Ladies & Gentelmen we are ganthered here to celebrate goals . With the football master Morandi . It-'s my goal baby .... Gol gol gol gol gol , gol gol gol gol gol , gol gol gol gol gol , gol Gooooool ! Cristal"
  • Angels - Morandi
    "People stop fighting Angels are flying We can be better Love is the answer Search inside Are there any more tears to cry (Don't you wonder why?) Why you feel so alone All against the world (World World) Search"
  • Falling Asleep - Morandi
    "Fallin' asleep Dreaming of you angel Broken Wing's I can't belive The tears in my eyes as you leave I'm lossing my baby I'm lossing my all She's taking my heart and my soul Please somebody help me And"
  • Oh La La - Morandi
    "I've been searching all around the world Always looking for my special girl On your lips I find the sweetest thing I'm gonna kiss you in a million ways Oh, don't want no Angelina, no Britney or Christina 'Cause"
  • Save Me - Morandi
    "When I'm with you Everything seems better Now I know I see it all today We were ment to be together I'm in pain when you're away Refren: Come on and save me I'm loosing my touch Day after day Cause I"
  • Africa - Morandi
    "I wanna know what you're doing to me I wanna know what are you doing, baby 'Cause you give me the feeling tonight That I wanna, wanna hold you so tight Give me love,give me passion, baby I'm giving you"
  • Hidin From The Sun - Morandi
    "Look at me now What have you done? I'm hiding from the sun Away from this world, Hotness and cold The story of my life untold. As my dream is getting over Loneliness is taking me to Places that I've never"
  • Hot - Morandi
    "Put some music, light my fireBurning dreams, invite desireJust a pain, love will simply blow you awayShiny eyes, reveal your temperYou're so hot and yet so tenderYes is right, fall, falling in love tonight.Chorus(x3):I'm"
  • I belong to you - Morandi
    "I see you leaving, please dont close that door!Why dont you love me anymore?I love you more than you could ever knowForgive me baby, dont let go!Youre leaving tomorrowSo light out my sorrowWith one last"
  • Love is tickling - Morandi
    "Friends i`ve lostso many lovers over yearsbut my guitarso, it`s here with mei`ve been in loveand i suffered just as muchbut my guitarhave always keepting touchShe`s tickling my fingersasking me to danceand"
  • Love me - Morandi
    "Love me, cause inside I'm slowly dieingCall me, don't you know that my heart is crying?Look into my eyes, you will find faithless and lonelinessJust look inside my soul, I'm feeling so empty, empty...Love"
  • Reverse - Morandi
    "Every day I lose my faithShould I call my self a fake?I can't stand all this pain'Cause it's driving me insane! (2x)Aiii woa moa in ioaw yus min an misak(7x)Every day I lose my faithShould I call my self"
  • Running - Morandi
    "Running........(running)......alone.Waiting........(waiting).....for you to come homeWhen you're ariving down in my head you are runningI look into the sky and I see you smiling.I've got thoughts in my"
  • A la lujeba - Morandi
    "A la lujeba (2 times)I come from India, travelled all around the world to get to yaInto Romania all the ladies want to give the love to yaI like the Amsterdam crazy people living like in BabylonLet`s get"
  • Amore - Morandi
    "I think I love this Italian girlCause she's the most beautiful in the worldI love the way she moves her body close to mineI love the ways she talks and yes, I love the way she smilesShe told me:Chorus(x2):Amore,"
  • Blue - Morandi
    "Your heart is always blueCause I'm feeling my passionFeeling my passion...Loving you, my babyMy heart is always blueLovin' you, my babyMy heart is always blueCause your memory drives me crazy.Your heart"
  • Can i touch - Morandi
    "Funky...Funky...Sweet fire, takes my higherDJ, spin your record all nightGirls dancing, boys romancingEverybody is feeling alright.Hey girl, there is no competitionWith nothing on the missionThem boys"
  • Crazy World - Morandi
    "I saw you crying yesterdayJust let me wipe those tears awayI`ll be your sun after the rainI`ll make sure you`ll never feel the pain again..Baby close your eyes and come with me..In my world of dreams where"
  • Don't look back - Morandi
    "R: x2Don't look backI don't want u to seeAll this tears Just walk away from me I'm ashameCrying nacked in the rainOh no don't say u don't wanna goDon't lie i know this is the last goodbyeOh no don't tell"
  • Feel me up - Morandi
    "Uhhh-Uhhh How could I give you the love The love in my heart? How could you feel what I feel When you are so far.( so far ) How could I give you the love The love in my heart? How could you feel what I"

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