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gilbert o sullivan alone eghen

  • Gilbert - Calexico
    "Gilbert works alone, late into the night dangling from a free way overpass he's welding rebar and sculpting concrete they're paving in the gap way out west in off in the distance, the sleepy city shines he"
  • Gilbert And Sullivan 2 - Doug Anthony All Stars
    "If you want to know who we are If you want to know who we are We are gentlemen from Japan We are gentlemen from Japan Shall I babysit for your sister Gwen? I shall run round here house naked and try on"
  • Sullivan - Caroline's Spine
    "It's not hard to reach back to the dayUnderneath an iowa sun.Running to the tower of waterloo, lookingFor the sullivan train to come.His five boys would run to the top andSalute him as he went bye.First"
  • Gilbert Green - Bee Gees
    "On a hill , inside a house in covewell reach , Stands a man who's feeling very tired Looking at a song he wrote some time ago Could have made it big inside a broadway show Every day I go away and find"
  • Sullivan Street - Counting Crows
    "Take the way home that leads back to Sullivan St. Cross the water and home through the town Past the shadows that fall down wherever we meet Pretty soon now I won't come around I'm almost drowning in"
  • Mr. Sullivan - Meganoidi
    "Surrendering time worn targets Vices of one lost youth Despite old habit that looks good A job that you're enduring A shield for every lash Get off in time before the crash But life will kiss you"
  • Sullivan Street - Tammany Hall NYC
    "sullivan street where I meet a girl there she knows the bouncer who lets us in she leaves me there, kisses my neck, ascends up a stair flatman carries my shoes and says, "give us any trouble, it'll be"
  • Alone - Nana Mouskouri
    "( Y. Gilbert / S. Lama / D. Jewell ) Alone between the sky and sea An island Reaching out to me Neglected A world apart rejected It's wild shore Deserted and unsought for An island An island A vision"
  • Alone - Hitomi Kuroishi
    "Anata ga sasayaite kureta Arayuru himitsu to kisu Ureshikute naite shimatta Ano yoru o wasurenai Subete wa owatta keredo Ai ga mada ikite ita koro Sekai wa kagayaite mieta Ima wa futari mishiranu hito"
  • Alone - Outsider
    "sang cheo reur chi ryo hae jur sa ram eo di eopt na ga man hi nwa du da gan kkeunh im eops i deot na sa rang do sa ram do neo mu na do geop na hon ja in ge mu seo wo nan it hyeo jil kka du ryeo wo sang"
  • Major-General's Song - Gilbert And Sullivan
    "''General:'' I am the very model of a modern Major-General, I've information vegetable, animal, and mineral, I know the kings of England, and I quote the fights historical From Marathon to Waterloo, in"
  • Gilbert O'Sullivan-Out Of The Question - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "one minute you say you will and the next you won't one minute you want me and the next you don't you're turning me upside down giving me the run around don't think that i don't know, i do don't think that"
  • O' - Wide Mouth Mason
    "O. Stay with me tonight Stay with me tonight 'Cause I'm all alone again O. Lay your body down Pretend I'm anyone It really doesn't matter The light And angle in the room You wear the same perfume As"
  • The Legend Of Pegleg Sullivan - Allister
    "1871 was the year underneath an October sky When a windy city man had set out with a plan to set a fire but nobody knows why So Pegleg headed out back with a match and a bucket of kerosene Little did"
  • Finally Alone - Verena
    "the shelf is empty and the bags are packed my reason to love you was finally cracked (oh yeah) the tears are drying the feeling`s gone you can no longer tease me and prove me I`m wrong (o yeah) finally"
  • Beautiful Alone - Schweisser
    "Toge no aru kotoba dake Konno machi wa utsushiteru itsumo Meguriau hito ga nagareru Shinjitara kuzureso Fuandake dakishimeru hibiyo Moshimo kokoni anata ga Itara hanasanai noni Tokeino otoni oikakeraru"
  • Walk Alone - Kielich
    "Oto co Łukasz Lach mówi o tekście do ‘Walk Alone’: "Pisałem ten tekst razem z Johnem Hodgettsem. Wyobraziliśmy sobie muzyka powracającego z trasy, który nie potrafi się odnaleźć w swojej domowej codzienności."
  • Donald-O - Sinead O' Connor
    "My Donald he works on the sea On the waves that blow wild and free He splices the ropes and sets the sails While southward he rolls to the home of the whale He ne'er thinks o' me far behind Or the torments"
  • Alone again, naturally - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "In a little while from now,If I'm not feeling any less sour,I promised myself, to treat myself,And visit a nearby tower ..........And climbing to the top,will throw myself off,In an effort to, make clear"
  • Fuckin' alone - The Stooges
    "Fast young girl wants to goBodys redMouth is wholeGot the worst in the worldBut this won't be hassle-freeLovers kiss in the heatBody crushBasement suiteMind my eyesBehind my hairHide my face and look nowhereChange"

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