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girl on faier

  • Rising Girl - Rising Girl
    "I'm coming to study Study all the nice fine girls I'm coming to study Study best place in world I want to have a nice trip Walking with the sun all day I'm sitting with a rasta man On a green brown coco"
  • Good Girl - Zoe Girl
    "You walk a narrow road I know you face it on your own But you've got the will inside I can see it in your eyes You're not about mini skirts And silly reasons just to flirt 'Cause you've got heaven on your"
  • Girl - Brave Combo
    "Is there anybody there? Anybody there? Is there anybody going to listen to my story All about a girl who came to stay She's the kind of girl you want so much it makes you sorry Still you don't regret a"
  • Girl - Eskimo Joe
    "Girl I got to say you look fine Girl you look like a beautiful princess Girl what's on your mind? Girl what's your interest Girl forget it lets do something Girl I want to see what you about Girl and"
  • Girl - Danzig
    "Girl Let's climb too high Let's climb too high For the stars To reach us girl Girl I'm gonna take you hard I'm gonna bring you higher Than your mind Can take you Girl, let's climb too high Let's climb"
  • Girl - Whitesnake
    "I have never known a woman Who loves me like you do, You treat me like a dog An' make me shake my tail for you. I know the game you're playing When you're turning all your tricks. It's written on"
  • Girl - VINCE GILL
    "Girl you can trust me with your heart We've got a chance for a brand new start Part of your past was so cold and dark Girl you can trust me with your heart Girl I will never turn away Give you my word"
  • Girl - Ben Folds
    "Ahh, yeah Girl, it's been a long time Since we had it going on that way Feelings getting stronger Each and every day Ahh Wake up, oh yeah I can feel you but you're not there Holding on to thin air Cause"
  • Girl - The Time
    "Girl, I called you up to say, that I'm havin' trouble sleepin' ever since you went away. Girl, I know you need a little time, to get your head together. But baby, I can't stop cryin'. (chorus) Girl, why'd"
  • Girl - Giuffria
    "Be my, be my baby Yesterday, I was watching the turning tide, of a memories of a changing shore line Otherwise, was nevermore. Life was different , you closed the door Still in all my heart is true,"
  • Girl - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Little Earthquakes Girl From in the shadow she calls And in the shadow she finds a way finds a way And in the shadow she CRAWLS Clutching her faded photograph my image UNDER her thumb Yes"
  • Girl - Destiny's Child
    "Take A Minute Girl Come Sit Down And Tell Us What's Been Happening In Your Face I Can See The Pain Don't You Try To Convince Us That You're Happy (Yeah) We've Seen This All Before But He's Taking Advantage"
  • Girl - K-Ci & JoJo
    "Baby I was born to give you all of my love Baby I was born to give you all of my time Just so we can be together And share a love, to last forever baby(to last forever) The best thing you gave was sent"
  • Girl - Adam Sandler
    "Arsenio (chris rock): Now don't leave us hanging with just that. Jp: Yeah, I hear that, arsenio. Yo guys, lets kick it! (music starts playing) Jp: Yo now, before we start singing, You also want to know"
  • Girl - Texas
    "All the money's on your hip now Need to take another trip down Protect all mothers for they lay in the path I can deal with the lovers Always dealt with dreams But I've never known what reality means Cause"
  • Girl - Morten Harket
    "Girl, won't you knock on my door Girl, won't you knock on my door You know that I want you and you want me too so what are you waiting for Alright, I know it's late but it's never too late for faith the"
  • Girl - Beck
    "I saw her, yeah I saw her with her black tongue tied Round the roses Fist pounding on a vending machine Toy diamond ring stuck on her finger With a noose she can hang from the sun And put it out with"
  • Girl - Tori Amos
    "From in the shadow She calls And in the shadow She finds a way And in the shadow She crawls Clutching her faded photograph My image under her thumb Yes with a message for my heart She's been everybody"
  • Girl - Indigo Girls
    "She won't recover from her losses, She's not chosen this path, but she watches who it crosses Maybe move to the right, maybe move to the left So we can all see her pain she wears like a banner on her chest"
  • Girl - Nasty Boy Klick
    "Intro you're my lady always been so true this is why , I sing this song for you and you're my lady , always in my life, and I wanna thank you , for being down to ride, verse 1 Forever yours forever mine"

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