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glam rap
  • Prince Glam Slam '91
    "Glam Slam Everybody grab a body, pump it like U want somebody {x2} CHORUS: Glam Slam Everybody grab a body, pump it like U wanna party Glam Slam Everybody grab a body, pump it like U wanna party Hey"
  • Icehouse Glam
    "(Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) (Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) Dedicated to Glam...(do-do-do-da-da) Dedicated to Glam...(do-do-do-da-da) Dedicated to Glam...(do-do-do-da-da) (Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) (Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) Dedicated"
  • Leila K Glam!
    "Wow Dawn Rush (rush-rush) Yeah-eh-eh Shit G to the L to the A to the M What next, with a star Leila K. kicking up Original? Who, me? Yuck, stop the glitter Sound like a star But the Glam's gonna get"
  • Bananafishbones Glam
    "Friday night and I got wings you feel good but I feel better lazy bone on my way home uhhh I'm feeling much better nothing's what I'm gonna do nothing's gonna get it's workout the day was hard greasy as"
  • Nicky Wire Casual - glam
    "From Dundee to SwanseaFrom Belfast to PenzanceFrom Carlisle to HumbersideFrom Blackwood to St Johns WoodSaid we're casual/glam casual/glam ccasual casual/glam casual/glam casual CausuaFrom Trewel to Liverpool"
  • The Fall Glam Racket
    "Stop eating all that chocolate Eat salad instead In fact, you're a half-wit from somewhere or other Why don't you bog off back to Xanadu in Ireland Glam Rick Don't try to cheat me I'm fragile You hang"
  • Prince Glam slam
    "This thing we got - it's alive! It seems 2 transcend the physical One touch and I'm satisfied Must be a dream it's so magical CHORUS: Glam Slam - thank U, ma'am U really make my day Glam Slam -"
  • Prince Gangster Glam
    "{b-side of gett off} Boy, we gettin� ready to get funkier than a sack �o grandaddies 1,2,1,2,3 Roll it ((gett off)) Gangster ((gett off)) (gangster) ((gett off)) Yeah, summertime Gangster"
  • Indochine Vietnam Glam
    "blow up, Hano est tombe vers l'ouverture Blow up Hano damne glisse vers l'impure Comme un retour de flamme Au viet, viet, au vietnam, ouh yeah ! retour glorieux dans les mmoires d'outre tombe Retour au"
  • Icehouse Dedicated To Glam
    "(Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) (Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) Dedicated to Glam...(do-do-do-da-da) Dedicated to Glam...(do-do-do-da-da) Dedicated to Glam...(do-do-do-da-da) (Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) (Uh-oh...Uh-oh...) Dedicated"
  • Fall Glam racket - star
    "Its a good lifeBowing to a tyrantThe rocks in spainLook like the ones round the lochs in the highlandsOn or on the continentSpirit responseCall me al from the ukProzacGlam wreckYou say that youre a star"
  • Missy Elliott Lets Talk About Rap
    "From London bridge,to Brooklyn town when smoke gets in your eyes you orta leave it alone a while, if you want to stay alive chorus: oohhhh letssss lets talk about rap baby lets talk about slim shady lets"
  • Conchita Wurst Trash All The Glam
    "on the rocks my being's cut in half I feel under glass don't look at me I'm over- and underwhelmed cover all the stares and trash all the glam just trash all the glam, ‘cause ahw hs come here unleash"
  • The Fall 95 Glam Racket/Star
    "Prozac It's a good life Bowing to a tyrant The rocks in Spain Look like the ones round the lochs in the Highlands On or on the continent Spirit response Call me Al from the UK Prozac Glam wreck You"
  • Curse Rap
    "ey mach mal langsam, was isn los? ich hör leute sagen ich hätt hip hop verraten und hätt keinen flow, ich glaub so langsam ihr peilt es noch nicht, zeig mir einen mc der so abwechslungsreich am mic"
  • Os Travessos Rap
    "Voc pra mim to essencial, meu carinho por voc um sentimento especial, no venha esconder de mim O que sente, eu estou em seu corpo Eu estou em sua mente Voc sabe, Que estarei sempre presente Pronto pra"
  • Adriano Celentano Rap
    "Once again on the mic i seek a beat Wit a freaky technique I'm on the flow i'm here too A lady on the mic comin' straight at you And bringin' knowledge to the youth oh Yes we always speak the truth We"
  • Marek Kondrat Rap
    "słowa: Marek Koterski muzyka: Jerzy Satanowski Nie, no to nie do wiary, nie to niemożliwe Osiem lat podstawówki i cztery liceum Potem bite pięć studiów dyplom z wyróżnieniem Dwadzieścia lat praktyki"
  • De La Soul Rap De Rap Show
    "(Here we go.) THE DOO DOO MAN: How y'all feelin' out there! You're listening to the Rap De Rap show and I'm the Doo Doo Man playing all the slammin' rap tunes for all you Mack Daddies and Mackettes, so"
  • Rappin Aly C Rap Clan
    "Rap Clan I'm in the rap clan You're in the rap clan We're in the rap clan This is the rap clan Come and play the game with the rap clan Come and protest with the rap clan Come and kick ass with the rap"

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