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  • Sublime Djs
    "All of the DJs surely have taken a lesson Start talking trash, and I'll come with my Smith and Wesson A little competition comes my way (What a buy) It always winds up the same But "The stone that the"
  • Big Brovaz Taking It Global
    "This is how the flow goes The flow goes from my head to my lips From my lips to the mic From the mic to the dat From the dat to the wax to the DJs Then shit spreads like anthrax Once its popping aint no way"
  • Mac Dre Global
    "[ VERSE 1 ] I been tryin to flip the script and take this rap thing to the next page But the federalies got me travellin on Con Air like I'm Nicholas Cage Did 4 years, 4 months in the feds, but couldn't"
  • Alborosie Global War
    "Mi neva have much money inna mi pocket, And mi neva finish school. But you no need to feel compassionate of mi, Don't teach I am a fool. 'Cause I've been writing my own stories, And I've been doing my"
  • Evil Dead Global Warming
    "Few care about environment in the USA Propaganda controls, Pollutants in the atmosphere, Malathion in our air Mutant race developing, Hypodermic sewage on shorelines, Oil spills in the sea Marine life"
  • Wu-Syndicate Global Politics
    "(Chorus (x2): Joe Mafia) Global thug politics, every man in his argument We form as one, who can abolish it? Projects the heart of this Catch heat, but 4 novelists The pain is deep, try and swallow this (12"
  • Dilated Peoples Global dynamics
    "Yeah... No I won't call you master Though to you I sold my My microphone shines I keep your children filled in Colorful swirls are building But not getting caught in a kind of killing See paranoia will"
  • Dolphin ?????? (Global Mix)
    ", , , - , , , --, , , --, , , , , , , - , , --, , , --, , , --, , , --, "
  • Gojira Global Warming
    "Four hundred thousend years ago They came from outer space And gave us life here We are taking everything for granted I don't think we should do this now And when I see the smoke all around I feel like"
  • Glay Global Communication
    "Yoake no nioi ga kawatte kitara Kanojo no mune no itami ieru goro Tatta hitotsu demo hokoreru koto Anata ni ima misete agetai Sekai chuu no kamisama yori Tayori ni narusa BIBLE One love, communication,"
  • Defari Juggle Me (For The DJs)
    "(defari) Ay man, you call yourself a dj? (whassup baby whassup baby? ) Ay what's this you got in your hands, cd's? (oh fo' sho' baby, stop and go baby) Ay you got any records man? (nah, no turntables"
  • Hybrid Falling Down (Kosheen DJs Mix)
    "Open my eyes, But I can't see where you are, Put out my hands, But I can't reach that far. Holding you in, The taste is still on my lips, The need to feel, Close, touch, fingertips. Like rivers, We"
  • Queensryche My Global Mind
    "There's hunger in Africa, and anger on assembly lines. At the touch of a button I'm miles away. I want no connection, just information, and I'm gone. I feel so helpless, so I turn my gaze to another place. My"
  • Thy Disease Global Technocratic Prison
    "Breaching the divide between mind and overmind, corrupt dead souls whisper chaotic illumination into the hearts of psychopathic powerseekers. Science replaces the unconditional love of the parent. Between"
  • Sidney Polak feat. Reni Jusis Stop Global Experiment
    "Jakiś czas temu wyszliśmy z buszu, potem w pół dnia z kamienia do tuszu, arkuszy w Excelu nie starczy ci bracie, zanim ogarniesz się w tym temacie. Na starcie był total, nie było łatwo, mamut, jaskinia,"
  • Sidney Polak Stop global experiment
    "Jakiś czas temu wyszliśmy z buszu,potem w pół dnia z kamienia do tuszu,arkuszy w Excelu nie starczy ci bracie,zanim ogarniesz się w tym temacie.Na starcie był total, nie było łatwo,mamut, jaskinia, z pochodni"
  • The Jam Trans-Global Express
    "Ordinary people don't get time to think not that it's their fault cos you have to hustle and bustle about your work just to make sure the food gets bought goverments threaten you with recession then they"
  • Wondermints Global Village Idiot
    "(N.Walusko) Got a letter - maybe better that I get a piece of you instead. All the chatter doesn't matter when you realize it wasn't read. Can't be nothing when it's something that will get attention"
  • Behind Enemy Lines The Global Cannibal
    "Importing oil exporting blood We'll take their barrels of oil by the barrel of a gun Importing capital, exporting death We'll keep dropping our bombs until there's none of them left We don't need actual"
  • Alians Landlord global herbconnection
    "The Landlord's here to visitThey're blasting disco down belowSez, "I'm doubling up the rentCos the building's condemnedYou're gonna help me buy City Hall"But we can, you know we canBut we can, you know"

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