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go faster

  • Faster - Within Temptation
    "I can't sleep, 'cause it's burning deep inside Like gasoline, on fire running wild No more fear, 'cause I'm getting closer now So unreal, but I like it anyhow I go faster and faster and faster and Faster"
  • Faster - Idlewild
    "Purple Sky, sky, sky I am the night and this is your soul and Purple in the sky, in the sky, in the sky I am the night and this is your soul and Purple lover, the lovers go out Tonight in the night and"
  • Faster - Kip Winger
    "Little city carved a grave in the palm of her hand Zig zag dirty mirrors in the back of her van Feel the rush it's beginning to hit Transamnesia, Hong Kong fever She's gotta go faster Once bitten twice"
  • Faster - Tub Ring
    "And I Believe That Before You Die You Get A Fraction Of A Second To Explore Yourself And In My Life I've Always Wanted Much More So In My Time To Explore I'll Need Much More Traffic Is The Enemy"
  • Faster - Plain White T's
    "Im just as nervous as you last night I took one look at you and I got this feeling youre the right one Now you don't know what to do time ticks away and you got to choose you know which feeling is the"
  • Faster - Third Eye Blind
    "Horny & burnout now is how it always ends for me Chemicals wear me down in your summertime bacchanalian I saw you go Faster Than the morning comes She walks away like a lady It's always the fallen"
  • Faster - Seven Mary Three
    "As I step out into space. I wonder what you would say. If you knew that I was here. Perfecting my mistakes. I poured that gasoline. Last drop to the machine. And I drove that metal. As far away. Do you"
  • Faster faster - GBH
    "A rapid night, and I'm feeling good,I paid enough an' I guess I should.I've gotta get up, I've gotta go,It's two o'clock, I've gotta go, my watch is slow.Faster faster, the race is on,Faster faster, I"
  • Go Faster - Richie Kotzen
    "I've been racing ever since I was 15 It ain't nobody ever catch me Yeah, I was hustling and taking that money We made it look so damn easy! You can't slow me down, slow me down I only got one speed I'm"
  • Go faster - Raptile
    "Hook: Yes, Get in my car, yes, I luv my ride, And my sound is loud, till I fuckin die, This is life or death, I keep fightin back, Everybody go, ey,yey,yey,yo Yes, get in my car, yes, I luv my ride, And"
  • Go faster - Black Crowes
    "What kind of trouble did I get into?Gotcha moving, gotcha movingNot staying long just passing throughKeep you rolling, keep you rollingI know the chemicals you like tooGotcha moving, gotcha movingAnd if"
  • Go Faster - The Black Crowes
    "What kind of trouble did I get into? Gotcha moving, gotcha moving Not staying long just passing through Keep you rolling, keep you rolling I know the chemicals you like too Gotcha moving, gotcha moving And"
  • Let's Go Faster - Stray Cats
    "Hey, let's go faster, faster Let's go faster, faster Let's go faster, faster Hey, let's go faster, faster Well Johnny's got a car he drives it much too fast And if he keeps it up you know his life won't"
  • More & Faster - KMFDM
  • Faster Life - Funker Vogt
    "It's driving me forth without a rest These feelings inside me I cannot control An unknown force is controlling my fate It provides me with this restless life I'm coming home to recover But after a day"
  • Faster, Harder, Scooter - Scooter
    "Yeah, request: I want everybody as close to the stage as possible! Get that speed, We're going back to the Heavyweight Jam Let's go out for a walk to the other side Get the sound, join the crew and you"
  • Gotta Move Faster - Sean Kingston
    "I gotta move faster cant slow down gotta move faster need a lil mo power hook it up so itll go faster I just got off the road have songs that I wanna download cant waste no time on a computer movin too"
  • Faster Than Light - Sinner
    "Faces come and go The bodies are always the same They're speakin' in unctuous words But they cheat - always the same Conservative shorthairs Won't believe what we're doin' Their numbers up And our generation"
  • Faster kill pussycat - Paul Oakenfold
    "Faster kill faster still pussycat I can't stand to see you cry Honey you know where the world is at Get what you want with your lucky eyes You turn me on (yeah you turn me, yeah you turn me on) You turn"
  • Faster Than Light - Neil Finn
    "Close your eyes Go to sleep Close your eyes Get so dizzy The world is spinning In your bed I know where the sun goes It's waking up the sparrows In England it's morning In time, you'll see that some things"

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