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  • Swim - In Flames
    "As we build a brand new planet Lets reconstruct and get it straight Unlock forgotten skills Travel to a new dimension Souls from the dark seduction (Take heed), we are the new invention We're the settlers"
  • Swim - Ani DiFranco
    "You keep telling me I'm beautiful But I feel a little less so each time Your love is so colorful It flashes like a neon sign But I finally drove out where The sky is dark enough to see stars And I found"
  • Swim - Lil Mama
    "He walking but he wanna swim with me (swim with me) He walking but he wanna swim with me (swim with me) Either way there's no way he gon' drown (drown) Either way there's no way he gon' drown He wanna"
  • Swim - Jack's Mannequin
    "You've gotta swim Swim for your life Swim for the music that saves you When you're not so sure you'll survive You've gotta swim And swim when it hurts The whole world is watching You haven't come this"
  • Swim - Dogstar
    "Be careful when you walk along The edge of the water Be careful you don't slip And lose yourself Cuz I don't think you can swim I know that you can't swim You're drowning from within Be careful"
  • Swim - Fishbone
    "Attention! The pool is now open! Coming up from the sound It's got you swimming around Metal's crushing your bones As you hit the ground No blood, no foul Back into the pool No diving from here Fuck that"
  • Swim - Reamonn
    "Sometimes I find myself stuck in the middle with nowhere to turn So I pull it in and tell myself it all works out But then again no one helps when things go wrong So I saved myself saved myself I learned"
  • Swim - David Fonseca
    "We're caught in a trap And I can't walk out until I collect the missing clues It's you, it's you And I worked to make it work And I let myself get hurt And kept sinking deep in you All of my friends keep"
  • Swim - South Park Mexican
    "I was three when my old man left in the wind Pushed me in the ocean, turned around and said "swim" That's what I did even though I was scared I kept kickin 'cause a person only floats when he's dead If"
  • Moonlight Swim - Elvis Presley
    "(Sylvia Dee - Ben Weisman) Let's go on a moonlight swim Far away from the crowd All alone upon the beach Our lips and our arms Close within each other's reach Will be on a moonlight swim Let's go on"
  • Sink Or Swim - Falling In Reverse
    "What if the devil was a lie? What if God did not exist? So, with all due respect Tell me, what is death If life is just a bitch? I see the evil in their eyes I hear the lies behind their grin They wander"
  • Swim With Sammy - a balladeer
    "Sam here says he lost his call On the day Cousteau had died The ocean was a tub of sharks With Jacques Yves as a guide Sam here says the water's safe That man should not have left the seas Called the"
  • I Can't Swim - Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "(Alien) I am Sir Dogg, DPG fuck... and I hate water. I never learned to swim.... AAAAH! PUT ME DOWN!!!! Let go of my leg!!! I HATE WATER!!!! I CAN'T SWIM!!!! AAAAH!!!!! (Snoop) Now matter where I go,"
  • I Can't Swim - Snoop Dogg
    "I am Sir Dogg, DPG fuck... and I hate water. I never learned to swim.... AAAAH! PUT ME DOWN!!!! Let go of my leg!!! I HATE WATER!!!! I CAN'T SWIM!!!! AAAAH!!!!! Now matter where I go, you got'cha eyes"
  • Ill Swim Ill Swim - The Kelly Family
    "I wish I had a pair of wings Had them last night in my dream I was chasing butterflies Till the sunrise broke my eyes Tonight The sky has glued my eyes Cause what they see's an angel hive I've got to touch"
  • The Swim - 12012
    "Is it ask myself that seen and felt till today everything It's unknown everyone, but I notised just only a thing. I'm breathing here, I'm standing this place now. It cheat my existance at that days, Now"
  • The Swim - Pizzicato Five
    "(Konishi/Takanami) Translators: Andrei Cunha itsu demo ai wa te-gotae ga nai futari wa kao mo miawasezu ni hohoemu futari kiri yoru no shizuka na pool ni tada ukande iru dake sore demo ai wa"
  • Swim - Clouds
    "Send your tears to me, Just like a littlest salty sea. It'll quench my thirst, Help me think that the worst is over. Swim, swim, swim, swim to me, Use the fish in the sea If you have to, To drag you back"
  • SWIM - Surfer Blood
    "Quit hanging over me, Look at the hair on the back of my neck. Standing up on the rooftops, Remembering everything she said. Swim to reach the end, But I am steady not to offend, On whom can you depend? Swim"
  • Swim - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) So, I saw myself..... living somewhere in the North... yeah, I saw myself in the North... in this trailer... some water... and pine trees around... at night, I'd.... it's hard to say... sort"

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