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god day may engel

  • May Day - Amen
    "Amen We Have Come For Your Parents May Day Hey you, with your head held high In-bred on the 4th of july Hey you, situation low Burnt down everything you know Shut it! I said you, did your nation pride Born"
  • May Day - Eddy Huntington
    "Wanna be with you, in everything I do, I wanna see you, every day and night, When I was so lonely, I felt this strong desire to love, But it went too quickly, and now Im burning - hot, And now Im burning"
  • May Day - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Octoberon May Day The rock on which i stand is slowly sinking in the sand The sheer realities of life are rushing by I am looking out at life and i don't know what's wrong or"
  • May Day - Barclay James Harvest
    "The rock on which I stand is slowly sinking in the sand The sheer realities of life are rushing by I am looking out at life and I don't know what's wrong or right And I can't even see the bright side of"
  • May - Duct Tape
    "Sorry if u burned them sorry if u let it drown but all i was doing was bringing you down i didn't mean to hurt i thought you wanted this right being happy just us was always just alright with"
  • Stormy May Day - AC/DC
    "The storm is raging Winds are howling The water's calling, rescue you A flash of lightning At the times a'frightnin' A wind is coming And the sun don't shine Rain day May day May day Stormy Rain Day Rain"
  • May Each Day - Andy Williams
    "May each day of the week be a good day, May the Lord always watch over you, And may all of your hopes turn to wishes, And may all of your wishes come true. May each day of the month be a good day, May"
  • May Today Become The Day - Sentenced
    "Rain trumps the lifeless ground Drops as cold as Ice The doors breaking The trench are shaking The fire hits us all around When the siren cries Forward, forward we go into attack! May today become the"
  • May Day - Miguel Bose
    "''La juventud, que no pertenece a ninguna fe, se cree inmortal. Y mientras as lo piense, hay que aprovecharla con egosmo y deprisa, porque como la rosa, sólo dura lo que su aroma dure. Perdura y vive pues"
  • First day of may - James Taylor
    "And the light between us Which we could not quite extinguish Which we see at dawn Burns on First day of May Things are beginning Our side is winning Hip hip hooray Made in the shade Deep in the shadow"
  • May I - Trading Yesterday
    "And there you stand opened heart--opened doors full of life with the world that's wanting more. But I can see when the lights start to fade, the day is done and your smile has gone away. Let me raise you"
  • May You - Everon
    "We hide when it's close But reach out from the distance For the love we need For the warmth we seek We all share the same hope That one day we'll find the right one Who is worth our trust Whose heart"
  • Daisy May - Spiderbait
    "I think of you I want to know Where is the place we used to go? I feel like I have been away Just thinking of you makes me say Hey, hey, daisy may Where are you now I'm coming to stay Today I'm always"
  • May Queen - Heather Dale
    "I went to meet her for a friend, a beloved friend Who knew he couldn't be there and knew someone should be We love each other, he and I--a brother's love, he'd say So who else would he send to bring his"
  • May 26 - Custom
    "may 26 is a day not to be missed no more lies just the big fat dis our shit is history no more misery or sick trickery or the current bribery for both of us are free the concrete fleas and the electric"
  • May The Sunshine - Nazareth
    "May the sun, the sun shine bright May the sun shine bright on you May the sun, the sun shine bright May the sun shine bright on you Someone woke me up again last night Talkin' to me about my last time Don't"
  • May The Angels - Eden's Bridge
    "O little one, take your rest Deeply sleep in the arms Of the holy Lord May the angels Watch over you in the night O little one, time to rest Its time to leave Busyness behind May the angels Watch over"
  • May the rain - Caesars
    "May the rain keep fallin on your head I'll make you pay for all the tears i've bled May you die alone in your bed Baby one day you will wake up dead But every time you talk to me and- You whisper dirty"
  • My Engel - Die Melktert Kommissie
    "Jy stuur vir my mooi boodskappe Saam met die wind En ek sien jou glimlag daagliks In elke verlore straatkind En dan pos jy 'n renwolk Om saam met my te treur In koeverte van verlange En sels gedruk in"
  • Blauer Engel - Alphaville
    "song written in muenster 1983 "according to a note on the very first script the text origins from 1978, berlin. must have been a quite interesting time. unfortunately i just can't remember it." marian"

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